N82 Tactical Holsters

[Review] N82 Tactical Holsters

What, you say…more holsters? Yessiree.

With the plethora of carry guns we have today, we really can’t have too many holsters, can we? (Especially those that ride on the western hemisphere of my body, unlike all you right-handed eastern hemisphere shooters!)

There are never enough lefty holsters out there, so it was great excitement that I chose a couple of southpaw-oriented ones to try. But…who is N82 Tactical? Let’s look at the company.

The Company

I remember reading, a while ago, about a new holster company founded by two Nates – they called it N82 – Nate squared, two Nates, I got it…but who are the Nates? They are Nate Beard and Nate Johnson, In 2008, they got together and formed the company now called N8² Tactical. They got together and were talking about holsters, specifically concealed carry holsters. They were ruminating on the fact that many people don’t carry because their holster isn’t comfortable. They then next had, as their website puts it, a lightbulb moment – they should build holsters that are comfortable so that more folks will carry their self-defense guns. After getting their wives’ blessings (and after taking a sewing class!), they started making holsters. After some trial and error, they hit on the design that was unlike anything else on the market at that time. When friends and relatives started asking for their holsters, they figured it was time to launch. At that point, Nate Squared Tactical was born.

After several years of production and many sales, MTC Holsters LLC (parent company of Crossbreed Holsters) bought N82 Tactical and moved them to its headquarters in Springfield, MO. This occurred in January, 2020. Their holsters are made in the USA, and have been very well-received. Their goal “remains to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day.” From what I can ascertain, I think they are doing this in spades, as their holsters are very popular.

OK, we’ve seen where they come from and who makes them, but what about the holsters themselves? Let’s look at what they make. I’ll show you photos from their website and ones that I took, with a son modeling the holsters.

The company makes five different models of holsters plus accessories. The holsters are all inside-the-waistband (IWB) and include:

The OT2


Features Include:

  • New Clip Design & Location
  • Tuckable
  • Complete Isolation
  • Durable Leather Surface
  • Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
  • Soft Suede Backing
  • Dense Herringbone Elastic
  • Fits Different-Sized Guns
  • Two-Week Try-It-Free Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty
  • MSRP, $39.95

This holster is made for 28 different brands/types of guns, with several models of each supported. It available in either left hand or right hand, with or without a light/laser (47 Crimson Trace models supported). The pocket is a flexible, elastic-type substance so one holster will fit more than one gun. All holsters use a suede backing, very well done. It makes the holster very comfortable to wear.

OT2 holster suede backing

The OT2 Micro

OT2 Micro

Same features and price as above, but made for smaller guns. This holster is made for 11 different brands/types of guns, with several models of each supported. It available in either left hand or right hand, with or without a light/laser (15 different Crimson Trace models supported). I ordered one in left hand, for my Taurus Spectrum

The OT2 micro and Spectrum hidden

Can’t see it, can we? Well-hidden.

The OT2 micro and Spectrum out

Here it is, and then with a hand on the grip…

spectrum hand on grip and OT2 micro holster

This is a very nice holster- it holds the gun tightly. It should fit any small-frame semi-auto.

Spectrum in OT2 micro holster

The OT2 micro clip up-close

The Original


Same features as above, except the clip is different and the holster is larger. MSRP on the Original has been lowered to $31.96. It is made for 18 different brands/types of guns, with multiple models included for most of the brands. It available in either left hand or right hand, with or without a light/laser (19 different Crimson Trace models supported).

The Professional

The Professional

Most of the feature list is the same as above, except:

  • Firearm-Specific Polycarbonate Pocket
  • Secure Twist Releaseâ„¢ Retention System
  • Patent Pending LockDown Clip
  • Adjustable Cant

This is the only model of holster N82 Tactical makes that uses a translucent, rigid polycarbonate pocket for the gun to ride in. An interesting note…my son, who is used to wearing different holsters, said that this holster was the most comfortable IWB holster that he’s had for his 1911…the suede backing really helps.

The professional holster translucent shell

It is made for 14 different brands/types of guns, again with multiple models for most. MSRP is $54.95, and it available in either left hand or right hand. Lasers or lights are not available in this model. I ordered one for a 1911, right hand, and one for a Springfield Armory XD(M), left hand to test. Here are the photos…

The professional 1911 hoslter hidden

Full-size 1911 aboard…

The professional 1911 holster out

N82 Tactical professional 1911 holster hand on grip

1911 in professional holster

The 1911 next to professional holster

springfield in professional holster

springfield next to holster

The Tuckable

Tuckable Holster

Same features as the OT2 above, except the clip is a different design. This model is made for 18 different brands/types of guns, with more than one made for most brands. The MSRP on this one has been lowered to $31.96, as well.

So, To Sum Up

I think one takeaway from this review might be that, although there are a whole lot of different holsters out there (especially IWB), there’s always room for another quality holster that holds the gun securely, is comfortable to wear, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you are looking for an IWB holster for your semi-auto, give these holsters a look. You can check out their website here – you should do that. These holsters are quality, and are built to last – you can tell they were designed by folks who knew exactly what they wanted and wouldn’t settle for less. Please leave a comment below if you have experience with these fine holsters. As always, shoot straight and be safe!

  1. I have a Springfield XDS 9mm equipped with a laser mounted on the rails. I am looking for a holster for outside the waistband that will accommodate this gun. Do you have one that will fit this weapon with the laser?

  2. Thank for the review Mike! I checked out the link and as a fellow lefty, I appreciate there selection of our hand holsters with no up charge. I do not own any iwb holsters but I like there design the best as I have been considering buying one . Thanks for the info,

  3. I have several of the N82 holsters, love ’em!! These are my go to carry holsters. Extremely comfortable, all-day long. I carry a SIG P -229 or a Govt 1911.
    I was not a fan of IWB but these are great.!!!

  4. Thanks Mike..Like the OTC2. Perfect for the Spectrum from Taurus..Look like this may be the best IWB i have ever seen. Most holsters i have seen are bulky hard plastic. This soft suede like material looks very comfortable. Galloway precision came up with a fully captive guide rod spring assembly and a rack assist
    option that makes the Taurus Spectrum shine…

    1. Brian, nice to hear about that recoil spring and rod…that is the worst feature of the Spectrum. A captured one would be great! Also glad you like the holster-mine fits my Spectrum very well. Thanks for writing.

    1. Jim, with a flexible holster shell like nylon sometimes it can be a bit tricky, If you can “feel” the gun into the shell with your index finger (while keeping it away from the muzzle, of course), that might work depending on your pants’ tightness. With pants that border on being too tight, sometimes you just have to “drop your drawers” in a private spot in order to get the gun back in the holster. That is by far the safest method. The unwritten law of IWB holsters (that are not rigid Kydex or leather) is to pull the holster off your belt to reholster, for safety’s sake. Not sure what other advice to give you – just do what works for you, with safety the #1 priority. Thanks for the question!

  5. Most comfortable holster I’ve ever utilized, and their customer service is beyond belief, they go out of their way to accommodate their customers, Thank You N8.

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