The 4 Best Glock 41 Holsters

The 4 Best Glock 41 Holsters

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The Glock 41 is an excellent tactical weapon that has been useful to law enforcement, military, competition, and even some hunting. The elongated barrel was specially designed for reducing felt recoil, so many really prefer this full sized handgun from Glock. Even if you’re just an enthusiast, you’re going to need a suitable holster for this weapon. We’ve selected the best Glock 41 holsters available online, and we’ll tell you which was our favorite at the end.
Since the Glock 41 isn’t used for much home or self defense, you may realize that it’s a little tricky to find holsters that accommodate this handgun. That’s why we stepped in to do the dirty work for you. We chose a selection of both inside the waistband and outside the waistband holsters that should complement a variety of tactical purposes, and we quickly learned that versatility is key to selecting the right holster for this model of Glock.
Outlaw Holsters Black Carbon Fiber OWB Holster

Outlaw Holsters Black Carbon Fiber OWB Holster

Materials – This outside the waistband holster from Outlaw Holsters is made entirely of Kydex in a black carbon fiber pattern. It is slightly molded, but it is designed to fit a multitude of Glock models, in addition to your Glock 41. There are two belt clips attached to the holster, and each one has two retention screws. The height or cant cannot be adjusted, but the wearer can adjust the tightness against their body to their liking. Outlaw Holsters offers a one year replacement warranty for any reasonable damage or malfunction.

Performance – For a full sized Glock like the 41 model, this style of holster is a great choice. The exterior offers plenty of coverage of the handgun, and it’s distributing the weight and retention pretty evenly across your hip. With a wider holster like this, there isn’t much room for error with fit. That aspect comes with its own pros and cons. The belt clips can’t be adjusted for height, so you have to be comfortable with how it lets your Glock 41 sit on your hip. At the same time, this style keeps your handgun well in place. It’s worth mentioning that there is no sweat guard in place either, so keep a comfortable undershirt on between yourself and your handgun’s grip. A lighter shirt pulled over will keep your weapon discrete.

What we say – Outlaw Hoslter’s outside the waistband Kydex holster is a great choice for those who are mainly concerned with maintaining the weight and size of their Glock 41. This style of holster will keep everything evenly distributed.

  • Durable Kydex construction
  • Distributes heavier weight of Glock
  • Discrete appearance
  • Belt clips not adjustable

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MASC Leather Pancake Holster

MASC Leather Pancake Holster

Materials – This pancake holster option for your Glock 41 is made of premium genuine leather, and it comes in tan. The shape of the holster is molded specifically to your gun, but the back remains smooth to fit comfortably against the body. Inside the holster is additional room to allow rail space and to protect both the leather and your handgun’s front sight. There is double stitching around both belt loops as well as under the trigger guard and along the barrel. This holster allows the shooter to wear their Glock high and tight with a forward cant.

Performance – Choosing a pancake holster for a larger handgun like the Glock 41 is one of the best choices you can make. With your weapon riding a little higher on your hip, and as tight as you want it to be, you can easily throw a shirt over your setup and everyone will be none the wiser, if that’s something you want. The leather material is highly protective, but the softer inside allows for a smooth draw as soon as you put your hand on the grip. Attaching this holster to your belt also helps hold the weight of a Glock 41 a little better than single or double belt clips would as well. The retention relies solely on friction, and it’s not an inside the waistband holster, so keep that in mind as you’re being active throughout your day.

What we say – MASC’s leather OWB holster is the best choice for those who love the last quality of a nice, leather holster but are still concerned with how the weight of their handgun is distributes.

  • Sits high and tight
  • Double stitched leather highly protective
  • Distributes weight well across belt
  • No thumb break or additional level of retention

Black Arch Glock 41 IWB Hybrid Holster

Black Arch Glock 41 IWB Hybrid Holster

Materials – The Black Arch Hybrid Holster is an inside the waistband option that comes in all black. The back panel is a highly padded sweat guard. It is constructed of a leather face, to cushion your Glock 41, a stiffening insert made of polymer, and a soft suede backing to provide comfort during multiple hours of wear. The holster itself is made of thin and durable Kydex, which has been molded to conform to your handgun. Kevlar stitching permanently adheres the Kydex to the leather back panel. There are two belt clips, which each have a retention screw. The height is adjustable as well as the cant.

Performance – This is the first inside the waistband option within this review, and Black Arch has thought of what the makers of the two outside the waistband holsters did not. For one, there’s a sturdy back panel that protect your Glock from any sweat or other grime. This will also make it far for comfortable for you to wear during the day. Thankfully, the belt clips are totally adjustable as well, so you can play with what feels best to you. There are multiple materials used throughout; between the leather, suede, polymer, and Kydex, you’re getting the best advantages from each part of the holster. For an IWB holster, it’s pretty bulky, especially for this model of Glock, so keep that in mind.

What we say – The Black Arch Hybrid Holster is the best Glock 41 holster for those who absolutely need an inside the waistband holster but would not trust a more minimalistic style that would be more common.

  • Kydex holster and leather back panel
  • Adjustable belt clips
  • Sweat guard installed
  • Bulky for an IWB holster

Comp-Tac I Max Holster

Comp-Tac I Max Holster

Materials – Another inside the waistband option, this Comp-Tac holster is made entirely of black Kydex. It can be purchased for both left handed or right handed shooters. It’s molded specifically to the shape of your Glock 41 for the best fit, and the muzzle is closed at the end. There are two retention screws under the trigger guard, and there are also two retention screws on the belt clip. The belt clip is uniquely designed to have two prongs, as opposed to the more commonly seen single-piece flat clip. The adjustable clip can be interchanged between straight, FBI, or reverse cant.

Performance – This selection from Comp-Tac is what is more traditionally seen for inside the waistband holsters, and the brand has made one to accommodate the size of a Glock 41. Following a similar theme of Kydex, this holster is the best choice within this review for keeping a low profile and taking up as little additional space on your hip as possible. There are multiple points of retention, which should help relieve anyone who is concerned about their Glock 41 slipping or rocking, but you’ll have to find the right balance between ensuring security and making the holster impossible to draw from. Thankfully, there is a ton of versatility in how you can wear this option, so you should be able to find a cant and level of retention that is comfortable to you.

What we say – The Comp-Tac I Max Holster is the best Glock 41 holster for those who want a totally discrete option. You can play with your cant and retention all day without becoming worried.

  • Thin Kydex discrete and low profile
  • Adjustable belt clip and retention
  • Molded to Glock 41 dimensions
  • May require tight fit to hold in place

Our Favorite Glock 41 Holster

Our favorite Glock 41 holster in this review was the inside the waistband hybrid holster from Black Arch. The largest reason we selected this holster was because of the comfortable back panel; it has a little bit of everything to it. The leather is soft but protective against the Glock, the polymer panel helps retain the retention, and the suede lining makes it comfortable for all day wear. Being a full sized handgun, you have to be prepared to carry some weight at your hip, no matter what type of holster you choose, and this option distributes the weight and friction quite well. You shouldn’t feel any pokes or jabs in your hip, but it won’t ride up against your body either. While we would expect most belt clips to be fully adjustable, you’d be surprised to learn how few we actually found with this option. The adjustable belt clips here will make it easier to ensure a comfortable and customizable fit.

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