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Ken has a passion for writing and a love of all thing mechanical. He is currently studying towards a degree in Aircraft Maintenance and spends his free time working on his track car and mountain biking. As an Arizona native, Ken loves to escape the desert heat at the shooting range. He is particularly interested in the advancement of gun technology over time. He has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and applies what he learned to researching and writing about interesting topics in the world of firearms.
Best shooting gloves and AR-15 Pistol
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Best Shooting Gloves [Hands-On Tested, 2021 Update]

When we were discussing what gloves to review for this article, we realized how many “non-shooting” specific gloves we’d come to enjoy shooting with. As a result, we decided to look at it in a different way: Rather than finding what shooting gloves are best, we wanted to determine what gloves are best for shooting. ... Read more
Best Gun Cleaning Kits and AR-15
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Best Gun Cleaning Kits [AR-15, Pistol & Universal]

Firearms are one of the few things that are still built to last. It is reasonable to assume that a gun bought today, when properly maintained, will still be functional when passed onto your children, or your children’s children. I’d like my guns to survive far into the future, and I think most other gun ... Read more
Gun oils and greases next to an AR-15
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Best Gun Oils & Greases [1600 Rounds Fired]

In this age of polymers and plastics, knowing which products are best for your gun can be tricky. No one wants their new gun’s internals to be eaten by an overly aggressive olde tyme solvent, and with the advances in oil technology we have today, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick look around. Even ... Read more
Scorpion EVO 9mm Carbine
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Best 9mm Carbines [Hands-On Tested]

Pistol caliber carbines have graced the hands of pragmatic shooters since the dawn of the self-contained cartridge. They saw heavy use during the settlement of the American West, as ranchers and outlaws alike saw the value and convenience of having their rifles and pistols shoot the same ammunition. In more recent times, carbines have been ... Read more
All rails (two weaver two Picatinny)
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Weaver Vs. Picatinny [Mounting Systems Explained]

Slotted rail mounting systems, like Weaver and Picatinny, come standard on nearly all modern rifles. These rails play a big role in the modularity of AR-15s, and like many great firearm advancements, are a blend of military need and civilian ingenuity. Based on appearance alone, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. This ... Read more
Ballistic Calculator App On Smartphone
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Best Ballistic Calculator Apps [Free and Paid]

There are many reasons why having a computer in your pocket can come in handy, and accurate long-range shooting is one of them. Smartphones can be used to look up weather information specific to your location, such as wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity and temperature. These can all affect accuracy and when put into a ... Read more
CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine
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[Review] CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine

This Scorpion has a few battle scars now, but it has proven itself in hot, dusty, and sandy conditions. After owning one for several months, we thought it was time for a long-term review. Quick Facts: The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 is the civilian legal version of the select fire Scorpion Evo 3 A1, ... Read more
Two fluted rifle barrels
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The Real Benefits of Barrel Fluting

Depending on who you ask, a fluted barrel is either the solution to all your woes, or a complete waste of money. Few would deny its aesthetic appeal, but a purely aesthetic improvement can be hard to justify. Having your barrel fluted comes with certain risks too, which is why many buy an aftermarket barrel ... Read more