The 4 Best EOTechs for AR15

The 4 Best EOTechs for AR15

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Well, well, well, you’ve been saving up, and it’s time to invest in your first EOTech sight for your AR 15. How do you know where to start? You know the more generic scopes and sights haven’t cut it for you, and you need a technologically advanced and high end product to get you through extreme weather conditions, the brightest of afternoons, and the darkest of nights. EOTech will definitely solve that for you, and we’ve put together this review of our favorite AR15 EOTech sights. We’ll let you know which option we think is best for the average buyer.
Before you purchase any EOTech, know what the standard features are for most of the brand’s sights:

  • There are 20 or more levels of brightness.
  • Each withstands extremely high and low temperatures, and they can be submersed in full bodies of water.
  • You’ll get 600 or more hours of battery life, and most take Lithium batteries.

After you acknowledge these features of EOTech, you can begin to evaluate what your preferences are and which model will be the perfect one for you. Don’t worry, you’ll still feel like a kid in a candy store!

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

Materials – The EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight is a great starting point for anyone new to the EOTech world. It is not night vision capable, but is reliable, durable, and provides incredibly fast target acquisition. The body is made of rugged aluminum, and the adjustment features are standard and easy to use. The windage adjustments have a click value of ½” at 100 yards. It mounts directly to a Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail, and doesn’t require any tooling for attachment. This AR 15 Holographic sight accepts 2 AA batteries, but it also accepts lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. The battery life has a runtime of 1,000 continuous hours (lithium) or 600 continuous hours (alkaline) when ran at a level 12 brightness setting. In fact, there are 20 brightness settings in total.

Performance – The EOTech 512.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight has a lot of standard features that come with EOTech, so it’s a great starting point for anyone who hasn’t purchased a sight from this company before. The incredible picture and capabilities of this sight come standard with all EOTech products, including the long battery life and surprising versatility. This model is a little heavier than many other options, but it still weighs well under a pound. However, it’s also much cheaper than many other EOTech options. Even better, despite the professional level features, the 512.A65 model is easy to install and adjust as needed.

What we say – The EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight costs around $430 online. You may be sucking your teeth at that price, but this is the cheapest option that we’re featuring within this review. Like we said before, start here if you’re new to EOTech.

  • Lowest cost
  • 20 brightness levels
  • Accepts AA, Lithium, Alkaline, and Rechargeable batteries
  • Heavier than other models
  • Not night vision capable

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EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight

EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight

Materials – The EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight has recognizable features with some not so standard details that you see amongst other sights. The familiar aluminum housing helps protect this sight from shock, water, and fog. It’s even capable of being submersed in up to 10 feet of water without taking damage. This AR 15 sight takes a 123 Lithium battery, which can run continuously for up to 600 hours without failing on the level 12 brightness setting. Again, there are 20 levels of brightness total. There are two small buttons on one side for adding a magnifier, a popular accessory to attach to EOTech sights. The EXPS2-0 model is all about taking up minimal space, requiring only up to 2 ¾ inches of rail space. The mount is locked and released by use of a quick detach lever.

Performance – If you’re more concerned with rail space and eye relief, then the EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight is a good option for you to look into. Not only does it take up a pretty minimum amount of space on top of your AR 15, but the quick detach lever makes this a particularly convenient accessory to install and switch around as needed. This also implies that your eye relief is essentially unlimited. If you’re less concerned about the type of battery your sight is taking, then a single lithium battery will keep things less complicated. Plus, 600 hours of battery life is still a very long time to go before needing a new one.

What we say – The EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight for your AR 15 costs either just under or just over $550, depending on where you purchase it from. If you like compact sights, then look into this model for your EOTech needs.

  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Single battery with 600 hours of life
  • Takes up minimal rail space
  • Quick detach lever attachment
  • Less battery life than other models

EOTech NV Series Military Model

EOTech NV Series Military Model

Materials – If you want to feel like a badass, why not invest in the EOTech Night Vision (NV) Series Military Model? This model comes in the same rugged housing in a tan color. Since this AR 15 sight is intended for more extreme conditions, its capabilities are more extreme. The objective lens is operable in a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be submerged in up to 33 feet of water. It is, of course, also fog proof and shock proof. This option comes with 30 brightness settings, as opposed to the common 20. The additional 10 are for NV conditions. This one also uses a single 123 Lithium battery, which lasts for up to 600 hours of continuous use at the normal brightness setting.

Performance – Day, night, rain, or shine, you can use the EOTech NV Series Military Model during any time of day and in any weather condition. You could go swimming with this gadget, and nothing would be damaged. In fact, there’s so much this AR 15 EOTech sight can do, it’s almost too much. 30 brightness settings are a lot to go through, so this is an accessory that you should become very familiar with before trusting your life with it. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in negative temperatures, under water, and in the middle of pitch black night; but, if you do find yourself in that scenario, the EOTech NV Series Miliatry Model sight won’t let you down.

What we say – The EOTech NV Series Military Model costs a little under $650 online. If you find yourself to be in extreme tactical conditions, and generic scopes for the public just don’t cut it for you, then invest in this bad boy.

  • Night vision capabilities
  • Use any time of day in any weather condition
  • 30 brightness levels
  • Not for newcomers

EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight

Materials – Similar to the EXPS2-0, but not quite the same, the EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight offers true two eyes open shooting for fast target acquisition, as well as a 7mm raised base for iron sight access. It also has night vision capability, which means this model also has 30 brightness levels: 20 for day time and 10 for night time. The brightest level during sunlight is 146,000:1 and the brightest level during night is 1,280:1. There are side buttons and an adjustable quick detach lever for easy installment. It attaches to Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rails. A single 123 Lithium battery powers this model for up to 600 hours of continuous use on the standard brightness level of 12.

Performance – If you like the small amount of rail space the compact EXPS2-0 took on your AR 15, but you want the night vision, then the EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight is going to be your best friend. There are 30 levels of brightness to get acquainted with, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little time to play with your new toy. We also really like the 7mm raised base, so iron sights can be used. Again eye relief can technically be unlimited, so there’s very little inconvenience to worry about. Again, you could practically go swimming with this sight, and nothing would happen to it. The only downside to this holographic sight is the high price tag.

What we say – The EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight costs up to $800 online, making it the most expensive option within this review. That price is paying for a compact size, hundreds of hours of battery life, and a practically impenetrable body.

  • 30 levels of brightness
  • Just as compact as the EXPS2-0
  • Quick detach lever
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite EOTech for AR15

Our choice for the best AR-15 EOTech sight goes to the EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight. This sight was one of the smallest and lightest options, which we find ideal for hunters and competitors who will be utilizing their rifle for long durations of time. We also wanted to stay in a medium price range (for EOTechs, at least), so we found $550 to be a fair cost for this item. While the EXPS3-0 model does have the night vision capabilities, 20 level of brightness is a lot all on its own. Even if you’re hunting at dawn or dusk, the EXPS2-0 should suit your needs. We highly suggest looking to invest in the EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight for anyone who is purchasing their first EOTech.

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