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9 Best Tactical Flashlights

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Tactical flashlights are more versatile than you think as they are sometimes underestimated when it comes to self-defense. However, this tool has significant advantages. For instance, a flashlight makes a great torch to carry. In addition, it’s great to keep around your house to provide you light and safety. For the best Tactical Flashlight, we’ve got ten excellent choices for you. These include:

  • Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight: A tactical flashlight that’s ideal for hunting, and search and rescue purposes.
  • ThruNite BSS V4 Tactical Flashlight: This tactical flashlight is exceptionally bright and multi-functional. It’s also efficient in security fields.
  • Nitecore P10i Tactical Flashlight: One of the most effective self-defense tools. It also has a memory function that remembers the last mode used.
  • Streamlight Stinger 2020 Tactical Flashlight: A flashlight with a powerful emitter of uo to 2000 lm output. It’s also a suitable self-defense tool.
  • Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight: This excellent tactical flashlight gives you absolutely everything you need to turn the light on and go. It also provides a good amount of grip and traction.
  • Acebeam L35 Tactical Flashlight: Our personal favorite. It has a nice large head which really aids in handling. Plus, it has a double-walled battery tube that provides an extra control signal.
  • Surefire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight: One of the cheapest surefire brand flashlights that still provides many rich features. It is also compact and easy to carry.
  • EAGTAC GX30L2-R MKII Tactical Flashlight: This tactical flashlight is easy to carry. It has a dual switch UI and an excellent emitter.
  • COAST XP18R Tactical Flashlight: This tactical flashlight has stylish features and is extremely bright. Its multi-beam capability can shine up to a staggering 3650 lumens in turbo mode.

Let’s go over some background information about tactical flashlights. Then, we’ll discuss the 10 best tactical flashlights.

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Best Tactical Flashlights
Photo source: riverflyfishingco.com

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical light is a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low-light target identification. It allows the shooter to aim the weapon, and illuminate the target. In addition, tactical lights can be handheld or mounted to a firearm. To mount a tactical flashlight, simply place the light beam parallel to the bore. Additionally, tactical lights serve as a method of non-lethal force. For instance, you can use them to defend yourself by blinding an assailant.

Best Tactical Flashlights
Photo source: Everyday Carry

In the case of a large metal Maglite with D batteries, police can use the flashlight as a billy club. Also, certain features are particularly associated with tactical lights. Additionally, these features include shock resistance, reliability, and lightweight construction. It also includes powerful, long-lasting batteries and high light intensity. Tactical lights may have optional filters to produce colored light. Alternatively, tactical lights may emit only infrared radiation with night vision equipment. Furthermore, a sighting laser may also add to a weapon-mounted tactical light.

So If you use a handgun as a personal defense weapon, you’ll need a flashlight for low-light shooting. It not only helps you identify targets but also allows you to see around dark corners.

Our Top 9 Tactical Flashlight Picks

Tactical Flashlight Comparison Table

Flashlight Best FeaturePrice

Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight

  • IPX8 rating
  • MCC3 2A magnetic charging
  • Optional magnetic remote switch operation
  • Max Output of 2250 lumens
  • Weight 8.43 oz


ThruNite BSS V4 Tactical Flashlight

  • Smooth reflector
  • Side switch for lock/unlock
  • IPX8 rating
  • Max Output of 2523 lumens
  • Weight 8.9 oz


Nitecore P10i Tactical Flashlight

  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Dual switch mode and strobe
  • 38-hour runtime on low
  • Max Output of 1800 lumens
  • Weight 2.96 oz


Streamlight Stinger 2020 Tactical Flashlight

  • Mode switch for high, medium, and low
  • Ergonomic design for perfect grip and comfort
  • USB rechargeable
  • Max Output of 2000 lumens
  • Weight 12.3 oz


Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight

  • IP68 rating
  • Luminus SST70 LED module
  • USB rechargeable
  • Max Output of 3100 lumens
  • Weight 3.95 oz


