The 4 Best Walther PPS M2 Holsters

best Walther PPS M2 Holster
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We’ve covered some holster reviews for Walther handguns before, and the PPS M2 is a fantastic model for self defense and concealed carry. Compact weapons need a home too, so we made this review of the best Walther PPS M2 holsters on the market today. We tried to offer a little variety, for those who aren’t always interested in the standard inside the waistband holsters. We’ll let you know what our favorite option was at the end of the review!
The Walther PPS M2 handgun doesn’t have any huge stand-out features, but that’s a good thing for a concealed carry. You don’t want your compact handgun to be overstated, or that would totally defeat the purpose. This model has a really short trigger travel, while still requiring about a six pound pull weight. You’ll get concise and quick rounds fired every time, which is the perfect combination for self defense weapons. Now, a complementing holster is all you need! Make sure you decide for yourself what kind of gun accessories you are going to attach to your PPS, as most holster won’t accomodate tactical lights and laser sights.

OutBags USA OB-30ANK Ankle Holster

Materials – The OutBags USA OB-30ANK Ankle Holster is our only ankle holster option within this review. The holster itself is made of nylon with a soft interior, intended to protect your Walther PPS M2 and ensure a smooth draw every time. The ankle band is made of neoprene, which will let your leg and ankle breathe while maintaining a slight flexibility while walking or moving around. A thick Velcro strap will keep the ankle band securely in place, and it can accommodate up to a thirteen inch circumference. On the holster is a Velcro retention strap, so your pistol will stay stable until needed. This ankle holster can be purchased for left handed or right handed draw.

Performance – It’s easy to immediately search your inside the waistband holsters, when you think of concealed carry weapons, but we can’t forget the other options available! The OutBags USA OB-30ANK Ankle Holster is one of our favorite ankle holsters you can find online, especially for compact handguns like our Walther PPS M2. The holster portion of this option has thick lining and is the perfect combo between padded and tough. You could accidentally press your ankle up against a wall, per say, and not have to worry. Plus, the strap is perfectly wide enough to be comfortable without making you too hot. The retention level is quite low, so don’t go on a run with this thing, but it should satisfy your needs for regular daily activities.

What we say – The Outbags USA OB-30ANK Ankle Holster is the best Walther PPS M2 holster for those who walk around a lot and are nervous about an IWB holster sliding around. This is also a great alternative for women who wear tighter clothing around the waist and don’t want their concealed carry weapon to be visible through a shirt or pant.

  • Affordable cost
  • Comfortable ankle strap
  • Holster well padded but durable
  • Retention level very low

Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster

Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster

Materials – The Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster is a unique and versatile IWB holster that is designed specifically for the Walther PPS M2 handgun. The holster is made of ultra thin polymer that is molded. This ensures the lightest additional weight possible to your hip. The molded holster also allows the user to rely on Level I retention and to expect an easy draw, when the weapon is needed. The unique Ambi Klipt feature is a straight belt clip (with retention screws included), offering multiple ways to carry: strong side appendix, strong side hip, or cross-draw. While there’s no option for a change in cant, you’ll be guaranteed no fumbling or chances for your Walther pistol to snag during draw.

Performance – Moving on to the more commonly purchased IWB holster, the Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster does everything a good concealed holster should do while offering a little versatility. The holster portion itself is pretty standard, for a molded holster. You shouldn’t be too concerned with the strong polymer material. If you prefer a straight draw over a FBI cant, this is a great choice for you. Particularly for compact handguns, the Ambi Klipt is a really ideal way to modify your draw to your needs without having to worry about your firearm leaning forward throughout the course of the day.

What we say – The Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster is the best option for those who are not big fans of the FBI cant but still want the option to play with some retention or switch between strong side draw and cross draw.

