[Review] DPMS LR-308: The AR, Back To Basics


“What – yet another black rifle review?” I hear you say. To that I answer: “yessiree!” I like black rifles (or, to use a slightly more descriptive tag, the MSR, Modern Sporting Rifle). The MSR nowadays is to be found not only in law enforcement or military environments (in its select-fire guise), but also in … Read more

[Review] Kimber Custom II 1911

Kimber Custom II

The 1911. What more can be written about this legendary pistol? In terms of handgun recognition by non-shooters I would venture to say that, maybe other than the ubiquitous Colt Single Action Army (the “cowboy gun”), the 1911 would come in at worst a close second place in that contest. The gun has been around … Read more

[Review] FNS-9 Pistol

FNS-9 case contents

Fabrique Nationale Herstal, or, more simply FN. That manufacturer’s name conjures up, for those in the know, a long history of firearms production. Their long guns and military items are legendary, but we’re going to examine a 9mm pistol made by this storied company. Our review pistol is rugged and as Cousin Eddie might put … Read more

[Review] Mossberg 715T: “Black Rifle” For Almost Any Budget

Mossberg 715T

Look at the photo above. What gives it away? You know – gives away the fact that this is not a normal AR-pattern rifle. Look at the magazine and the bolt. This is not a normal AR-15. Not normal, that is, unless the rifle is chambered in the “other” .22 – the .22 Long Rifle. … Read more

[Review] SIG Sauer Emperor Scorpion 1911

Sig Sauer Scorpion 1911

The emperor scorpion…the largest, nastiest scorpion out there, from what I read. Living in a non-desert area, I have no real-world experience with scorpions (but I bet a lot of you readers in desert areas have plenty of experience with the critters!). Sig Sauer named their carry 1911 after the emperor scorpion, to give it … Read more

[Review] Glock 32: The Other .357

Glock 32 and target

Riddle…when is a .357 not a magnum? When it’s fired in the Glock 32, in the guise of the .357 Sig. I have always wondered about the .357 Sig. I’d heard great things about it, such as its ability to push a 125-grain bullet out of a semi-auto’s barrel at over 1300 feet per second, … Read more

Best Trigger Pull Gauge [2020]

Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

A trigger pull gauge is one of the best investments a serious shooter can make. It doesn’t matter what a great buy that pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or muzzle loader was if it has a so-so or worse trigger. Once you know exactly how many pounds of effort it takes to trip the hammer or … Read more

[Review] Taurus PT1911: A Great Way To Own A Legend

Taurus PT1911

I am a 1911 fan. I’m not exactly a junkie, but I’ve owned several over the years. I started out, in the late 1970s, with a Llama stainless model. I had trouble with the roll pins on that one, but otherwise it was alright. I then had an AMT Hardballer, again stainless. That was a … Read more

Best AR-15s – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

AR-15 on shooting range

The “Black Rifle.” The “assault rifle” (even though it’s not – see below). The gun that elicits responses on both sides of the aisle, whether pro or con. No other gun has been demonized more in recent memory than the descendant of Eugene Stoner’s handiwork, the AR-15. But… no other gun has had a more … Read more

MTM Case-Gard: Ammo Boxes, Rest & Table [Review]

MTM Case Gard Accessories

“OK…now where did I put those last 10 loads I made to try in my Savage .243? The ones I just had on the bench…” I say this to myself quite frequently, along with other phrases that I won’t expound on here. I lose a lot of stuff. Or, rather, I misplace it. I learned … Read more

[Review] HK P2000SK Compact 9mm

HK P2000SK

Heckler & Koch makes some of the highest-quality arms in the world. From submachine guns to rifles to pistols, the company has earned a good reputation for tough, reliable weapons. I was blown away (not literally) with the quality and workmanship exhibited in the P30L in .40 S&W when I reviewed that gun a few … Read more

[Review] Taurus 85 Ultralite

Taurus 85 Ultralite

I have always had an attraction to snub-nosed revolvers. I’ve owned a few, including a Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog back in the late ‘70s when David Berkowitz, aka “Son of Sam” used that gun for nefarious purposes in New York. The large-ish Bulldog stretched the definition of a snubby, but technically it fit. It … Read more

[Review] NovX Ammo 9mm

NovX 9mm loose rounds

NovX ammo is really popular now. Along with Ruger’s ARX ammo, this very-light-for-caliber bullet moving at hyper speeds is helping redefine self-defense ammo. The light-bullet-moving-fast trend isn’t new – Lee Jurras helped push that idea in the 1960s with his SuperVel company based out of Shelbyville, Indiana. Now, NovX has taken up the baton with … Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gun Deals [2019]

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Gun Deals 2019 are rolling in! Once again online & offline stores compete for the best offers for Ammo, Guns & Gear. This page will be updated with every new (and actually good) deal that reaches our inbox. In addition to this our authors will add their favorite deals & offers (they shop … Read more

Best Shooting Chronographs [2020]

Shooting Chronograph

Before we look at chronographs, a definition is in order… Chronos (/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος, “time”, pronounced [kʰrónos] Wikipedia defines “chronos” as time, from the ancient Greeks. If you Google “chronograph”, you will see not only our gun chronographs but also some very expensive wrist time pieces. So, we are talking about time in general and … Read more

