Best EOTech Clones [2018]

Best EOTech Clones

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EOTech holographic sights are bar none the best sights for low light shooting conditions as well super fast target acquisition while keeping the rest of the field in view. The problem most people run into is the price tag associated with these sights. Not to worry, though, as the market is flooded with EOTech clones that might not offer all the quality and technology of a legit EOTech sight, but they do come close in some cases and will fill that niche without putting a hole in your pocket.

Some of the most popular holographic sights in both the military and law enforcement camps are EOTech optics. These sights are the standard that other holo sights strive to match. Because of this, there are hundreds of EOTech clones on the market.

In this article, we will look at four of the top replica EOTech models, including a Dagger Defense red dot review, and discuss their features and why they are worth considering as an alternative to the high-end EOTech brand sights. We will also briefly look at what exactly EOTech gun sights are and how they work.

What are EOTech and EOTech clone sights?

Holographic sites are not magnified. With a holographic site, a 3-dimensional reticle is designed and etched into the holographic plate and placed between two display windows. Lasers are then used to illuminate the reticle. The reticles often have zooming properties that will increase the MOA of the reticle and makes target acquisition at farther distances much easier.

The three-dimensional properties of this design allow excellent depth perception of the target even when you move your head at different angles. A stark advantage to this type of system.

While we will not get into the electronic technology of these scopes, it becomes clear why these sights run so high in the price range.

On the other hand, there are several EOTech alternatives that will save you wads of cash and still provide enough functionality to be used on your tactical and small arms weapons.

Some of these models are not worth the low price as they are poorly made and do not perform at a high enough standard in the field.

There are some major differences between the EOTech clones we will review when compared to the legit models. The biggest and most obvious difference besides the lower electronic technology is that these replicas do not use holographic sights. They are either simple red dot or reflex sights, which are closer to holographic. Both red dot and reflex sights use LED lights instead of lasers.
Before we get into our 4 top EOTech Clone list, let’s briefly look at some characteristics of these sights that you should be aware of when looking to purchase one of these rifle optics.

EOTech alternative sight 512
Photo by mrbill

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The 4 Best EOTech Knock Offs and Alternatives

In this section we will review 4 of the best choices, if you are looking for EOTech-like that doesn’t break the bank.

dagger defense red dot review

Dagger Defense Red Dot

The Dagger Defense DDHB is a rugged EOTech replica that is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The design of this site is compact and has a sturdy look to it. It also has an integrated mounting base. While this knock off EOTech is not a holographic site, it does use a quality red dot reticle and is built similar to an EOTech holo sight.

This scope features both a red and green dot reticle. Each color option featured two reticle designs for a total of four reticle settings. The settings are easily adjusted by a reticle dial located on the back end of the sight, and once set resists being inadvertently knocked off when in use. The lens on the DDHB is large at 33mm in length and provides a clear view downfield. The glass is also coated to reduce light reflection and glare.

The reticle is powered by a CR2032 battery that has a pretty decent lifespan. This scope offers a large range of brightness settings for the reticle and allows you to fully adjust and gives you excellent shooting capabilities in many light settings. Brightness adjustments are extremely quick with the large dial located on the right-hand side of the sight body.

This EOTech clone is lightweight at a little over 10oz. It offers a decent field of view with 15.8m visible at 100m. It also takes up very minimal rail space for added accessories if wanted. The elevation and windage can be adjusted and once dialed in they hold zero extremely well.

This scope can be easily mounted to any Picatinny rail system with its integrated mounting base. The Dagger Defense is a well constructed EOTech knock off and is one of the best EOTech clone models available on the market.

Given the price for the performance you are getting from the Dagger Defense holo sight, this is easily one of the best buys for the money available.

  • Easy to adjust brightness settings
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Can hold zero
  • Easy mounting
  • Not the clearest dot reticle

Sightmark Ultra Shot eotech alternative

Sightmark Ultra Shot

Sightmark might be the next best brand behind EOTech when it comes to holographic/reflex gun sights. The Sightmark Ultra Shot is a lower priced Sightmark model, but it offers incredible performance.

This EOTech replica offers four red reticle options with each being clear and crisp within the lens. It also features a quick detach mechanism for easy mounting ability to any Weaver-style rail system.

The Sightmark Ultra also utilizes a digital switch button to make quick brightness adjustments that cover a wide range of settings for any shooting conditions.

The glass is protected by an aluminum shield hood that also helps reduce the amount of glare on the lens. The black matte finish of the body also helps with reducing the amount of glare.

On top of this protection hood, the lenses use an AR red lens coating to further reduce light reflection and provide a clear viewing field. The window on this scope measures 33X24mm for excellent view of field.

This scope is weather resistant and shockproof and is a great option for both tactical scopes and shotguns. This reflex reticle sight is extremely lightweight coming in at only 7.6oz.

This is a fantastic, affordable EOTech alternative that can be used for close-range, fast moving target acquisition and gives you the confidence of a sight that can be relied upon.

  • Very Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Excellent aperture and display window
  • Rugged design
  • It’s not an EOTech. It’s the best we could come up with.

Vector Optics Ratchet eotech knockoff

Vector Optics Ratchet Multi Reticle Sight

This model is one of the more affordable EOTech clones that are worth buying. It features both red and green dot reticle options, with both color reticles having two reticle shape options. The scope also features a reticle lock, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently changing the reticle feature while in the field.

