Taurus Model 85 with bullets

Best Taurus Model 85 Holsters

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If you’re in search of a small revolver that can be easily concealed, look no further than the Taurus Model 85. Truly, unless you are in search of something else, you can’t go wrong with this little guy. Even when the barrel is only two inches long, you’ll need a holster for it! Check out this review of the best Taurus Model 85 holsters online, and see which we chose to be our favorite at the end.
Holsters for the Taurus 85 don’t vary too much, but we were happy to find a couple leather holsters to throw in the mix! The bonus with carrying a small revolver means your holster is going to be very inexpensive. The Model 85 has a little more weight to it than you might expect, so we only chose holsters that we knew wouldn’t allow for much slipping or sliding.

OutBags USA Nylon OWB Holster

OutBags USA Nylon OWB Holster

Materials – This first selection from OutBags is the least expensive Taurus 85 holster within this review. It’s made with 600D nylon. There is stitching along the exterior lining of the holster, with reinforced edges. A single steel belt clip attaches it to the outside of the waistband, providing a straight up and down cant. A nylon thumb break is also installed with a snap closure. Along the flat edge of the holster are six elastic loops, available for carrying extra rounds. The inside of the holster is lined with a soft fabric to provide a smooth draw and an easy holstering of your Taurus.

Performance – Since this is a simplistic outside the waistband, nylon holster, you can expect it to be very cheap. If you just need a simple holster for self defense, this is for you. It’s small enough that you can keep it in a backpack or purse too, if you don’t want it on your hip. Since the Taurus Model 85 is so small, you can pull a shirt or coat over the holster to conceal it. Those loops for extra rounds is a nice addition, although it may not be the most practical. They can certainly come in handy, but you likely won’t want to add the extra weight on your hip for most occasions. Really our only complaint is on the belt clip, it’s attached to a piece of weaker nylon, allowing it to feel a little loose every now and then. Nothing should fall apart on you, but we suppose nylon comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

What we say – This is the best Taurus model 85 holster for anyone who wants to maintain the comfort of having a subcompact concealed carry. A nylon holster is firm but won’t feel like a rock against your body, such as with a leather or kydex holster.

  • Least expensive option
  • Additional loops for rounds
  • Thumb break
  • Some nylon parts weaker than the holster

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DeSantis Nemesis

DeSantis Nemesis

Materials – The DeSantis Nemesis is a pocket holster, and it’s designed to have all the retention rely on the friction in your pocket. The outside is entirely sticky, so the holster stays in your pocket when you draw your weapon. There are no clips or thumb breaks to mess with. The black cloth fabric is constructed with a specially designed pattern to give some gripping power to the inside of the wearer’s pocket. There is stitching along the trigger guard, and there is reinforced lining stitched around the exterior edge of the holster. Inside the holster is a slick pack cloth to provide a smooth draw. This holster is entirely ambidextrous.

Performance – Sticky holsters come with plenty of gunowners who back them up as well as plenty of gunowners who shoot them down (no pun intended)! For something like the Taurus Model 85, you can get a lot of convenience out of a sticky pocket holster. There’s no clip, so you don’t have to worry about a holster sliding around on your belt. It will also be entirely concealed! Oddly enough, we’re not sure how ideal this option would be for women. Women’s pant pockets are generally very, very small, to the point that this holster might not fit. Women would have to make sure they’re wearing jeans that would accommodate this. That also rules out the ability to store the weapon in any type of bag – the sticky exterior is going to pick up everything. That may have sounded like a lot of complaining; but, for the right person, you’re going to get the perfect draw every time. Nobody will be any wiser that you have your self defense ready at all times.

What we say – The DeSantis Nemesis is the best Taurus Model 85 holster for anyone who doesn’t like wearing their holster at their hip. Sticky holsters will stay put in your pocket and fully conceal your weapon.

  • Fully concealed in pocket
  • No clips or thumb breaks to mess with
  • Sticky exterior provides all retention
  • Not ideal for all gunowners

BLACKHAWK! Leather Speed Classic Holster

BLACKHAWK! Leather Speed Classic Holster

Materials – This Taurus Model 85 outside of the waistband holster is made from premium leather that has been wet molded to fit the shape of the revolver. It is available in black or tan as well as right handed or left handed drawing. There is stitching for reinforcement along the trigger guard and across the barrel. There is a single belt loop available, designed to hang your weapon with a forward cant. Drawing your gun will be quick and smooth. The wearer can adjust the tightness and height of the carry. The leather has been created specifically to break in and relax over time and use.

Performance – Frequently, when we’re dealing with subcompact weapons, it’s difficult to find a high quality leather holster. This is especially true for a tiny revolver like the Taurus 85. We couldn’t pass up on including the BLACKHAWK! Speed Classic holster. It’s highly molded and very tough. If you’re going to wear an outside the waistband holster for such a compact weapon, something this stiff might be a good idea. This is also better for those who are more active. On the other hand, you probably won’t get quite as smooth of a draw as you would with some of the other options. There is give and take when it comes to increasing the retention.

What we say – This is the best Taurus Model 85 holster for gunowners that are concerned with maximum protection of their weapon. Leather will also last longer than a nylon or other holster made with a thinner material.

  • Durable leather protects weapon well
  • Forward cant for easy grabbing
  • Stiff molding holds high retention
  • A little tougher to have smooth draw

Barsony Brown Leather OWB Holster

Barsony Brown Leather OWB Holster

Materials – This high end revolver holster from Barsony is made with premium cow hide leather. It’s available to purchase in black, dark brown, saddle tan, and burgundy, as well as for left handed or right handed shooters. Contrasting stitching lines the exterior edge of the entire holster. There is a thumb break, which also includes additional stitching. The thumb break has two snap closures, to the wearer can adjust the retention on their weapon. The inside of the holster is lined with soft leather to protect your Taurus Model 85 and the holster material from scratches. A single metal belt clip attaches the holster to the outside of the waistband.

Performance – If you’re a little less concerned with a discrete appearance, and you would prefer something that looks good and is made with high quality craftsmanship, then Barsony’s outside the waistband holster is your best bet. Since it’s made with such a thick leather, it’s a little bulkier than the others. You’ll be less likely to conceal it under a shirt, but it’s not impossible. That leather is also going to age very well and keep your Taurus Model 85 well protected. This is one of the very few options you’ll find that includes two snap closures on the thumb break to adjust the retention. If you have any other small revolvers, you could use this holster with them as well.

What we say – This is the best Taurus Model 85 holster for shooters that choose craftsmanship over concealability. The look of the holster is sleek and tasteful, but it will still impress anyone who catches a glimpse of it.

  • Made with thick and protective leather
  • Thumb break is adjustable
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Taurus Model 85 Holster

It may come as a surprise, but our favorite Taurus 85 holster was the DeSantis Nemesis. That’s right – the sticky holster! We don’t recall ever choosing a sticky holster as our favorite in past review, but the Nemesis is the perfect partner to the Taurus Model 85. It can be completely concealed, and the small size is just an all around winner. It’s nice to not have to deal with thumb breaks, straps, or belt clips. If you’re a lady, just make sure your pant pockets will be big enough. The DeSantis Nemesis is cheap, convenient, and discrete!

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