Best Range Bags of 2022 (For Every Shooting Need)

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Are you ready for the range? We all know that the answer to that is a big fat YES! 

Did you forget something? Forgetting to bring something is the best way to spoil a day at the range. I’m guilty of this… you’re guilty of it. It’s a nightmare, so it’s always a good idea to prepare. To pack it all up, you need a reliable range bag that puts everything in one place.

Here, we’ve got you covered with the best shooting range bags that meet your every need.

  • GGD MOLLE Tactical Double Rifle Case
  • 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag
  • MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag
  • Vertx COF Range Bags
  • Explorer Tactical Rangemaster Backpack
  • Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Range Bag

First up, think about everything you want to take to the range with you. How many firearms are you bringing? Is it handguns or long guns this time?

best range bag inside the range bag
“Inside the range bag” by Plex

Aside from that, there are also other items to consider, including ammunition, safety glasses, ear protection, targets, water bottles, and magazines. That’s a lot of items to go in one carrying vessel, so choose a bag that can hold everything in a secure, protected way.

Here are some other points to consider:


Firearms can be heavy. Plus, with everything else that you’re likely hauling with you to the range, the bags are often overstuffed. This makes it essential to check if the bag is durable enough to endure frequent use.

Storage options

For many shooters, it’s all about choosing a bag that can store everything we need on the range. Some have removable dividers, exterior pockets, pistol rugs, and other zippered compartments. These options maximize capacity while also helping you organize your stuff better.


Your range bag is a key accessory. So make sure it’s something you can use for the long run. For example, look for a bag with well-padded straps. You don’t want to be limited on what you can put in it because it’s uncomfortable to carry when full or carrying a heavy load.

Size and Capacity

Range bags come in different sizes, so choose one ideal for your type of firearms and gear. Choose one that’s an extra size up for your current needs. Tools and gear fill up the space quickly and you’ll be thanking yourself later for thinking ahead.

Style and Design

The kind of bag you choose depends on preference and the type of shooting you typically do. If you want to keep your hands free, go for a backpack style of a range bag. Soft cases are great for pistols. For a multipurpose range bag, consider a duffel bag.

The Best Range Bags of 2022

best range bag

Range bags come in different shapes and styles. From hand-carry bags to backpacks, you have many options to consider to meet your specific needs.

GGD MOLLE Tactical Double Rifle Case

This 1.4 kg soft double rifle case made of high-quality 600D denier polyester is ideal for the outdoors. It is waterproof and tough against wear and tear. Also, it protects your rifles from the elements.

You can also choose between two color options: black and army green. The bag comes in two sizes: 37″(37.4″ x 11.8″ x 3.93″) and 42″ (42.5″ x 12.3″ x 3.93″).

As this is a big case to carry around, the shoulder strap is supplemented with an additional hand carry strap.

The main bag has two zippers that open the roomy case. Aside from that, it has three MOLLE auxiliary pockets for extra gear. These pockets are, however, concentrated on one side only. If you want pockets all-around your rifle case, then you’re out of luck. Though, understandably, the other side was left bare to avoid snagging when you carry the bag. It does however have an extra compartment where you can keep smaller items like pistols and accessories.

Aside from its durability and high functionality, we like that the MOLLE pouches have adjustable buckles. What makes this double case really superior is its inner compartments. It allows you to lock your guns in place and save them from unnecessary shakes whenever you transport them.

Material-wise, this range bag is great and is really sturdy for a soft case. It opens all the way through, so if you’re like us and don’t like stuffing things inside, you’ll love this case. It seals the deal by being versatile and low-cost, with a touch of practicality to it.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy and made of quality materials
  • The bottom base secures the rifles
  • Has lots of space and pockets
  • MOLLE pockets are only on one side

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

5.11 Tactical is one of the most well-known providers of all things tactical. It provides gear that doesn’t disappoint, and the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is one of those.

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag
5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag with the front organizer opened, showing eight magazine slots (from LA Police Gear)

This 43-liter range bag is made to last with its durable 600D nylon construction. The main compartment measures 9.5x17x10.5 inches. It houses a removable ammo tote for easier loading. A smaller brass pouch to help you sort the spent casings. 

