best ar stock Magul PRS Gen 3, Magpul ACS-L, and Mission First Tactical Battlelink

Best AR Stocks [Adjustable Fixed & Precision] 2022 Guide

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Certainly, not the most exciting part of your rifle build, but still, a core fundamental that is worth consideration, your buttstock can make the difference between the perfect fit and a kludgy mess.

We’ve tested and used almost every stock on the market right now and have a list of our top recommendations for you. 

From adjustable stocks to fixed stocks to precision rifle stocks, we got something for everyone!

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What To Look For In A Good Stock

While buttstocks might seem simple and kind of boring they are underrated parts that can really impact the overall function of your rifle in a big way.

Granted, these are not as important as a great trigger, an amazing barrel, or a super durable BCG — but they are a key part of how you interact and fit with the rifle and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The first thing you want in a stock is that it fits. Not just the length of pull but also against your face. If you haven’t had the chance to try lots of stocks against your face, you might not really know what does and doesn’t work for you.

best ar stock Magul PRS Gen 3, Magpul ACS-L, and Mission First Tactical Battlelink
Top to bottom: Magul PRS Gen 3, Magpul ACS-L, and Mission First Tactical Battlelink

This really isn’t something you can solve until you try a bunch. Most stocks fit most people, but some of them won’t feel right and some will be perfect.

The next thing I demand from my stock is that there is as little wiggle as possible. A wiggly buttstock isn’t super bad for practical accuracy, but it is deeply annoying and detrimental to real precision.

And don’t forget weight. If you have a big barrel, a big buttstock can help balance things out. Or a buttstock with some storage in it for batteries can help balance a rifle.

A balanced rifle is much easier to use than a lighter but very front-heavy rifle.

Best Adjustable AR Stocks

Magpul MOE

One of the most basic stocks you can find for the AR-15, the Magpul MOE is simple and it works.

best ar stock magpul moe
Magpul MOE AR stock

You’ll often find this as the standard stock that factory rifles use if they use Magpul furniture. There is good reason for it — the MOE is solid, fairly cheap, and does what you need it to.

Adjustable for LOP and with several flat holes for passing a sling through this stock earns a solid “fine” in my book.

If you want cheap and good, here it is.

Brownells CAR-15

A throwback design that is frankly outdated today, Brownell’s CAR-15 stock is designed to be a clone of what was used on the XM177 — basically one of the earliest versions of what would eventually become the M4 Carbine.

Brownells CAR-15

Made by B5 the Brownells CAR-15 is a super solid and well-made stock but offers little for sling placement and almost nothing to reduce wiggle.

That said… it’s cool and classic. And sometimes that’s what you just gotta have.

Think of this like a mid 70’s Mustang. Is it practical today? No, but it’s cool.

I have a half dozen of these and I love ’em. Partly because they are super light but also because they are just a solid buttstock that isn’t very expensive either.

A few options for sling placement and a really tight lockup, these are very good everyday type stocks that just work.

I love how clean of a look they add to a rifle as well. I dig it.

Magpul ACS-L

The “lite” version of the ACS I like this version better since it’s a bit more streamlined.

best ar stock Magpul ACS-L
Top to bottom: Magpul PRS Gen 3, Magpul ACS-L, Mission First Tactical Battlelink

I love this because it has a wide cheek rest that lets you really rest your face on it for a much more comfy lockup between you and the stock.

Magpul ACS-L

A large storage compartment is perfect for Skittles, batteries, lube, or lunch money. You also get some QD slots for a sling mount and a couple of holes for threading a sling.

Overall, this is one of my favorites and it lives on my PCC.

B5 Systems SOPMOD

Officially used by the US Military the B5 SOPMOD is a gold standard in stocks.

B5 makes awesome stocks that are super durable and tightly made and the SOPMOD is one of their best.

best ar stock B5 SOPMOD Buttstock

While a little overpriced if you ask me, the SOPMOD gives a wonderfully wide cheek rest that feels great when you’re on it for a long period of time.

1 QD mount and 2 sling mounts give you some options without going crazy.

One of the nicest parts of the SOPMOD is that you can get it in a wide range of colors, but you might have to shop around to find them.

