4 Best IWB Magazine Holsters

Best IWB Magazine Holster
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We’ve written reviews all day long about gun holsters, especially when it comes to concealed carry.

However, we’ve hardly touched on the next accessory you should consider: a magazine holster! We put together this review of the best IWB magazine holsters we could find, and, as always, we’ll let you know what our favorite was to test out.

There are many holsters that include a mag pouch that is either build in or comes as a set, but not all brands offer that. If you have to purchase a magazine pouch separately, we understand you’ll want something affordable. Thankfully, something as simple as a mag pouch doesn’t require a big investment, so you can find many perfectly good ones without sacrificing your paycheck.

Our biggest focal points in this review were comfort and durability. Comfort has its obvious benefits; but, when it comes to durability, we mean more than just a protective barrier against your magazine. You’ll want a belt clip that will last just as long as the holster does. Something as small as a mag pouch will have an equally small clip, so we chose options that all stood up to that test.

Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment

Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment

Materials – The Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment magazine pouch is made entirely of a very soft and pliable leather material. The edges have nylon stitch all around for a reinforced shaped. The belt clip is made of black metal, which also has reinforcement from additional stitched leather. The same soft leather can be found inside the pouch, so your magazine won’t be scratched or damaged during wear. The simple design makes the Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment magazine pouch completely ambidextrous, and you can wear it at any position on your waist line. It can be purchased as single stack or double stack pouch, as well as in a variety of sizes to accommodate .45 caliber guns, 40 mm weapons, and 380/22/25 caliber weapons.

Performance – The Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment magazine holster is a great choice for those with comfort and low cost in mind. The Eco Leather (which is really just a recycled leather) is very soft, so it can be worn all day without offering any discomfort. Our one word of caution would be to avoid letting it get soaked in sweat or other moisture; since it’s not made of genuine leather, it’s not going to have much protection against water and moisture. Otherwise, there’s not much to say on this one. The inside of the magazine holster is good, the belt clip is good, and it serves its purpose just fine!

What we say – The Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment pouch is the best IWB magazine holster for shooters who need all-day comfort and aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on an accessory like this. Sure, it won’t match your nice, leather holster, but it gets the job done.

  • Low cost
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Won’t damage your magazine
  • Not made of genuine leather
  • Not sweat resistant
Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment
534 Reviews
Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment
  • ECO Leather Inside The Waist Magazine With Metal Clip
  • Fits Most Single Stack 9mm. Like Shield, Xds, Glock 43
  • Medium Single Stack 9mm /.380 (CHMP4 Model)

Sticky Holsters Mag Pouch

Sticky Holsters Mag Pouch

Materials – The Sticky Holsters Mag Pouch may be recognizable amongst buyers who have searched for holsters and pouches. This brand is known for its unique take on retention, relying on level I and a special adhesive outside the pouch to adhere to inside your pocket or your waistband. The entire pouch is lined with nylon and stitched for reinforcement and to maintain its shape. You can stick the mag pouch virtually anywhere on the waistline or in any type of compartment it can fit in. One size fits all, and it’s completely ambidextrous. To utilize the mag pouch, you simply slide your magazine out without fussing with Velcro straps or thumb breaks.

Performance – You’re either going to be a fan of the Sticky Holsters brand or you aren’t – it’s just that simple. There are plenty of things to like about the brand’s mag pouch: it’s another low cost option, it’s durable and well padded, and it’s easy to access your extra magazine. The main down side with Sticky Holster’s stuff is the retention level. For some people, level I just doesn’t cut it, and the sticky adhesive can become really inconvenient. There’s the chance that the sticky ability will wear out over time, or the outside can get filthy as it picks up dust and those little bits of dirt in your pocket. The magazine holsters are washable, however.

What we say – The Stick Holsters Mag Pouch is purely for those who like this brand. If Sticky Holsters work well for you, you’re going to get a lot of convenience out of this little guy.