Your handguns will be at home in the padded sections beside the tote area. At the front of it all is a zip-down organizer that reveals eight double-stack magazine holders. There’s even more room at the back of the mag sleeves for an extra handgun.

On the other side of the bag are two big outer pockets that hold just about anything you put in them. The side pockets are thinner but they have more than enough room for other accessories. The water bottle holder is a simple addition that shows that it was designed with the user in mind.

This range bag is mainly hand-carried with the hook-and-loop grab handle. For added support, it has a removable and fully adjustable strap that attaches to the D-rings on top. It’s nicely padded to ensure comfortable shoulder carry. The bottom skids of the bag make sure it stays in place, plus the ID card window is also neat.

The 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is available in black and sandstone color options. It holds at least four handguns and even more rounds. The zippers are made by YKK and the material is top-quality. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense range bag, then consider the 5.11.

  • Large bag
  • Hydration storage
  • Removable ammo and brass totes
  • Padded throughout
  • Built to last
  • Thinner side pockets
  • Not cheap

MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag

The MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag looks very much like the range bag from 5.11. But this is a more affordable option that costs about half the price.

MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag
MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag top view (from Amazon)

The MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag is made of PVC-coated polyester. The main compartment is a flip-open type that reveals a very roomy space. Dimensions are 17x10x10 inches. It has padded compartments on both sides for handguns and magazines. 

Like the 5.11, it has a removable stage bag with compartments and three mag slots on each end. It also has a brass carrier and two removable pistol pouches. That makes five bags in total together with the main bag. 

There is space for everything with the mag sleeves, side pockets, and lots of other smaller compartments. It has great padding and is not flimsy at all. Water bottle holder, check. Instead of the clear plastic card slot, there’s a Velcro strip on the side for personalization.

Here’s a walkthrough video of the MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag.

This is a five-in-one bag that costs only $69.99 and comes in four colors: olive drab, black, charcoal, and coyote. Going for other colors aside from black helps in seeing the depth of the bag.

MidwayUSA doesn’t use YKK zippers and isn’t made of the same material as the 5.11. Still, this is a more affordable range bag with many great features. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you can pack with it. So, if you’re looking for a range bag you’ll use in the next few years, then look no further.

  • A 5-in-1 bag
  • Lots of storage & compartments
  • Great padding
  • Four color options
  • Affordable
  • Zippers aren’t YKK

Vertx COF Range Bag

The Vertx COF Range Bag doesn’t look like your typical range bag, which if you don’t want to catch police attention, is a good thing.

 Vertx COF Heavy Range Bag with the ammo caddies out (from LA Police Gear)
 Vertx COF Heavy Range Bag with the ammo caddies out (from LA Police Gear)

It looks like a casual bag, but don’t be fooled. COF means “course of fire” and that alone says a lot about it. It comes in two sizes, light and heavy, with 9-liter and 15-liter capacity, respectively. For security, it has lockable zipper pulls and a lock-down cable system to secure it in your car.

The top portion of the Vertx COF Range Bag has a large U-shaped dual zipper, which opens a large upper deck. Inside, it has two zippered mesh pockets on one side, plus another two on the opening flap. There’s a padded weapon sleeve on the other side, which is ideal for handguns.

On the front are a large Velcro patch portion and other fun stuff. This is a zippered compartment that acts as a cleaning mat when opened. It reveals more organizer pockets inside and a pair of ammo caddies. This unique drawer-style part is removable so you can just pull them whenever needed. It also comes with a removable six-pack mag holder.

You should note that this premium bag isn’t the cheapest. As of writing, the heavy range version costs $212.99 on the Vertx website. On other stores like Amazon and Brownells, the price range is around $140 to around $190. 

The Vertx COF Range Bag greatly helps in keeping you organized at the range. It also has a couple of security features that other bags don’t have. Most of all, if you want a dependable range bag that doesn’t scream guns, then this is for you.

  • Very organized
  • Sturdy and not flimsy
  • Two ammo caddies
  • Removable six-pack mag carrier
  • Lock-down cable system
  • Lockable zipper pulls
  • Premium price

Explorer Tactical Rangemaster Backpack

If you’re more of a backpack person, then check out the Explorer Tactical Rangemaster Backpack. With a size of 20×12.5×10 inches, this is a great handgun bag with lots of dividers from top to bottom.