  • Molded polymer holster
  • Adjustable clip for draw position
  • Fits specifically to Walther PPS M2
  • No cant adjustment
Blade-Tech Ambi Klipt Holster
4 Reviews

Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm .40 Holster

Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster

Materials – The Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster is a similar style of IWB holster to the previous option with different ideals in mind. The holster is fully molded specifically to your pistol, and there is also a full sweat shield in place to protect your weapon from moisture as well as to keep the user’s comfort in mind. There is a retention screw under the trigger guard, as well as two in place at the top of the injection molded belt clip. The belt clip can be adjusted for cant by fifteen degrees. This holster also features an audible click, so you can hear when your handgun has been retained after holstering. This option is available in black, black carbon fiber, coyote brown, kryptek typhon, and police blue carbon fiber.

Performance – The Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster is a very similar IWB holster in that it has a molded shape and allows for adjustments to the clip. However, this one lets you play with the cant. This option also has more retention screws to utilize, making it more customizable to your needs. The sweat guard is particularly important for obvious reasons. We also can always appreciate the audible click feature on the holster, so you can spend less time looking down as you holster your pistol and more time moving quickly and efficiently. This option does get a little pricey, but it’s not over the top.

What we say – The Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster is the best IWB holster for those who aren’t looking for anything with a ridiculous amount of features but are more concerned with quality. This holster is durable and reliable for self defense.

  • Molded holster and clip
  • Audible click
  • Adjustable cant
  • Expensive
Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster
63 Reviews
Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster
  • Minimal to zero "drag" until retention point keeping "holster wear" down to a minimum.
  • Comes with a 1.5" Quick Clip that makes it extremely fast and easy to put on and take off your weapon.
  • Adjustable cant (angle) from 0-30 degrees. Forward hole is oblong to allow for you to choose any angle between 0-30 degrees.

Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster

Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster

Materials – The Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster offers the most surface area coverage and highest level of comfort within this review to the gunowner. This is due to the variable stiffness backer, which is made of a suede back panel for comfort, and leather face for gun protection, and a polymer insert for a rugged shape. This allows the holster to be slightly flexible against the curve of the hip and sweat proof to protect your weapon. There are two belt clips, each with a retention screw, which are height adjustable. The molded holster also has two retention screws (one next to and one below the trigger guard). It can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters.

Performance – If you still want a molded holster, but you need a little more cushion for your comfort level, then the Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster is for you. The three-material back panel does everything you want in a holster: keep your comfort in mind, protect the weapon, and evenly distribute the weight. Plus, you can choose between having your Walther ride high and tight or a little lower. We can see for some how this much holster for such a compact handgun is a little over the top. For others, t’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

What we say – The Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster is the best choice for those who believe a minimalist, molded IWB holster just won’t cut it. Maybe you have a larger stature, or you move around quite a bit during the day.

  • Very comfortable and protective back panel
  • Height adjustable
  • Molded holster
  • Can be too much holster for too little handgun
Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster
10 Reviews
Black Arch Walther PPS M2 IWB Hybrid Holster
  • Genuine Suede - Our Variable Stiffness Backer, or VSB, features a durable leather face, a polymer stiffening insert, and a soft suede backing. This combination creates a sweat proof barrier between your body and the handgun, yet is flexible enough to move with you.
  • Adjustable Retention - With adjustment screws all around the holster, you can hand tune the draw weight to fit exactly what you want for your specific situation.
  • Customized Carrying - Adjust the height and angle your holster rides at for the perfect position for both concealability and comfort.

Our Favorite Walther PPS M2 Holster

Our favorite holster in this review was the Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster. For the everyday gunowner, we’re going to choose a more standard style of IWB holster, and we would definitely choose this option over the Blade-Tech option. The quality of the materials is a little higher, and Tulster has put a little more consideration into the comfort level of the user. Not only that, but the level of retention is a little higher. The adjustable clip allows the wearer to have the holster straight up and down on their strong side, or they can choose the FBI cant as well. Sure this holster was a little more expensive than the other choices, but you can expect a long lifetime of use from the Tulster Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 Holster.

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