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Best Tactical Helmets [Top 6 with Pros/Cons]

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Tactical helmets are the obvious choice when it comes to protecting your head during a dangerous situation. Tactical ballistic helmets are mainly used during military combat, but we are seeing a growing number of hunters getting one. After all, accidents happen, and getting safely home to show off your kill should be the top priority on any outing. 

You can also get tactical helmets that are not ballistic-grade. While obviously confined to airsoft or other lighter uses, they are significantly cheaper.

There is also a bunch of tactical helmet accessories that may come in handy on your next hunting trip. NVGs, helmet lights, communication devices, cameras, optics, and audio equipment to name a few. This makes them a worthwhile addition to any shooter’s arsenal. 

And, yes, civilians can buy ballistic helmets. Read on to get the lowdown on the top 6 helmets you can get today.

Accidents happen!
Accidents happen!

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Our Best Tactical Helmet Recommendations

Crye Precision AirFrame Helmet

The AirFrame by Crye Precision certainly does the job, but it’s not the most budget-friendly tactical helmet on the market. As with all Crye Precision products, the high quality is reflected in the price. 

While it may not be the first choice for everyone at that price, it’s ideal if you are looking to spend more on a top helmet. Personally speaking, it’s worth the money, but there are good and more affordable options especially if you are looking for a helmet for airsoft.


  • The AirFrame is lightweight and durable.
  • Ballistic-rated tactical helmet.
  • Designed with combat in mind and you really can put it through its paces.
  • This helmet is compatible with a range of night vision goggles (NVG) and hearing protection options, meaning it can be used with your existing equipment and accessories.
  • It’s a versatile helmet easily reconfigured based on the situation.


  • Like a lot of products from Crye Precision, the AirFrame helmet is costly. It will set you back around $1,000. With this price tag, we can see why people opt for a cheaper alternative.

Outry Tactical Fast Helmet

The Outry Tactical Fast Helmet is popular and that doesn’t surprise us. Despite being cheaper than some of the other helmets, such as the Crye Precision AirFrame, it performs well and offers a good level of protection. Personally, we think this is great value for money, especially for beginners.


  • The Outry Tactical Fast Helmet is an affordable option for beginners, as well as those who have been using tactical helmets for a long time.
  • Using the Outcry Tactical Fast Helmet is simple and straightforward, and it’s not a helmet you need to get to grips with.
  • Thanks to many adjustable suspender straps and a chin pad, you can achieve the perfect fit, transforming this ‘one size fits all’ helmet into a comfortable, well-fitting accessory.


  • The Outry Tactical Fast Helmet is not as lightweight as some other options, which may be an issue under prolonged use.

Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet

Though it’s not a ballistic helmet, we had to include the Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet in our list of recommendations. A bump helmet is a great choice if you are searching for head protection on a budget.


  • The Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet is not a ballistic helmet, but a cheaper alternative. If you do not specifically need a ballistic helmet, a bump helmet is an affordable option that still offers a great deal of protection from any hits on the head.
  • You can mount a range of accessories onto this helmet. It has dovetail accessory rails on the side, as well as a front mount and bungee strips. These allow you to attach a camera, optics, battery packs, and lights.


  • As a bump helmet it does not offer ballistic protection. This won’t be a problem for the majority of people, but it is worth remembering if you are concerned about protecting yourself from shots to the head.

Veterans MFG Tactical Helmet

Veterans MFG is a company owned by veterans, but that is not the only reason we are keen to support them. Their ballistic helmet is designed to work and we can see why it’s a well-liked shooting accessory. 

Veterans MFG has produced a helmet you can trust and rely on. I would say this offers everything you need, as long as you are not looking for something outlandish.


  • Regardless of whether you are buying your very first tactical helmet or you are armed with knowledge, the simplicity of this helmet is unlikely to disappoint.
  • The Veterans MFG tactical helmet comes equipped with side rails, mounting points and an NVG adapter. It does have everything you need a helmet to have.
  • This tactical helmet is strong and able to withstand a lot of force. It can handle a lot of pressure before showing any signs of damage or deformation.


  • The Veterans MFG tactical helmet is very simple in design and though this may suit some people, it may not be ‘out there’ enough for others.

Team Wendy LTP EXFIL Carbon Helmet

Team Wendy is popular among the search and rescue community, known as the place to go for head protection systems. They are well-known for producing high quality bump helmets that are functional, innovative and high quality. This is reflected in the EXFIL Carbon Helmet.


  • A lot of attention has been put into creating the EXFIL Carbon Helmet. It’s made from carbon fiber and complex polymers, meaning it is lightweight and easy to wear. It’s not a bump helmet that will weigh you down or cause you discomfort. You can wear the helmet on a long outing before feeling tired.
  • The EXFIL Carbon Helmet has a lot of mounting options. There is space for NVGs, lights and other accessories.
  • The EXFIL Carbon Helmet will not hinder your movement. Its lightweight characteristic ensures you have the freedom to move your head with ease.


  • The EXFIL Carbon Helmet does not offer ballistic protection. As a bump helmet, it only protects you from bumps and bruises, not gunfire. But hopefully I’m not the only one that has hit a branch or two out there in the woods…

Hard Head Veterans ATE Gen 2

When it comes to the best tactical helmets, we had to include this popular company. Hard Head Veterans are a company that knows what it is doing. After all, they have been at this for a while. This helmet is simple, straightforward and we would not hesitate to recommend it. 


  • An impressive warranty. All Hard Head Veterans helmets undergo rigorous safety tests. This ensures they offer an unbeatable amount of protection and gives them enough comfort to offer a 10 year warranty.
  • The Hard Head Veterans team has a solid background in the military and law enforcement. This gives them a unique insight into what is needed from a high quality tactical helmet.
  • The Hard Head Veterans ATE Gen 2 Tactical Helmet has built-in Velcro, as well as front and side accessory mounts.


  • The ATE Gen 2 Tactical Helmet may be a somewhat simple piece of ballistic protection equipment, especially for those who are looking for something that goes beyond the basic benefits.

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The Best Tactical Helmet – Our Verdict

Our best tactical helmet from the 788 review...
Our best tactical helmet from our 788 review…

The Crye Precision AirFrame is an obvious choice and it ticks many boxes. It is lightweight, durable and is a ballistic-rated tactical helmet. You can add lots of accessories. It does everything you need a tactical helmet to do and it’s unlikely to disappoint. 

However, the price at the time of writing is on the high side. It is more than we would be willing to spend, but if you got the cash, it is a solid option. For our budget, we are leaning towards the Hard Head Veterans ATE Gen 2 as being the best ballistic helmet. It features most of the benefits the Crye Precision AirFrame does, but at a much more friendly price point for your wallet.

Now, if you don’t need a ballistic-rated tactical helmet. You can’t go wrong with the Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet. It’s tough, well padded, and you can add all your accessories to it.

We hope you found this article useful and would love to hear your comments below!

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