5 Best Compact 9mm Pistols

Ruger Security 9 Rear Sight

I recently did an article on the best 9mm subcompact pistols. Those small, single-stack guns can be very handy if you’re looking for something to stick in a pocket holster or carry discreetly, but what if you want to bring a bigger bat to the ballgame? Full-size guns, with their longer barrels and grip frames, … Read more

Best Single-Stack Subcompact 9mm [Concealed Carry]

Subcompact glock and ammo

Concealed carry options abound for most of the United States. Every state now has some form of concealed carry law on its books. The concealed-carry permit gamut runs from very restrictive states to other states that don’t require a specific permit, figuring the Second Amendment is permit enough. The upshot is that more and more … Read more

How To Reload Ammo [Ultimate Guide]

Reloading equipment

Why Reload? While reloading for your guns is usually thought of as a cost-savings for those of us who shoot a lot, there are other advantages involved. The common assumption is that you save money by reloading-and that is true, to a point. If you are a volume shooter or a competitive shooter, saving money … Read more

Why & How To: Powder Coating Bullets

bullets before “baking”

In spite of the growing popularity and supply of jacketed bullets, many shooters still shoot cast bullets. Cast bullets are easily made at home or are inexpensive to purchase in quantity, are economical, and don’t require an elaborate set-up or supply chain to produce. (My bullets come from plain old wheel weights that a friendly … Read more