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Best Small of Back Holsters

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Small of the back holsters (or SOB holsters) are widely used and are a solid, go-to way to hold conceal carry weapons. They have their pros and cons, like all gun accessories, and choosing the right small of the back holster depends a lot on what is comfortable and practical to the gunowner.
Gunowners should look for a small of back holster that conceals well under a shirt and can be drawn from easily. A proper small of the back holster should be made of quality materials and last for years, while still being comfortable. We’ve compiled some of our favorite small of the back holsters, although there are a ton to choose from online, and later, we’ll announce what our top pick is.

Universal SOB Concealed Carry Holster review

Universal SOB Holsters

Materials – The Universal SOB Holster is made of black leather that is hand-sewn with dual stitching by Cebeci Arms – a company that has been producing hand-made gun holsters since 1982. This small of the back holster is Yaqui-style, meaning it has a leather loop to conceal the middle of your conceal carry, with the grip sticking out of one side and the barrel sticking out of the other. This holster has dual options for carrying: it can be an inside waistband (IWB SOB holster) or and outside waistband (OWB SOB holster). There is a metal clip, intended for the inside of a waistband, and two belt loops, intended to secure to the outside of the waist band.
Performance – The “universal” part of the Universal SOB Holster is really fantastic. The inside clip allows the gunowner to clip the holster into other areas besides their waistline, if they’d like. The clip is durable enough for securing your firearm to the inside of your car door pocket, or it can even clip inside a purse pocket. The belt loops for this IWB SOB holster ensure good concealment under a shirt. Of course, the fine leather and craftsmanship of Cebeci Arms guarantees a long life out of the holster, and it can carry a lot of weight for a conceal carry firearm. The only downfall might be that the snugness of this small of the back holster IWB makes it a little difficult for a quick draw.
What we say – The Universal SOB Holster is a great standard IWB SOB holster that’s made of quality materials. For around $20, this a good choice for common firearms or for gunowners who really need the confidence that their conceal carry is staying, well, concealed.

  • Low cost
  • Quality leather and hand stitching
  • IWB and OWB
  • Can clip onto other areas
  • Holds heavier firearms
  • May be a little too snug
  • May cause a slower draw

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G&G Back SOB Holster review

Gould and Goodrich Gold Line

Materials – The Gould and Goodrich Gold Line makes SOB holsters with some of the finest genuine leather in the world, and they’re dual stitched. They carry quite a bit of gun weight, and you have the option to pick the size for your SOB holsters concealed carry firearm. They are not ambidextrous, but you can choose a left-handed or right-handed holster. The Gould and Goodrich Gold Line is intended only for outside of waistband SOB carrying. This SOB holster includes and adjustable tension screw, so the gunowner can decide how much retention they want on their gun draw.
Performance – There’s a fine quality in the materials of Gould and Goodrich Gold Line SOB holsters, which can hold quite a bit of weight. They fit a variety of Glock models, as well as a variety of Sigs with rails. The retention screw is one of the most admirable features, which will solve a lot of concerns gunowners may have when looking for the right small of back holsters. Since this holster is OWB only, it situates the gun in an almost straight, upside down position. Unfortunately, this isn’t great is you want to sit down, say, in your car, but it’s great for easy accessibility when you need to draw. Plus, depending on how much your gun weighs, you may have to pull your belt a little tighter.
What we say – The Gould and Goodrich Gold Line small of back holster is a great choice for anyone who needs to hold a heavier pistol or needs the room to carry outside of the waistline. The fine leather a craftsmanship can really win any gunowner over. We think the tension knob is a huge pro for this holster, but we can see where this one may not be for everyone. The price varies, depending on what type of gun you need a holster for, but they start at around $42.

  • Quality leather materials
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Comes in left or right hand options
  • Holds heavier firearms
  • Higher cost
  • Only OWB
  • May pull your pants down
  • Straight position not always ideal

Concealed SOB Holster

Pro Tech Concealed

Materials – The Pro Tech Concealed small of the back holster is an ambidextrous holster made of nylon, as opposed to leather. It’s intended to fit medium to larger sized guns, instead of small pistols. It’s semi-Yaqui style, which means it fits only IWB. This holster has a durable, metal clip, which secures the holster to the pant waist. Most of the retention relies on the body pushing against the holster and a belt. The nylon material is reinforced, and the pressure points are double stitched. The edges of the SOB holster are turned over to avoid fraying.
Performance – The most noticeable feature on the Pro Tech Concealed behind the back holster is that it’s made of nylon instead of leather. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for the price of leather or anyone who doesn’t find leather comfortable. If you intend to wear your behind the back holster during the majority of the day, you don’t want leather creating friction against your skin. Nylon is much more comfortable. The material allows for a smooth and quick draw, and it won’t stick to the metal of a gun. You can easily change the sides the clip is on for left hand or right hand preferences. Despite the cheaper material, it’s designed in a way to keep a long life. Our main complaint is that because the retention relied on your person and your pants, things can get a little tight.
What we say – The Pro Tech Concealed back holster is another great standard holster for anyone who doesn’t care for leather. The material is still very high quality and long-lasting. We can get over the fact that things might feel a little tight. We would actually prefer that over being unsure if our firearm was staying in place. This SOB holster goes for just under $19, so you really can’t lose with this purchase.

  • Low cost
  • Nylon material
  • Ambidextrous
  • Faster draw
  • Durable metal clip
  • Not leather (if that’s your thing)
  • May tightly press into your back

Blackhawk Check Your Six small of the back holster

Blackhawk Check Your Six

Materials – The Blackhawk Check Your Six small of the back holster is made of black leather, and it’s designed to sit behind the hip on the outside of the waist. This position keeps your handgun out of the way of a main rifle. The SOB holster presents the handgun in a way that is easy to grab without interfering with other guns. There is a tension screw near the trigger guard for adjusting the security level of your firearm in the holster. The back of the holster is entirely flat to protect your body and your firearm from sharp objects, and it follows the contour of the hip area.
Performance – The Blackhawk Check Your Six small of the back holster isn’t really designed for conceal carry weapons, so you’ll only want to make this purchase if you intend to carry multiple firearms. The materials and shape of the SOB holster are very comfortable, and the tension adjustment works very well. The position of this holster, and the way it angles the gun’s grip, makes it feel as if the gun is being handed to you behind your back, which is a great opportunity for a quick and easy draw.
What we say – Aside from the delightful name, the Blackhawk Check Your Six holster is great for anyone with the specific need of carrying multiple firearms. The price really depends on the size your require, but it ranges from $32 to over $200 (ouch), so it really needs to be worth the investment. Other than the price, we honestly can’t complain.

  • Ideal gun positioning
  • Keeps handgun away from other firearms
  • Can be purchased for left handed gun owners
  • High cost
  • Not for conceal carry weapons

Our Pick For The Best SOB Holster

Our favorite SOB holster is the Pro Tech Concealed holster. While leather can be very durable, so is nylon, so purchasing a leather holster may be more for looks. The Pro Tech Concealed holster gets the job done, it’s cheap, and it ensures a snug and secure fit. If nylon just doesn’t cut it for you, there are plenty of leather options. The main thing to remember when purchasing a small of the back holster is to keep the weight of your gun and your purpose in mind.

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