Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

6 Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

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You’ve finally achieved your goal. You have a decent gun for concealed carry. You have also come to the realization that you want to carry it at your waist. That explains why you’re here right now — browsing for the best gun belts that are tough enough to support your holster, weapon and give you that little bit of protection too.

You can read more about all the belts I considered lower down, but here is the quick-take of the best gun belts for concealed carry in 2021.

BeltQuick TakePrice
Crossbreed Crossover Gun BeltsHighly customizable, but no reinforcement inserts$89.95
Hanks Gunner Belts100% full-grain leather, but this needs maintenancesold out
BigFoot Gun BeltsSmooth & Stylish finish, but the buckle might be a bit short$77.16
Daltech Force BullBelt Tactical Steel CoreSteel core, but that also ads weight$64.99
Kore Tactical Gun BeltPrecise fitting with hidden track, but do you like the design?$64.95
Relentless Tactical: The Ultimate CCW Gun BeltOne of the most popular on Amazon, not my fav design$59.99

Why get a gun belt?

Holsters work best when supported by a sturdy belt for carrying firearms. A normal belt just doesn’t cut it. You need something stronger, which is why some gun belts even come with a steel core. If you don’t believe me, go try one, you’ll be suprised at the difference.

The history of old Western Gun Leather is fascinating, but there was a lot of bulk. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry if a gun belt will make you look like you’re entering combat or an Old West saloon. Most gun belts are made to be fashionable. I prefer mine in leather, discreet, and made to stand up to daily wear and tear.

Key Factors to Consider in a Gun Belt

So, what do you need to look for in a gun belt? Of course, size is important. You want to have a nice fitting belt for comfort. But what else? Consider the items I’ve listed below as the factors you need to consider when buying a gun belt.

1. Security

You need to make sure that the belt you’re going to buy fits your waist and can accommodate your CCW. Moreover, it should be secure enough to attach your holster to. Take note of the weight the belt can support and compare it to your firearm. That way, you’ll get an estimate if you can still add magazines and other gear to maximize your gun belt. The belt should keep them in place and concealed on your waist.

2. Comfort

Of course, this is one consideration that you should never ignore. It has to feel like there’s almost nothing on your waist. Also, it should be in the correct size and you shouldn’t need to make adjustments constantly.

3. Quality

If you’ve invested in a quality gun, better invest also in quality gear. The materials, whether made from leather or nylon, must be crafted in high quality. It’s best to buy your gear from reputable shops that offer warranties, which is common to confident quality gun belt brands. It should be durable enough to serve its purpose well. You don’t want a belt that sags or wears out after a few uses, then you might as well just use your regular belt. It should last you for a long time.

What To Look for in a Quality Belt?

When it comes to buying accessories, consider the materials and brand. These will give you an idea of the product’s quality. These are some considerations that you should look for in a gun belt:

  • Metal hardware: This is a simple consideration as materials like plastic aren’t rigid enough. Look for steel, nickel, and other metal for components like the buckle, snaps, and the inner core.
  • Chicago bolts: Most brands use these for their belts. These are screws that hold the buckle in place. Some brands have snap-ons, but for a more secure hold, choose the one that has the Chicago bolts instead.
  • 100% quality belt materials: Gun belts differ in style and materials used. Some use English Bridle letter, bullhide leather, and parachute-quality nylon. Look for leather made of two layers. Dual layers offer more sturdy purpose, especially those with heavy-duty stitching. Choose any material that you want but double-check the quality. You want to get a gun belt that’s worth your money.
  • Replaceable buckle: Although not a necessity, this is a fashionable option that many gun belt manufacturer’s offer.
  • Metal inserts: These are what keeps the shape of the belt. If you’re a daily CCW carrier, then this is one of the features that you should seek. It’s one way to make sure your gun belt will be solid enough for everyday carry.

Getting the right size

Now for the size. This is important. But how do you measure your waist to get the precise size you need? Use these steps:

  1. First, measure a well-fitting belt you already own.
  2. Then, measure from the end of the buckle to the hole you use the most often. Measure the length in inches. Some brands have different ways to determine belt size. Check their sizing guidelines to be sure.
  3. Round to the nearest inch. That’s your belt size.
  4. You can always add a few inches if that’s your preference.

Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Crossbreed Crossover Gun Belts

CrossBreed offers customizable belts. The leather length, stitching, color, and buckle finishes are all customizable. Furthermore, it has a high-quality handmade look and feel. It has a 1.5-” belt strip and features premium 7-ounce leather. CrossBreed handcrafts its belts meticulously with hand-dyed edges and recessed stitches. The leather options are black cowhide, horsehide, and founder’s leather. It also offers a two-week trial period to test if it’s the belt for you.

There are no punch holes for this design. Instead, you can secure the buckles by sliding them in through the belt strip. Once in place, you’ll feel a “stop” or resistance. It has a rough rustic finish and has durable stitching. It’s not too thick and wearing it will feel like not wearing a gun belt at all. Like any other products made of leather, it will show scratches and wear over time, which is normal. It comes in different styles, such as the Classic and Executive. Opt for executive if you want a more sleek, polished look. It’s fashionable, plus it’s got exceptional quality that holds your firearm and pants in place securely.

  • Highly customizable
  • Has different variations available
  • No reinforcement inserts
  • May show wear over time

Hanks Gunner Belts

Hanks Belts & Leather Goods is a United States-based company that provides belts with extra thick 100% full-grain leather. The pictured gun belt, The Gunner – 1.5″, will last for years and comes with a 100-year warranty, proving its quality. The belt itself is made from vegetable-tanned leather with a 1 1/2″ width that fits through most standard belt loops. You can replace the buckles and screw them together as this belt comes in Chicago screws. Aside from its premium and durable materials, it’s also stylish. It’s discrete looking like a traditional belt that offers comfort and flexibility.

This leather belt is tough and rugged that can hold 14 ounces to 18 ounces of weight. It’s thick enough to hold its shape while holding heavy stuff in your pockets. Its design and leatherwork will make sure that it won’t sag or stretch excessively. Unlike belts bought in the department store. This one’s heavy-duty with an old-fashioned buckle design. Hanks offer several different models of gun belts, including:

  • The Gunner – 1.5″: For those who have light firearms, and available in five colors
  • The Gunner Stitched – 1.5″: Slightly heavier duty, available in three colors
  • Xtreme Belt – 1.25″: Comes with an added width and 1-piece extra heavy-duty leather for an extra hold to your CCW; also comes in 1.5″ and 1.75″ widths; available in two colors
  • Premier – 1.5″: Made with two layers of luxurious bison leather; this is the kind of belt that can support the heaviest firearms; available in four colors

Hanks also has belts for women, including The Bonnie – 1.25″ and the Oakley Women’s Belt – 1.5″ as well as several other men’s belts too. The choice of the belt depends on the weight of your firearms and preferences. Hanks claims their belts can support the heaviest firearms without sagging or stretching. It comes with a solid roller buckle that gives its toughness and makes cinching this belt easy.

  • Holds up fine after long use
  • Made in the U.S.
  • 100% full-grain leather
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty buckles
  • Different levels of support available
  • Will wear after some time
  • Few buckle options

BigFoot Gun Belts

BigFoot Gun Belts prides itself with its high-quality, handcrafted belts. It crafts its belts using English Bridle leather. Completing its craft with its signature triple-end finish, created by its craftsmen. The brand sews its belts together using military-grade thread. Its buckles come with two directional straps, available in flat black and standard steel. It also features buckles, which are resistant to corrosion. BigFoot offers a seven-day test drive and one-year warranty for its gun belts.

Its gun belts are guaranteed to keep your handgun firmly in place. It won’t sag under the weight of your firearms. The belts are easy to adjust for easy holster accommodation. It comes in different levels of support, with belts having a thick 1.5″ width. It has 14-ounce leather belts available for micros and subcompacts, 14-ounce leather with a steel core for compact guns, and 18-ounce with a steel core for heavy firearms. The buckles are quite short, but it designed them to deliver an effortless roll. Reducing the chance of damage over time. The snaps on the buckle are extremely durable. These belts are great for everyday wear and have a smooth, refined, stylish finish.

