The 4 Best Glock 20 Holsters

Glock 20 Holster
Leave the rifle at home! Today, you’re bringing your Glock 20 out for a little outdoor trip! This handgun was designed specifically by Glock for hunting purposes. Between the intense firepower and the recoil-absorbing polymer construction, this weapon can literally be your “secret weapon” for taking down your game. We’ve selected the best Glock 20 holsters on the market, and we’ll tell you which was our favorite at the end of this review.
When it comes to hunting or hiking, our best advice is to seek out a holster that focuses on strong retention. Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard, but you will be much more active than you would be if you were wearing a concealed carry holster. You’ll want to be sure your handgun will stay still as you navigate the outdoors. This is why all the outside the waistband holsters we selected are specially designed with retention screws or thumb breaks. Also, we suggest avoiding basic polymer holsters, since they will likely crack or shatter if abused too much.

Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid Black Carbon Fiber

Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid Black Carbon Fiber

Materials – Outlaw Holster’s hybrid kydex holster is a pretty popular holster that we frequently recommend for nearly any handgun. This is the only inside the waistband option within this review. The holster is made of black carbon fiber kydex, which is bolted down in six places. It is molded to the shape of your Glock 20 and leaves the muzzle open. It’s attached to a leather back panel, which also acts as a sweat guard. The single belt clip has two retentions screws. It can be adjusted for cant and to your comfort. Outlaw Holsters includes a one year replacement warranty with your purchase, and it can be bought for left handed or right handed shooters.

Performance – We wanted to include a couple kydex holster options within this review, but admittedly there are not too many different outside the waistband kydex options. An inside the waistband holster isn’t entirely necessary for your hunting purposes, but there are a couple benefits. For one, you are keeping your Glock 20 well secured and protected. Your other hunting gear or the natural elements are less likely to bump up against or scratch your handgun. Just as well, the lack of camouflage on the holster will also be concealed behind your waistband. The carbon fiber black can be noticeable in wooded areas, so you may as well conceal it! The leather back panel makes it comfortable to wear during your hiking and physical activity.

What we say – This is the best Glock 20 holster for those who are concerned about their holster lacking camouflage and want the comfort of a back panel. Plus, this is the cheapest option within this review.

  • Lowest cost
  • Concealed behind the waistband
  • Highly protective Kydex
  • No camouflage
Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid Black Carbon Fiber
14 Reviews

Outlaw Holsters OD Green Kydex OWB Holster

Outlaw Holsters OD Green Kydex OWB Holster

Materials – Although this is another option from Outlaw Holsters, this outside the waistband holster is an entirely different approach to your hunting needs. We chose an Olive Drab Green color to conceal better amongst your hunting camo. This kydex holster is molded to the shape of your Glock 20. There are retention screws at the two belt clips. Sold separately, you may also select from a set of speed clips, leather belt loops, or a paddle back. The exterior of the kydex holster is smooth and discrete. It is also pliable enough to bend to the ergonomic curves of your hip. A one year warranty is also included with this option.

Performance – Outlaw Holsters is a great brand for anyone who is seeking Kydex holsters. We like this one particularly for hunting or hiking, since it comes in the olive drab green color. This is helpful for concealing in natural elements. However, you can find this style of holster in more aesthetically pleasing black or gray as well. We also like how versatile the belt clip options are. Although you have to purchase them separately, you don’t have to rule this option out if you have a preference on belt clips or loops. It is a tad bulky for a Glock 20. There is some give and take; the holster is a bit large for convenience, but the smooth exterior helps streamline the shape around your hip. This is also a pretty inexpensive outside the waistband holster as well!

What we say – This is the best Glock 20 holster for those who want an OWB holster that blends in with their natural surroundings. It will be one of the best holsters for hunting in this case.

  • One year replacement warranty
  • Multiple belt clip options
  • OD Green color blends in with surroundings
  • A little large on the hip
Outlaw Holsters OD Green Kydex OWB Holster
65 Reviews

BLACKHAWK! Leather 3-Slot Pancake Holster

Materials – The Blackhawk holster is constructed from premium grade leather. It can be purchased in all black or all tan for left handed or right handed shooters. Each holster is wet molded to the shape of your Glock 20. There is double stitching lining along the trigger guard and along the rail. There is additional stitching around the three belt loops. The belt loops allow the wearer to choose from two styles of cant. It can also be worn at strong side, behind the hip, appendix, or at cross draw. Retain your handgun with a thumb break that closes with a snap closure.

Performance – As we move on to leather holsters for you Glock 20, there’s certainly some benefits you won’t see in kydex holsters. In this Blackhawk option, we really appreciate the thumb break. This is particularly important if you’re utilizing the forward cant. As you climb up and down hillsides, navigate over rocks, or trek across streams, you can feel confident with your handgun securely at your side. Blackhawk isn’t exactly known for the most high quality leather, but the material should break in really well. It may weaken or soften over time, but it’s affordable enough that you can replace it down the line. This option is also the one that offers the most versatile wearing positions. This is great if you’re carrying hunting gear or a backpack, and you need your Glock 20 out of the way but still accessible.

What we say – This is the best Glock 20 holster for anyone who needs a versatile option to reposition or move around as needed throughout your hunting trip. If you’re carrying a lot of other items, this is the best choice for you.

  • Adjustable cant and belt position
  • Thumb break
  • Flexible leather
  • Not highest quality leather

DeSantis Mini Slide Holster

DeSantis Mini Slide Holster

Materials – As the final leather option, DeSantis offers a two slot holster that comfortably slides into position on your belt. Use your belt to retain the holster against your body, but there is also an adjustable retention screw positioned at the trigger guard. This outside the waistband holster is only available in tan, but it can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters. Your Glock 20 will be positioned at a permanent forward cant. There is double stitching around the belt slots, and the premium grade leather is highly molded. The open muzzle allows for an easy draw and a simple holstering between shots.

Performance – DeSantis certainly steps it up with the quality of leather and craftsmanship in their holsters. You can expect this outside the waistband holster to last you for some time, despite how much you may use it outdoors. The sliding belt loop attachment is a unique feature that we wouldn’t normally recommend for tactical or defensive purposes. However, for hiking and moving around a lot in nature, you’ll want a holster that is more permanently attached at your hip. Since this holster lacks a thumb break, this is another good reason to have that style of belt attachment. The holster takes up minimal space on your hip, making it easy to grab your Glock 20 the moment you see your prey expose itself. It may be the most expensive option within this review, but it should also be the one that lasts you the longest.

What we say – This is the best Glock 20 holster for those who want to invest in a piece they likely won’t need to replace. No need to fuss with belt clips or loops.

  • Quality leather will survive years
  • Slide belt attachment
  • Compact holster takes up little space
  • No thumb break
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster
76 Reviews
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster
  • Fits Glock 20, 21, 21Sf, 29, 30, 37, 39, S&W: 99, 990L
  • For Right Hand
  • Tan in color

Our Favorite Glock 20 Holster

Our favorite holster was easily decided on: the . For one, the versatile features blew the other choices out of the water. Whether you’re toting a backpack or a bag full of camping or hunting gear, you can adjust this holster to the most out-of-the-way position while still being able to reach for the grip when you need it. The thumb break guarantees you don’t have to keep an eye on your Glock 20 as you make your journey either. At an affordable cost, there’s no reason to not consider this option.

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Written by Sniper Country Team

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