This scope was designed with real life fire caliber in mind, and you can be confident that it will withstand the rigors of firing in the field. Elevation and windage adjustments are not the best.

This is one of the lightest EOTech knockoffs on the market only weighing in at 4.9oz. Though it is light, it is durable and shockproof to withstand high caliber recoil. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and has a black matte finish to help reduce glare. This scope can be mounted to Weaver style railing.

This scope uses a tubeless sight window which helps keep the wider field in view while using the 23X34 sized lens. The FOV of this scope at 110 yards is an incredible 80’ which allows you an incredible view of the surrounding area when locking in on your target.

  • Very recoil resistant
  • Super light
  • High field of view
  • Poor elevation and windage adjustment

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec

While this Sightmark reflex sight is the most expensive of the sights on this list, it is also the best EOTech clone model. While expensive, it is still nowhere near the price range of the original EOTech sights.

The housing on this scope is made from a magnesium alloy with a protective hood covering the glass windows.

The reticle used on this replica EOTech site is a red 65MOA circle dot crosshair. This holographic reticle sight offers six daytime brightness settings as well as six settings that can be used with night vision gear. A digital switch is used for brightness adjustments.

This reflex sight has an extremely high waterproof rating and can function after being submerged in water up to 40ft.

Besides being waterproof, this sight is shockproof and has been tested to withstand the recoil of a .50 caliber shot repeatedly. With this quality, your windage and elevation adjustments will remain zeroed.

The Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec features a 33X24mm window lens that features an AR red lens coating for optimal contrast, clarity, and glare reduction. This sight uses a dual pane lens system that has been parallax corrected. The field of view for this sight is 105ft at 100 yards and is the largest field of view for any EOTech clone on this list.

This EOTech replica features low power consumption and offers a battery life of up to 1,000 hours!

  • Incredible reticle options
  • Excellent viewing aperture
  • Fully Weatherproof
  • Parallax corrected
  • Long battery life
  • Bit pricey


We have provided four of the best EOTech clones that are available on the market. Are they up to par with the EOTech sights? No, they aren’t, but you don’t need them to be for most civilian purposes.

An EOTech knockoff offers you similar shooting experiences at a fraction of the cost. We hope this article has provided a brief explanation as to what EOTech sights are as well as provide several EOTech clones that will perform in the field and will be worth your time and money.
In the following and last section of this article you can read up on the main aspects we took into consideration when choosing the four options presented above.

EOTech Clone Buyer’s Guide

  • Material: For any sight that is going to be used on a high caliber firearm, you are going to want a material that will hold up to both physical and chemical abuse. Aluminum and magnesium alloy are the best materials you can have for the sight’s housing. They provide optimal strength while remaining relatively lightweight.The cheaper models might utilize a carbon graphite material, and while this material further cuts down on weight, it is not strong enough to repeatedly absorb high recoil and maintain its structure and function.
  • Reticle: As we mentioned earlier, the clones we will list are not holographic sites, that why they do not run as high in price as an EOTech sight. They are simple dot sights, or they are reflex sights. Reflex sights give you a lot more versatility regarding reticle size and design.Often, these sights will feature several types of reticle options that can be easily revolved through and remain locked into setting while in use.
  • Window Size: These sights are built for quick target acquisition in close to midrange quarters. An important component to this feature the window aperture that the shooter views the reticle and field through.You need windows that are a square shape as this gives you the best field of view. You also want high grain glass that has been treated to reduce glare and provide you a clear and crisp view of downrange.
  • Power Source: To illuminate the reticle, EOTech clones will often use a battery as its power source. Since these replicas most often use LED illumination rather than lasers, it helps reduce the amount of energy needed. You want a decent battery life that is going to give you a few hundred hours of illumination before needing to be changed. If you’re not going to get at least 200 hours you shouldn’t bother with that sight.
  • Brightness Adjustment: These are tactical sights that are designed to be used in very low level light or in tandem with night-vision goggles. With this in mind, it makes no sense to buy an EOTech knockoff where the brightness level cannot be adjusted. You also want a sight where adjustments can be made easily, and the setting remains stable during firing.
  • Resistance: For a sight used on tactical weapons, it is important that the sight can hold up to any weather or environmental condition it is put through. The main resistance we are looking for is water resistance. These sights are electronic heavy and need to keep water out of the internal compartments. The best replicas available might even be waterproof and can be submerged in water without losing functionality.You also want a sight that is shock resistant. A lot of these sights are used on high caliber weapons that generate a lot of recoil. An EOTech knockoff sight needs to be able to absorb this shock and still function properly.
  • Mounting Options: Like any scope or gun sights, you need to be sure that the EOTech alternative you are planning on purchasing will be compatible with the rail system of your firearm. While you can always buy an adapter, it adds weight, height, and cost to your sight, all of which can be easily avoided.With all of this new, or old, information in mind, let’s jump into our top 4 EOTech clone models that are available, and while they are not the name brand holographic sights, we think you will be happy with these alternatives and happier with the amount of money you will save.
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  1. I used a Sightmark Ultra Shot on a Sabre Defence XR41 (G3-Clone). The quick detachable mount left after a few rounds, the point of impact changed after each shot. Now I use a Vector Optics Sphinx.

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