[Review] Taurus Raging Hunter

Taurus raging hunter

It all started with this… … a 7 ½-inch-barreled Ruger Super Blackhawk. I had traded a 7 ½” Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt for it, long about 1980. My good friend Mitch’s dad, a military collector and owner of an original Flattop Blackhawk .44 magnum (before it became the Super Blackhawk), had me re-think swapping … Read more

[Review] Rock River Arms LAR-15

Rock River Arms LAR-15

I am a fan of the Modern Sporting Rifle. The “Black Rifle.” The MSR seems to have a polarizing effect on shooters and non-shooters alike, at least in my experience. To an old-school rifle shooter, an AR-style rifle is anathema to his or her way of thinking…rifles are supposed to be wood and metal with … Read more

[Review] Troy Industries A4 “Other Firearm”

Troy Defense M5 9mm Carbine

I have always been fascinated by the idea of a carbine that shoots pistol-caliber ammo. This is not a new idea – pistol caliber carbines have been around since the days of the Wild West. So, it would come as no surprise that I requested a 9mm firearm from Troy Industries. They sent me their … Read more

[Review] Taurus TX22: A Great Idea, Executed Well

Taurus TX22

A .22 LR pistol can be a very useful firearm. I’ve had a few. My first semiauto .22 handgun was a Ruger Bicentennial Mk. II that was given to me by my band at the school where I was teaching – I was leaving and they wanted to get me a nice going-away present. Talk … Read more

Gunbroker.com [Review]: Fees, Laws and more…

Gunbroker.com Logo

The eBay of gun sites. That’s what Gunbroker.com has been called by those who use it. There is some validity to that point, as gunbroker.com is set up and run pretty much like an auction, except that you can list a “buy now” non-negotiable price if you want to sell something as quickly as possible. … Read more

[Review] Taurus G3: Great 9mm For $250?

Taurus G3

It all started with the PT111 Millenium Pro. That was the small double-stack Taurus pistol that held 12+1 and included two magazines. Features included double strike capability, adjustable rear sight and some really good ergonomics. It was a competitor in the small, double-stack 9mm market. It was a successful gun and I owned two of … Read more

[Review] Glock 20: Best 10mm Out There?

Glock 20

If you’ve read many of my articles, you’ll know that I frequent a very good friend’s gun shop. My buddy Duane has loaned me used pistols to write about from time to time – he’s one of the good guys. He’s had a used Glock Gen 3 Glock 20 10mm in his case for a … Read more

[Review] Colt Anaconda

Colt Anaconda front-cylinder open

The Colt Anaconda is a revolver that many of us dream about owning. But, we have about as much chance of finding a Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum revolver as we do finding its namesake slithering around our backyards. Of the Colt “snake guns”, the Anaconda is one of the newer ones, and seems to be … Read more

[Review] H&K P30L .40 S&W

H&K P30L .40 S&W

Heckler & Koch makes some of the highest-quality firearms in the world. That’s a pretty strong statement, but I believe most folks who’ve spent much time around an H&K gun would probably agree with me. The designs, the engineering, the materials, the craftsmanship…it all goes together to make some top-notch guns. We’re going to look … Read more

Best .40 S&W Ammo: Self Defense & Target Practice

.40 S&W Ammo

It seems that the .40 S&W S&W cartridge has almost mystical qualities, to talk to some of its adherents. An experimental .40 caliber cartridge was the only other caliber besides the .45 ACP that the great gun guru Jeff Cooper invested time in developing. (It became the 10mm). Many police agencies adopted the .40 S&W … Read more

[Review] SAR K2P 9mm

SAR K2P and ammo on target

Sar What? Sar Who? You might even wonder more if you knew that Sar was short for Sarsilmaz. OK…now it’s getting weird, I hear you say… What is a Sarsilmaz? First, A Few Things… I hope to accomplish three main goals by writing this article. Here’s what I’m trying to do herein: Answer the questions … Read more

[Review] Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

M&P Shield 9mm

I owned a 9mm Shield once upon a time and foolishly sold it. That gun was reliable and easily carried inside the waistband. It was well-built, felt good in the hand and went “bang” every time it was supposed to. I don’t remember what gun I just had to have in its place, but it … Read more

[Review] SIG Sauer P226

SIG Sauer P226

I recently was able to snag a used SIG Sauer P226 from my friend Duane’s gun case to review. The gun is chambered in .40 S&W and is in pretty decent shape, considering that it was shot and carried a lot. The P226 is one of those classic guns that has a great reputation. It … Read more

Best Concealed Carry Holsters [2019 Hands-On Tested]

Best Concealed Carry Holsters

If you are one of the 8 percent of Americans (excluding New York and California, whose percentages are lower) who has a concealed carry permit, you have most likely wondered how you are going to carry your gun at some point. In some states, it needs to stay concealed as they don’t have open carry … Read more

[Review] Beretta 3032 Tomcat

Beretta 3032 Tomcat and ammo

For those of you who remember American pop singer Jim Croce, one of his biggest hits of 1973 was “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” – a song about a mean dude on the other side of the law who “owned the downtown”. He was known for his fighting – he carried a razor in his shoe, … Read more