The 5 Best Glock 17 Holsters [2021]

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The Glock 17 is one of the most popular and dependable service pistols on the market today. Aside from having a full-sized grip that is easy to control and ideal for concealment. If you own a Glock 17, you’re probably looking for a Glock 17 holster. We all understand how important it is to have a holster because it’s not only beneficial for our own security and the security of those around us but is also for the safety of your firearm and to keep it in good condition.

Best Glock 17 Holsters Quick Summary

Top Pick
  • Polished edge for comfort
  • Quick and reliable weapon access
  • Audible-click locking system
  • Entire barrel covered
  • Adapt to every bad environments
$49 Shop NowClick to read my review
Glock Sport Combat Holster for 17-19-22-23
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Made of durable glock polymer
  • Special trigger guard retention
  • Compatible with all 9mm (9 x 19) / .40 & .357 caliber glock pistols
$11 Shop NowClick to read my review
BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster
  • Built to withstand the toughest terrain and environments
  • Immediate retention and audible click
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw
  • SERPA auto lock release
$19 Shop NowClick to read my review
Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster
  • In house cad designed and crafted aluminum molds
  • With undercut trigger guard
  • Adjustable ‘posi-click’ retention & cant
  • Claw compatible (eliminates printing)
$39 Shop NowClick to read my review
Galco International Miami Classic II Shoulder System
  • Refined and modernized
  • Comfortable carry
  • Fully modular
  • Premium materials
  • Made in the United States
$190 Shop NowClick to read my review
Glock 17 and gears
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Things To Consider When Searching for a Glock 17 Holster

Before we get into the details of what these five best holsters have to offer, let’s look at a few considerations to keep in mind when buying a Glock 17 holster.

How Will You Carry Your Holster?

This can be carrying intentions, weather, clothing, and draw preferences are some of the considerations here. If you don’t like wearing belts, you might prefer shoulder holsters or leg holsters. If you intend to carry concealed, consider ITW or shoulder holsters with slim profiles. Are you going to run or do other vigorous activities? Then maybe you need a strap or other extra security features.

Shooting Style and Draw Speed 

Whether you’re on the range or in a real-life situation where you need to use your G17 for protection. You’ll need a holster that fits your shooting style. The holster should be in a place where your gun is easily accessible. Some holsters are specifically made for right- or left-handed shooting. While others are ambidextrous for users who are comfortable shooting with both hands. Either way, the angle, or cant, is also important. Look for holsters where this is adjustable.

You must also consider the draw speed provided by your holster. Holsters with the fastest draw speeds have excellently molded material that doesn’t obstruct your gun’s path when you draw it out. If you want a holster with these features, make sure it also has a quick-release feature.


Another factor to consider is whether you intend to conceal your G17. Inside the waistband (IWB) and outside the waistband (OWB) carry positions are two of the most common holsters. The IWB carry position allows you to keep the holster inside the belt, tucking the shirt over it completely concealing the Glock. Most OWB owners clip the holster outside the belt. You can then cover it with your untucked shirt. Overall, the carry position is a personal preference.


Do you usually attach sights, lights, or other accessories to your gun? If so, then a holster that can easily accommodate these is essential. This is the area where most holsters fall down. Especially the molded ones.

What Makes a Good Glock 17 Holster?

Here’s a look at the factors that take any gun holster, including those for the Glock 17, from just average to good or better.

Durable Material

One of the most important factors to consider is the material. Choose durable and long-lasting options. Leather is a classic material for holsters and we love it for its comfort, style, and durability. However, it’s not the most affordable or sustainable option. Another good choice is a holster made out of polymer materials such as Kydex. Those are usually perfectly molded to your gun while maintaining durability and strength.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Since the Glock 17 is already bulky, you’ll need a lightweight holster to make carrying more comfortable. You should also consider holsters that contour to your body so you don’t feel the gun poking against you. Kydex holsters are usually lighter than leather holsters. However, they are usually a bit stiff and therefore more prone to scratching you than leather holsters.

Draw Speed

Finally, a good Glock 17 holster should allow for quick draw speeds. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely use your gun in an urgent situation. Having a holster that is difficult to draw defeats the primary goal of carrying a gun. 

Now that we’ve covered the factors to consider when selecting and purchasing a Glock 17 Holsters, let’s get to our top picks. Which are worth a shot.

Our Top 5 Glock 17 Holsters Picks 

Here’s a deep dive into our top choices for the best holsters for the Glock 17.

Gun Gear Depot IWB KYDEX Holster

Materials: The IWB Holster is made of black .08 thickness Kydex, which is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for everyday carry. It’s also waterproof and washable, so you can wear it in any weather. It has an audible-click locking system that lets you know if your gun has been holstered successfully. Personally, I find hearing the click very satisfying. You can rest assured that your gun is safe and secure. Another advantage is that it has silky smooth edges that provide the most comfortable carry option against the skin. Preventing skin irritation, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. The carry angle (or cant) can also be adjusted easily from 0 to 15 degrees to your liking, which is beneficial. This holster is specifically for Glock 17.

Performance: This holster’s belt clip is compatible with belt widths of up to 1.75 inches, making it extremely flexible. For maximum safety, the entire barrel is covered completely. You can carry this holster in a variety of carry positions, including appendix, hip, side, and back carry positions, so you can carry it wherever you feel most comfortable. It is also useful for quick and reliable weapon access, which is why the versatile holster is worth a try. 