  • No clips to mess with
  • No Velcro or thumb breaks
  • One size fits all
  • Sticky adhesive can become inconvenient for some
Sticky Holsters Mag Pouch
108 Reviews
Sticky Holsters Mag Pouch
  • WHAT IS A STICKY HOLSTER: The skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. That outer material, combined with the inner closed-cell foam, keeps your pistol and holster securely in place.
  • MAG POUCH SLEEVE: We have devised a way for you to carry whatever magazine or accessory you'd like in the same pouch: flashlights, a .45 magazine, a pocket knife, a .380 magazine, or maybe a 38 special zip strip; each will fit in our Mag Pouch Sleeve.
  • PERFECT FOR WAISTBANDS OR POCKETS: The Mag Pouch Sleeve is perfect to be carried in the waistband or pocket. It can be used in sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, and everything without a belt.

Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch

Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch

Materials – The Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch is made entirely of – you guessed it – Kydex in an all black finish. There are two adjustable retention screws on one side of the pouch, and there is a wide and tall Kydex belt clip to keep your additional magazine secure at all times. The buyer can choose from left handed or right handed models, as the correct one will allow them to draw their magazine quickly and reload their concealed carry weapon in a swift motion. The Kydex pouch and belt clip are injection molded for the lowest profile and fit that takes up the least amount of space.

Performance – The Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch comes from a brand that isn’t really reputable, and we don’t mean to care you away with that. The products coming from this online seller have plenty of reviews – and good ones, at that. This Kydex IWB Mag Pouch is going to keep your low profile consistent, and Kydex always ensures you’re taking up minimal space on your body and waistline. The retention screws will ensure a very secure fit, and the clip is nice and wide. The one thing we don’t like about this option? It leaves the top of your magazine exposed. This can get uncomfortable for some.

What we say – The Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch is the best magazine holster for anyone who prefers the durability of Kydex over the comfort of a soft material. You can feel confident your magazine will stay in place on your hip, and the retention will be stronger.

  • Durable Kydex
  • Injection molded to take up little space
  • Higher retention level
  • Leaves top of magazine exposed
Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch
103 Reviews
Blackjacketcover Kydex IWB Mag Pouch
  • Magazine pouch is worn inside the waistband (IWB)
  • 100% manufactured in the USA with .06 Kydex
  • Injection molded belt clip fits up to 1.5 inch belt

DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier

DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier

Materials – The DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier is another Kydex IWB pouch that is in all black and made in Texas. Feature are a set of four retention screws: two for the belt clip and two for the pouch. The belt clip is mounted with rubber, to hold some shock absorption power, and is made of the same injection molded Kydex. Currently, the DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier is only available for right handed users, but it can be worn both inside and outside of the waistband, so it is possible for some left handed shooters to use it without fully concealing it. This mag pouch fits .380 caliber weapons and some Glocks.

Performance – Despite the limitations, the DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier has a lot of good qualities to it. There is, obviously, the durable Kydex feature, but what we really like about this IWB magazine holster is the clip. Not only is it very wide, but it has that rubber mount. This ensures your clip won’t break if you bend it too far or snap it too hard. Plus, the rubber allows you to add more retention while avoiding the same problem of breakage. It stinks that there are more limitations on what magazines you can use with this, and that it’s kind of only for right handed shooters, but this is a great choice for anyone who can make the purchase.

What we say – The DSG Arms Compact Magazine Carrier is the best choice for anyone who puts all their reliance on retention. You have four retention screws to play with, and adding that rubber behind the belt clip makes a world of difference.

  • Durable Kydex
  • Four retention screws
  • Wide belt clip on rubber mount
  • Right handed only
  • Limited on caliber it carries

Our Favorite IWB Magazine Holster

Our favorite IWB magazine holster has to go to our very first one in this review: the Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment magazine pouch. Okay, it’s not made of genuine leather, but that’s not a deal breaker for a simple mag pouch. This holster was easily the most comfortable to wear out of the bunch, and it truly offers perfectly good quality without making any sacrifices. We also liked how many purchasing options there were for this one, between caliber and single or double magazine choices. The Houston Gun Holsters Eco Leather Concealment mag pouch is affordable, protective, easy to use, and comfortable to wear all day. Everyone should pick one of these up.

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