Acebeam L35 Tactical Flashlight

  • 480-meter throw
  • Dual tail and side switch activation
  • Strike bezel
  • Max Output of 4300 lumens
  • Weight 5.68 oz


Surefire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight

  • Indestructible LED module
  • Nitrolon polymer body
  • Quick two-mode interface
    compatible with most mounts and accessories
  • Max Output of 600 lumens
  • Weight 4.4 oz


EAGTAC GX30L2-R MKII Tactical Flashlight

  • IPX8 rating
  • Tail Stand capability
  • User-replaceable glass lens
  • Max Output of 3100 lumens
  • Weight 9.9 oz


COAST XP18R Tactical Flashlight

  • IP54 rating
  • Turbo lighting output of over 3650 Lumens
  • Max Output of 3650 lumens
  • Weight 19.4 oz


Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight

The Warrior X Pro is an advanced version of Olight’s groundbreaking Warrior X.

In addition, the Warrior X Pro has a high discharge 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery. It can also produce 2,100 lumens for up to 500 meters of throw. Additionally, it can deliver a 2A current for 100 percent faster charging than the Warrior X.

The Warrior X Pro features a modified raised tail switch for an unmatched intuitive operation experience. Since it has an IPX8-rated aluminum alloy body has a strong knurling pattern, it offers a better grip. In addition, this tactical flashlight also offers unparalleled performance and unbreakable structure.

Overall, the Warrior X Pro is suitable for both hunting and search and rescue.

  • Made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Comes with great accessories
  • Offers a very bright and excellent performance
  • Passed a 3-meter drop test
  • Proprietary light battery and charger
  • Only a few controls over the modes
  • Gets hot quickly on high mode

ThruNite BSS V4 Tactical Flashlight

Next, the ThruNite BSS V4 is an IPX8 water-resistant tactical flashlight with an aggressive strike bezel. It also has a CREE SSY70 LED module that produces 2523 lumens out the front. Moreover, it is powered by a 3100mah 18650 battery. Since it has anti-slip knurling, you can ensure a solid grip even when wet. Finally, the side switch allows you to switch between the six lighting modes.

  • Extremely bright and Multi-functional
  • Comes in an affordable price
  • Includes Wowtac rechargeable battery
  • The handy tail switch goes directly to high mode
  • Gets hot if you have turbo mode on for an extended time

Nitecore P10i Tactical Flashlight

The Nitecore P10i has the largest output at 1800 lumens and is rechargeable via USB-C cable. It also features three easy-to-access light outputs and a tail switch for a disorienting strobe mode. In addition, it has a built-in 21700 battery, therefore, giving this flashlight more running time than its competitors. It can last up to 90 minutes on high and 38 hours on low. Lastly, this makes the P10i ideal for long-term use when off the grid.

  • Built-in thermal control
  • Works with any USB power source
  • Has built-in low voltage protection (LVP)
  • Has a mode memory feature
  • Switching through modes can be challenging

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Streamlight Stinger 2020 Tactical Flashlight

The Streamlight Stinger 2020 delivers a powerful 2000 lumen output. In addition, its shockproof aluminum alloy body has a roll-proof design. Its body is also contoured for long-term use. Moreover, its controls are easy to operate. Additionally, it includes an output selector and a separate activation button. Lastly, its USB rechargeability adds extra convenience to this light’s design.

  • It has a powerful emitter and 3 modes of lighting
  • Has a smooth reflector
  • Offers well-focused spot beams
  • Comes with quality AR-coated lens
  • It cannot charge batteries directly
  • It does not have a temperature control feature

Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight

The Fenix TK16 V2 is the latest 21700 battery-powered tactical flashlight. Since it’s capable of a 3100 max lumen output, this handheld torch can reach up to 415 yards of throw. Moreover, the TK16 V2 is a compact tactical light that is under six inches in length. This also makes it a perfect choice for an on-duty light or everyday carry.