Best Fixed AR Stocks

Lancer Carbon Fiber

For one of the lightest stocks, you can possibly get, Lancer Carbon Fiber is a great option.

Carbon fiber is strong but very lightweight and this stock keeps it minimalist with no extra features.

You get a QD slot and a couple of plates to thread a sling, nothing else.

The cheek rest is surprisingly wide and feels great on your face.

A side benefit is that carbon fiber dissipates heat very quickly. This can be a major deal if you live in hot areas and leave your rifle in the sun. While most stocks can warm up and be uncomfortable, Lancer’s CF won’t ever burn your cheek.

Magpul MOE Rifle Stock

Taking the A2 design and just making it better, Magpul’s MOE stock is a great fixed stock option that brings everything about the A2 that is good while giving it a much-needed facelift.

Not only does the MOE just look way better but it also adds multiple QD sockets, a place to thread a sling, and a much easier to use storage area for whatever you want to pack it with.

Magpul’s cheek rest is also a more gentle slope that feels very nice on the face. While the A2 isn’t bad in that area, like everything else about Magpul’s fixed MOE — it’s just better.

Palmetto State Armory A2 Rifle Stock

If you want to keep things classic — it doesn’t get anymore OG than the A2 stock. Loads of brands offer their version of the A2 and they are more or less the exact same thing, but I like PSA’s because they give you everything in one package and it’s well made.

I have a couple of the PSA A2 stocks and they are exactly what I need. An A2 stock.

Nothing about it is fancy or upgraded, but it’s as classic as it gets.

Best Precision AR Stocks

Magpul PRS Gen 3

For when you need the best, the PRS Gen 3 is what you need.

Designed for use on precision rifles or rifles that require a perfect fit to the shooter every time, the Magpul PRS Gen 3 is the pinnacle of AR stocks right now.

Magpul PRS Gen 3

Anything you want to adjust can be adjusted. Cheek rest, length of pull, the cant, and height of the recoil pad, you even have M-LOK on the bottom of the stock so you can add a monopod or bag rider if you want.

And to top it off, the PRS Gen 3 is heavy. Like, real heavy — for a stock at least. Since this is generally meant to be used on precision rifles with thick barrels, the extra weight really comes in handy to balance out the rifle.

But that weight also makes this not a great stock for any kind of average fighting rifle type ARs.

I have mine on a 6mm ARC precision rifle, I’ve also had them on AR-10s, 6.5 Grendel hunting rifles, and a .224 Valk AR that I took to 1,100 yards.

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Magpul PRS Lite

People have asked Magpul for a lighter version of the PRS stock for a long time now and they’ve finally come out with the PRS Lite just this month!

Magpul PRS Lite

Finding them in stock is a bit hit and miss because they are popular as all get out.

Gone are the super-easy adjustments of the PRS Gen 3 and instead what we get is a stock with almost as much adjustability, but requires a tool to do it.

Using a hex key you can adjust the cheek rest and the length of pull, even the height, and cant of the recoil pad.

This isn’t the super easy and wonderfully handy adjustability of the PRS Gen 3, but the PRS Lite is a full 10 ounces lighter than the PRS. That’s a lot of weight.

Luth AR MBA-1

About the only bad thing I can say about Magpul’s PRS Gen 3 is that it is expensive. Luth AR MBA-1 solves that by coming in at almost half the price but offering all of the adjustments you can want.

While not quite as easy and smooth to adjust as the PRS Gen 3 is, you can still get the adjustment you need to perfectly customize the Luth AR MBA-1 to your body.

Personally, I don’t love this stock because they always feel a little wobbly to me. For a precision rifle, I rather suck up the cost and get a PRS Gen 3. 

But when you’re on a budget, this is a pretty good option that is “just as good.”

Wrapping Up

If I had to pick just 1 best AR stock for my standard go-to rifles it would be the Mission First Tactical Battlelink because it’s a solid middle-ground stock that just gets things done.

For a precision rifle, the PRS Gen 3 is the clear winner with the PRS Lite being a very close runner-up.

No matter what AR stock you choose, give it some time before you judge it too hard. Some stocks feel amazing from the first try and some get a little getting used to them. But finding the right one for you can make a big difference in how fast and accurate you can be.

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