Best Ruger Vaquero Holsters [2018]

Best Ruger Vaquero Holsters (2021)

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The Ruger Vaquero is a revolver that is all about looks. Of course, it’s advertised as a smooth firing and accurate gun as well, but gun owners are definitely drawn by the eye to this baby. No matter the appearance, your revolver will need a holster. We made this review for the best Ruger Vaquero holsters on the market, and we’ll pick a favorite at the end.

Ruger Vaquero holsters – there’s a lot of choice

There are a lot of options to choose from for the Vaquero. There are four finishes to select from, and you have a range of barrel sizes for each of those — anywhere from a little under four inches to six inches in length. The wooden handles really add to the carry weight, as well. They cost a pretty penny too, for a revolver, so you’ll want a holster made of leather that will offer the most protection. No matter which Vaquero you own, just make sure the holster you select will accommodate the size.

Which Ruger Vaquero Holster should you buy? We have chosen 4 for you

1. Western Express — Right — for 6″ Brown Smooth Leather Gun Holster

Materials — This first option from Country Western USA is not only the cheapest option within this review, but it’s also one of the more simple and understated ones. The Ruger Vaquero is already a pretty flashy revolver in itself, and this leather holster will keep things looking classy. The soft leather is handcrafted, so there may be some imperfections here and there. Retention is utilized with the snap strap around exterior of the holster as well as with a string loop at the rear. The belt loop is also made of leather, and the cant is straight up and down. Thick stitching lines the exterior edges of the entire holster. It was designed to accompany revolver with up to six inch barrels.

Performance — While this holster is very nice, it’s easy to see why it’s less expensive than many others. The leather isn’t the highest quality, and it is obviously not molded or highly protective towards your Ruger Vaquero. On the other hand, it’s difficult to find a holster for this revolver that isn’t as flashy as the weapon itself. The inside of Country Western U.S.A.’s holster is softly lined, and it provides a smooth draw. The retention mechanisms are a little strange, especially the string loops. That’s not to say they are ineffective, but you’ll have to mess with them a bit before your Vaquero is released. The other great thing about this holster is it’s one of the few that will accommodate the largest Ruger models.

What we say — This is the best Ruger Vaquero holster for anyone who owns the largest sized models and also isn’t looking for a holster that is too distracting. The soft leather and easy belt loop makes this a comfortable piece to wear.

  • Least expensive
  • Fits larger revolvers
  • Understated and not flashy
  • Retention straps and loops a little messy

2. DeSantis DOC Holiday Cross Draw Holster

Materials — This DeSantis selection is one of the better options for those not looking to be too “showy” with their Ruger Vaquero. This style fits the 4 5/8″ model. It is available in black or tan, as well as right handed or left handed styles. The holster is considered an authentic replica of the “1800’s gentleman’s holster.” Wear it on your weak side for a cross draw. Retention is maintained by the fine stitching, which is visible throughout the design. It can be easily attached to a western-style belt, so expect a slight hang while wearing it. This option is a slightly molded and will be a little stiffer than some other revolver holsters.

Performance — Coming from DeSantis, we’re a little surprised to see this style of holster. At the same time, this means you’re getting a very high quality made product that will do more than just literally holster your Ruger Vaquero. Since it has some molding to it, you won’t have to be as worried about your Ruger rocking back and forth while you move around. The stitching all over the exterior helps out there, as well. However, because of the molding, you are obviously limited on what size models it will accommodate. The softer leather holsters can fit a range of sizes, but you have to make sure you are buying the correct size for the DeSantis.

What we say — This is the best Ruger Vaquero Holster for anyone who still wants that “western style” look but still get some security in the fit. The retention will be higher, and your drawing motion will be more guided with this molded holster.

  • Molding and higher retention
  • Fits specific sized models, no rocking
  • Comfortable fit on belt loop
  • Limited on accommodating sizes

3. Barsony New Black Leather Cross-Draw Gun Holster

Materials — This option is a little similar in style to the Country Western holster. Although not tan, this black, leather holster is soft and pliable. It comfortable allows your Ruger Vaquero to hang from your belt (which can be up to 2.5 inches in width). The leather is double shoulder cowhide. The quick draw, cross-draw style can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters. There are no additional loops for snap closures for retention. It simply relies on friction and the natural retention of the leather. It is perfect for your four inch Ruger Vaqueros. Precision stitching lines the opening of the holster to aid in a smooth draw and steady holstering.

Performance — Aside from the color, you’ll notice Barsony’s Ruger Vaquero holster shares similar characteristics with the first choice listed here. However, instead of catering to the larger models, this one will holster your shorter barrels. Not everyone wants a big, six inch revolver at their hip, after all! If you own one of those 3.25″ barrel revolvers, you’ll want to consider this one. The leather used here is a little nicer as well. Even more, you won’t be messing with loops and strings when retaining your weapon. That being said, there is actually very little retention at all, which might be why it’s better for those smaller models. It’s not for everyone, but great for many.

What we say — The Barsony Cross Draw Holster is the best Ruger Vaquero holster for those with smaller models and don’t need to rely on molding or extra retention straps.

  • Fits smaller models
  • No messy straps or loops
  • Double shoulder cowhide
  • Little retention at all

4. BIANCHI 1L Lawman Holster

Materials — This Bianchi holster fits your 4.75 inch Vaquero revolvers. It’s only available in tan, but it can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters. It is highly molded, and there is precision stitching around the muzzle, along the interior end, and around the opening of the holster. You can expect a steady draw every time. A thumb break is included with a snap closure for some of the best retention possible in a revolver holster. This holster will fit belts from 1.75″ to 2.25″ in width. It has a high ride style, and the belt loop is double stitched.

Performance — If you want the best of the best for your Ruger Vaquero, then this is what you should be looking at. Bianchi’s holster has the most molding, the highest retention, and the most secure fit on your belt. Again, you’ll be limited on the models this choice accommodates, but you can trust your 4.75″ Vaquero will be safe and sound. This is also the only option with a thumb break over the rear of the barrel. If you intend to move around a lot with your revolver, then this is a wise choice. Plus, you can wear it well fitted on your strong side. It is the most expensive option, but the price tag still won’t kill you at the end of the day.

What we say — This is the best Ruger Vaquero holster for anyone who needs a holster that’s just as reliable as the ones they use for their self defense or tactical weapons. You’ll get the best draw, the best retention, and the easiest access to your weapon with this option.

  • Highly molded
  • Worn strongside
  • Thumb break
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Ruger Vaquero Holster

Initially, based on how we described it, you may have thought we would select the Bianchi holster as our favorite for the Ruger Vaquero revolver. However, we’ve selected the DeSantis DOC Holiday Cross Draw Holster as our favorite in this review. It creates a happy medium between a western style holster to match the weapon and a functional holster that will provide some retention. Obviously, you will have to find a holster that will accommodate whichever size model you have, but the 4 5/8″ models are pretty popular and a standard size. There’s just enough molding to this holster while still allowing a smooth cross draw. You shouldn’t have to worry about your weapon bouncing around as you walk or do any other activity. The price is affordable too, so the DeSantis holster is a great option for everyone to look into.

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