In addition, the Fenix TK16 V2 also carries a clip, lanyard, and adjustable holster. The stainless steel bezel is inlaid with tungsten impact tips for tactical applications. Hence, it is ideal for emergency glass rupturing. Furthermore, the design allows for use in temperatures ranging from -31 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it provides a reliable light source in even the most extreme circumstances.

  • The switches have a solid, snappy click action
  • Has a good amount of grip and traction
  • The clip is removable and reversible
  • Easy to extract from the holster
  • Has mode memory feature
  • The USB cable seemed cheap and short
  • The lanyard was non-adjustable

Acebeam L35 Tactical Flashlight

The Acebeam L35 is far too large to fit in a trouser pocket. In addition, it has the largest output with 4300 lumens and a 480-meter long throw. Overall, making it a worthy tactical or outdoor companion.

Additionally, the single 21700 battery provides a surprisingly powerful output. The Lattice Power P70 LED also ensures the stability of brightness over time. Furthermore, its aerospace-grade aluminum body is hard-anodized. It also has a tactical strike bezel and anti-slip knurling, making it easier for you to hold onto even when things get wet.

  • Has a very usable interface
  • Provides great ergonomics
  • Includes a free holster
  • Provides smooth beam and stable head-standing
  • Side and tail switches
  • 21700 cell with 5100mAh for power
  • 4769 lm output at switch-on
  • Moon mode is a bit bright
  • Not quite 5000lm output
  • Output drops to 1500lm after 1 minute
  • Has no anti-roll feature

Surefire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight

This next tactical flashlight features a tough Nitrolon polymer and an unbreakable LED emitter. In addition, the Surefire G2X’s body is water and shock-resistant. It’s also designed to withstand damage while maintaining efficiency. Moreover, the light’s bezel has hard-anodized aluminum and features a tactical strike surface.

Overall, the G2X Pro has a powerful and long-lasting performance. It will surely meet the needs of any emergency first responder.

  • Sturdy and Corrosion proof
  • Made of non-conductive and durable polymer
  • The illumination of light is great
  • Very compact and easy to carry around
  • It has a blinding output and high battery consumption
  • No strong lens cover
  • Poor light penetration towards the outrageous environment

EAGTAC GX30L2-R MKII Tactical Flashlight

The EAGTAC GK30LR-2 MKII is a professional duty rechargeable LED flashlight. This flashlight equips itself with a Luminus SST70 LED module that can produce 3100 lumens. Since it can reach a distance of 531 meters, it’s surely a powerful searchlight in the palm of your hands. In addition, it contains an extended waterproof HAIII hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body. This material houses a 3.7V 6800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that also aids in self-defense. Overall, the EAGTAC GK30LR-2 MKII is a tactical flashlight equipped with excellent quality and features.

  • Build quality is good
  • The lanyard has a little metal spring-clip and attaches very securely
  • Dual switch UI is very convenient
  • All the novel build quality features are universally good
  • Lack of LVP
  • The indicating switch could be more fully utilized

COAST XP18R Tactical Flashlight

The Coast XP18R has a dual-power battery system. It allows for the use of both a rechargeable ZITHION-X battery or 6 standard AA batteries. Additionally, the rechargeable battery equips itself with a convenient USB-C connector.

This tactical flashlight has a 3650-lumen output that reaches 1083 feet. The design of this flashlight helps preserve your grip when things get wet because of its knurled aluminum body. Overall, the Coast XP18R is impact-resistant and IP54 waterproof.

  • Quality performance light
  • It has built-in charging via USB-C
  • Has a multi-beam capability
  • The light has three brightness levels and a turbo mode
  • Not as bright as expected
  • Comes at a high price

Final Thoughts

Each of the tactile flashlights listed above has its own distinct characteristics. But if you’ll ask us, our top pick would be the Acebeam L35 Tactical Flashlight. This is an ideal choice for both tactical and outdoor use.

To summarize, the features we enjoy most are the bright lumens, anti-slip knurling, dual tail, and side switches. Therefore, the Acebeam L35 flashlight is definitely the first choice to consider.

If you are often outdoors at night, you might also want to consider:

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