What we say: The IWB Kydex Holster is our top pick and it provides excellent value for only $49. This is the ideal holster for anyone looking for both flexible and comfortable to use. While still being suitable for concealed carry.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quick and reliable weapon access
  • With audible-click locking system
  • Compatible belt clip
  • Adapt to every bad environments
  • The screws may come off easily

Glock Sport Combat Holster 

Materials: The Glock Sport Combat Holster design is simple and it is an inexpensive alternative with many extra features. The body of the holster is made of durable Glock polymer. The belt loops allow it to fit belts from 1 inch to 2 1/2f inches wide. The design is ambidextrous, so you can wear it essentially anywhere on the wearer’s belt. The main part of the holster is loosely shaped, so it can accommodate your Glock 17 ― even gen 4 ― and any other Glock with a .357 or .40 caliber. There is a special trigger guard retention device within the holster to secure your pistol. The Glock Sport Combat Holster is a great standard OWB holster for Glock 17 models.

Performance: This option is for anyone who needs a way to carry their Glock 17 around with them throughout their day. Of course, going with the Glock brand ensures the holster will fit your handgun, and eliminates any guesswork. The polymer material will keep your weapon protected for your average external threats for scratches and dings. Take a good look at this holster: don’t expect it to get you through any extreme conditions. That’s not what this holster is for, and that’s OK. Glock has provided us with a cheap alternative for the gun owner who needs to keep their compact handgun at their side or along with them for their car ride, and that’s it. We just expect this choice to do one thing: get the job done.

What we say: The Glock Sport Combat Holster is the cheapest option within this review, costing you less than $15. It is not a bad option for an OWB holster or a holster for securing your Glock in the glow box of your car.

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Ensures perfect fit
  • Fits well on a small belt or in your glove box
  • Very affordable
  • You get what you pay for with this holster

BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle Holster 

Materials: The BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle Holster is a uniquely designed holster for OWB wearing with a few features that make it extra appealing. The entire product is made of durable polymer, and the holster is molded specifically to the correct caliber of your Glock. However, while durable, it is not going to last you forever.

The paddle has a unique horseshoe shape that slides behind your belt. It is held in place by the retention from the holster itself. The body has a special button that only allows your handgun to be released when you press it down. Your gun can be reupholstered with an audible click from that same button. Even better, there’s a set of screws on the back that allow you to adjust this holster and wear it at any cant you’d prefer. You can also adjust the height that your Glock 17 will sit on your hip. This holster comes in gunmetal gray and you can get it for left-handed or right-handed shooting.

Performance: We love the design of the BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle Holster. Although it’s another OWB holster, the design offers a lot of security and high functionality. Our favorite part is the versatility with the cant and height adjustment. You can test out what style allows you to have the fastest and smoothest draw. Despite your Glock 17 being more exposed than if it were concealed in an IWB holster. The special release button is a great feature that helps you feel more confident in carrying your weapon outside of the waistband.

What we say: The BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle Holster will cost you somewhere around $20. Depending on where you purchase it from. This is a great choice for anyone on a small budget but wants a little versatility in how they exactly wear their Glock 17.

  • With special release button
  • Adjustable cant and height
  • Affordable
  • Cheaper material won’t last forever

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster  

Materials: This all-Kydex body is molded to conform to the shape of your Glock, and the two retention screws below the trigger guard offer an incredibly secure hold. There is a single belt clip that accommodates a 1 1/2-inch belt. The Posi-Click retention lock system is audible, just as we like it. It also includes an integrated full sweat shield. In black or carbon fiber black, and all holsters come with a lifetime warranty.

Performance: If you own a Glock 17, and want compact and discrete, then the Concealment Express’s low-profile option is a good option. You can purchase the Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster for either left or right-handed draw. You can get an optional claw kit that eliminates printing. Another option is soft belt loops. Personally, this is not something I would go for.

It has a rear sight shield, and at the front, it accommodates threaded barrels. It can also accommodate suppressor sights.

What we say: The Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster will cost you around $40 online. This is another amazing bargain. We’ll always give a thumbs-up to a lifetime warranty, and the Posi-Click lock system seals the deal.

  • Made of durable Kydex material
  • With lifetime warranty
  • Very low profile
  • Cost-effective
  • Single belt loop may allow it to get lost behind waistband

Galco International Miami Classic II Shoulder System

Materials: We can’t have a holster review without a Galco International product in there, right? The Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder System is our one high-end leather option. The entire holster is made from premium saddle leather, which comes in black or brown. The shoulder straps are soft and pliable, and they come together at the center of the back with an enforced clover-shaped Flexalon swivel backplate. All four of the straps are also adjustable for the wearer’s shape and size, and it fits a chest size of up to 52 inches. One side of the holster holds your Glock 17, and the other side can hold up to two extra magazine cartridges. The original Miami Classic holds a single magazine, hence the name Miami Classic II. Why not go for the extra storage?

Performance: This is a different option in both material, style, and all over quality. Galco International is a trusted name for leather holsters. They are usually a long-lasting investment, and this one should be no exception. The straps over the shoulders are comfortable, and they evenly distribute weight to avoid neck cramping. We discovered that this is another great Glock 17 gen 4 holster. If you are new to shoulder holsters, then you may need to practice with your drawing a bit so the end of your Glock does not catch on the holster itself.

What we say: The Galco International Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster is the most expensive option within this review. It’s going to cost you around $175 online. We realize that’s quite a jump from the other price points. So this choice is for anyone who has specific needs for this style of holster and material.

  • Made with premium saddle leather
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear over shoulders
  • Holds two additional magazines
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts 

A Glock 17 holster is very useful especially in terms of the protection it will provide you and your gun. So, it is a good investment. The Gun Gear Depot IWB Kydex Holster is our top pick for our Glock 17 holster. It provides excellent features at a reasonable price. Additionally, it is available for only $49. We hope you found this information helpful, Keep yourself safe out there.

Which one is your favorite Glock 17 holster? Make sure to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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