  • Smooth, stylish finish
  • Made in the U.S.
  • 100% English Bridle leather
  • Sturdy snaps and buckles
  • Different levels of support available
  • Metal insert for enhanced support
  • Short buckle might be an issue to some folks

Daltech Force BullBelt Ultimate Thickness Tactical Steel Core Gun Belt

The Daltech Force BullBelt Bullhide Ultimate Thickness Tactical Steel Core Gun Belt is a heavy-duty leather belt that weighs 15 ounces. It’s slightly more than 1/4″ thick and features a stainless-steel core as its stiffener. The core transfers its weight all around so it won’t sag in the long run. This is also U.S.-made using premium bull hide full-grain solid leather. Daltech claims that the bull hide leather is the ultimate material for a gun belt that won’t fall apart.

They have many styles available like a double-stitched bull hide gun belt, basketweave design, Celtic pattern, and more. They come in a dual-leather design, sporting an unfinished look with an all-through stitching and hand-dyed edge finish. If you’re someone who wants to step up your fashion game a bit, Daltech is the gun belt for you. Like any confident leather manufacturer, Daltech also offers a lifetime warranty. It can support anything thanks to its steel core insert in the belt, which makes a big difference. 

  • Steel core as stiffener enhances support
  • Lots of designs available
  • Extremely tough with dual-layer leather design
  • A bit heavy and stiff compared to standard gun belts
  • Thick and bulgy

Kore Tactical Gun Belt

Great fitting, high-quality and stylish. These are the claims of Kore’s gun belts that are twice as stiff as leather gun belts. They make tactical belts with a nylon web outer layer and a super fiber inner lining. This belt strap contains their key feature, the reinforced power core center. It has the standard 1.5″ width and it’s a one-size to fit at sizes 24″ to 54″.

Instead of putting belt holes, they use a “hidden track.” It’s a sizing system that has 40-plus sizing points that allows the wearer to adjust the belt at 1/4″ intervals at a time. It’s more adjustable and precise than a traditional leather belt. Plus, it feels more secure than its leather variants. Kore offers a 30-day money-back and one-year warranty for its products.

This tactical belt can support small to full-size firearms and their extra gears. It’s durable and stiff and can support heavyweight firearms up to 8 pounds maximum. Because it’s a one-size-fits-all belt, it comes with a certain length. So, you need to measure and cut the belt to your desired length and adjust it to your size. You can secure the belt to the buckle using a large teeth clamp and two set screws with a hex wrench. All of these are included in the package. It also has a matching Velcro belt keeper to keep the belt secure.

  • Extremely durable nylon belt
  • Precise fitting with its hidden track
  • Customizable to your size
  • Tactical look
  • Not bulgy, maybe it’s just me…

Relentless Tactical: The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

You know this as one of the most popular belts on Amazon. The name says it all. It’s a thick, solid belt made in the U.S. that comes with a lifetime warranty. A reliable CCW gun belt that features a 1.5″, 14-ounce 100-percent full-grain U.S. leather and a roller buckle attachment. It’s stylish, and it’s got the support that you need for your CCW and other gear. It has many variations for design and purpose. It’s sturdy, flexible, and not that thick or ‘beefy’. This makes it excellent for daily wear as it’s difficult to distinguish it from a regular leather belt. It’s heavy-duty enough that can hold heavy firearms with extra magazines, and it’s got that clean, smooth finish. 

  • Extremely durable leather belt that lasts long
  • Smooth finish and great design
  • Not bulgy, casual design


There you have it! A quick roundup of the best belts for concealed carry. I hope you get an idea of the gun belt that suits your style. Do you need a holster? If so, you might want to check out our article Best Concealed Carry Holsters [Hands-On Tested].

Remember to always conceal carry responsibly, and consider Concealed Carry Insurance.

  1. Got a kore belt for my EDC but was skeptical about the way it hooks up. Turns out this is a great belt and so much easier to use than a traditional belt. I am a big guy and this belt is amazing. its very strong and doesn’t bend, even under the weight of a full size pistol.

  2. In my opinion Kore is the best if comfort and fit are important to you. I have owned a few of the others like bigfoot and hanks and there overly stiff and the holes are too far apart so the fit is never quite right for me. for ref I cc g19.

  3. Bought 2 of the Kore gun belts and by far the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few gun belts over the years.

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