Explorer Rangemaster Backpack

The Explorer Rangemaster Backpack is a heavy-duty range bag made with 600D polyester. It has quilted padding in all the right places with all kinds of storage options all around. The surrounding pockets have elastic holders for magazines and other tools. 

The main compartment has top and bottom sections, with wooden boards as support. This offers plenty of storage for all your needs. You can customize it and attach removable Velcro dividers to make sure your things don’t get mixed up. It has a target pouch and a place for your hydration pack. There are also D-rings for additional attachments. 

Anyway, this line comes in four colors: black, tan, olive green, and camo.

easy to tuck if you’re going to carry it using the sturdy top handle. There’s also a chest strap to help with the load and a laptop compartment at the back.

This bag is very customizable so that you can organize it according to your liking. However, if you’re not one someone who likes tinkering around, assembling can be a challenge. The straps fall a bit short for bigger guys, so that’s also something you might want to check. Other than that, it does an excellent job at organizing range stuff — for less than $90.

The Explorer Tactical Rangemaster Backpack has pockets everywhere. So, if you want a hands-free range bag that your handguns can call home, then this is the one to have.

  • Customizable
  • Lots of compartments
  • Removable dividers
  • Target pouch
  • Heavily padded
  • Affordable
  • Short straps
  • No instructions for assembly

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Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

Another backpack entry on this list is the Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack. It is a more affordable range bag with a 40-liter capacity. You can get it in black and tan color options.

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

This backpack has lots of pockets and straps. Dimensions are roughly 13x20x11 inches. As a tactical bag, it has the signature MOLLE straps around. It has two large compartments with some holders for tools and accessories. 

At the front is a smaller pocket to which you can attach your Velcro patch for personalization. Below that is another pocket with MOLLE webbing. The cord pull-type zippers make it easier to open your bag. 

Since this is a three-day assault pack, the main compartments are quite roomy, and there aren’t many small pockets. It has a pair of compression straps on both sides to help keep its shape.

The padded back portion has great ventilation for comfortability. It has a compartment for documents, or even a hydration bladder if you need it. The adjustable straps are also mesh padded, with D-rings on them for other attachments. It also has a high-strength top grab handle, plus a chest and waist strap. 

The Reebow Tactical Backpack is the lowest-priced bag on this list. With a price point below $40, you get a range bag that does the job and more. It’s something you can also trust on your hiking and hunting trips. If you’re looking for an affordable all-rounder, this bag won’t disappoint.

  • Padded
  • Strong and reliable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Waist and chest strap
  • Lots of storage
  • Versatile
  • Few smaller pockets

Wait …There’s More

Explorer Wheeled RR29 Range Bag

best range bag

How about a wheeled range bag for a change? The Explorer Wheeled RR29 Range Bag has 10 pockets that are padded all around. It has enough room for handguns and mags to all kinds of tools you can think of. 

This is the ideal range bag if you shoot with friends and families. It can take just about everything but the kitchen sink — and maybe even that if it’s small and portable. There’s no need to carry it around — just haul it and you’re good to go.

MTM Shooting Range Box

Yes, it’s a box, not a bag but something that’s good to have when going to the range.

best range bag

The MTM Case-Gard shooting range box is an ultimate range companion. With a box-like this, you won’t have to worry about your cleaning fluids getting all over. Unlike a bag, it’s ready to get dirty. It holds all the small parts and tools pretty well with a total of 18 different compartments.

This American-made box is your repair area which also acts as a great gun rest. It’s handy and will keep things organized. It’s not a range bag, but checks all the criteria just the same.


Getting the right range bag is as critical as choosing your next gun purchase. It can make or break your day, so consider the purpose of why you want it in the first place. 

My go-to bag for taking rifles to the range is the GGD Molle Tactical Double Rifle Case. For smaller guns, the MidwayUSA Range Bag and the Explorer Rangemaster Backpack also do a great job.

Are you looking for more bags? Make sure to check out the best concealed carry backpacks and bags. If you’re into Multicam bags, don’t forget to check the best Multicam backpacks on the market.

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