4 Best Taurus PT111 G2 Holsters

4 Best Taurus PT111 G2 Holsters

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The Taurus PT111 G2 is a pretty standard pistol, mainly used for defensive purposes. It’s a 9mm with a 3 inch barrel. If you like the Taurus brand, you’ll appreciate the textured grip and serrated slide. It makes a great pistol for concealed carry either at the waist, small of back, or in a bag or purse.
We’ve put together this review of the best Taurus PT111 G2 holsters on the market, and we’ll let you know at the end of this review which one is our favorite. Since this Taurus is a fairly inexpensive handgun, we’ve kept all of our listed options well under the $100 and aimed for around $50 instead. We’ve compiled the best combinations of low cost with thoughtful features and good quality materials. No matter which style you like to carry your concealed weapon, we have an affordable holster for your Taurus, that will keep your handgun safe and at the ready.

Holstermart USA Dual-Function OWB or IWB Holster

Holstermart USA Dual-Function OWB or IWB Holster

Materials — The first holster on this list is our bargain buy. It’s made entirely of nylon, with a durable exterior and a softer interior. There is a back panel that just covers the surface area of the exposed firearm against the body. It comes with a tempered spring steel clip, which can attach to the waist for an inside the waistband concealment. On the back side is a nylon loop for attaching to your belt for outside the waistband wear. There is also a nylon retention strap, which secures with a snap break closure. The outer edge of the entire holster is stitched for reinforcement, and it comes in all black.

Performance — This option is by no means meant for tactical use. However, it is perfect for concealing the compact Taurus PT111 G2. We do suggest using this holster mainly for IWB wear, but it is convenient to adjust it for OWB carrying. Many low cost IWB holsters don’t normally come with a snap retention strap, so we like that it is offered on this one. Plus, the extra panel ensures a comfortable wear through most of the day.

What we say — If you are looking for a Taurus PT111 G2 holster you will have a tough time finding anything better in this price range. It’s highly cost efficient, and it’s a convenient and comfortable product.

  • Lowest cost
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Retention strap with snap closure
  • Converts between IWB and OWB
  • Cheaply made, won’t last forever
  • Not good for tactical use

OutBags Brown Genuine Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster

OutBags Brown Genuine Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster

Materials — Our second option is made of hand dyed, molded leather, which has been hardened to the specific shape of the Taurus PT111 G2. The interior of the holster is soft and textured, so your handgun stays protected and draws smoothly. The entire body is reinforced with stitching, including around the belt clip. The holster can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters, and it does not come in any other colors.

Performance — We have chosen this IWB holster for a handful of reasons. For one, the combination of hardened and soft leather is always effective especially with this wonderful quality. Not only does the holster look nice and polished, but the molded exterior keeps you concealed set up as compact as possible. The soft leather inside gives us the best of both worlds: a smooth draw / reholstering and a scratch resistant interior. The amount of reinforced stitching is just right. These are all god qualities, and there’s really nothing too out-of-the-box going on here. Our one complaint would be on the clip: we wish the clip was a little sturdier and installed more securely in place. Otherwise, this is a good, everyday IWB holster that has high quality features.

What we say — The OutBags Brown IWB holster is slightly more expensive than the first option on our list, but considering it’s made from leather it really is a steal. If you love leather, but require a compact holster for your compact pistol, then this is your holster.

  • Genuine leather is molded
  • Soft interior for smooth draw
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Cheap belt clip

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Materials — This Belly Band holster is an all black band made of breathable neoprene. It fits up to a 44 inch waist, and it’s comfortable enough to wear against the skin. There is a large Velcro closure, which is the same width as the entire band. Next to the closure is an elastic holster for any sized pistol, from full size to sub compact, and an elastic holster for a magazine. There is a retention strap, also made from elastic, which closes with a metal clip instead of noisy Velcro. It can be worn in any position on the body, including IWB, OWB, SOB, under the chest, or at 12 o’clock. This Taurus PT111 G2 holster can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters, and it can also be found in a nude color.

Performance — We love belly bands, and ComfortTac offers us one of the best on the market. The neoprene material is comfortable against the skin, plus it is breathable. This is the same type of material used on scuba diver suits. Sweat won’t be a problem here and the band is very wide, so it won’t roll up your torso. While a molded holster would be better, the elastic holster makes it easy to use with any pistol you own. The genius idea to use a clip closure instead of Velcro on the retention strap is innovative, and we wonder why no other brands really do this. If you like belly bands like we do, then you should absolutely look into ComfortTac.

What we say — The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band holster is mid range in terms of costs. This is great for those who don’t want to lose a 9mm pistol inside their waistband or anyone who wears tighter fitting clothes.

  • Very comfortable and sweat resistant
  • Retention strap with metal clip closure
  • Wide Velcro belly band closure
  • Fits almost any pistol
  • Molded holster would be better

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Materials — This Alien Gear holster is made from a combination of ballistic nylon, neoprene, and thermoelastic polymer. The main panel of the holster has a nylon front and a neoprene back. This makes the entire panel flexible enough to fit ergonomically against your hip, but still resistant to sweat and dirt. This tough, polymer holster is molded to the shape of your Taurus PT111 G2 and has multiple retention screws. There are two belt clips, which are adjustable. This means the wearer can adjust the height and cant of their firearm’s position. Alien Gear’s Taurus PT111 G2 holsters come in all black and can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters.

Performance — The last holster we picked is a really innovative one that goes the extra step to stay comfortable. We love the combination of nylon and neoprene. This holster really bends without wearing out, which means you can adjust the retention to fit it as tightly to your body as you want it to. The ability to adjust cant and height is fantastically convenient. There are multiple points to adjust the retention, meaning you can create the perfect environment for your Taurus to be drawn smoothly and stay in place during an active day.

What we say — The last option on our list is also the most expensive one. However, considering the features and what you get for a price, that we would still consider mid range, is outstanding value. If the above sounds appealing to you, you can’t really go wrong with Alien Gear. There is a reason why they enjoy a great reputation in the scene.

  • Flexible and durable materials
  • Multiple retention screws
  • Can adjust height and cant
  • Molded holster
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Taurus PT111 G2 Holster

Our top pick for the best Taurus PT111 G2 holster goes to the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster. We realize not everyone fancies a belly band holster, but we have multiple reasons for picking this option. For one, it should fit practically anybody. The wide band covers a lot of surface area to avoid rolling up the torso, but the neoprene material is both comfortable and breathable. It should be fine to wear on either a summer or winter afternoon. The belly band is very versatile in how you can wear it. You can essentially rotate the band to any carry position you choose. It’s great for men and women, since not everyone wears clothing that is loose enough to properly conceal a weapon. Plus, we have goo-goo eyes for the metal clip retention strap. It’s just as easy to snap open, and it will allow you to have a completely silent and stealthy draw. The ComfortTac Belly Band holster is affordable and a great buy for anyone owning a Taurus PT111 G2.

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  1. The most comfortable concealed holster I have ever worn is a SFT 2 ULTRA-COMFORT ELITE DUTY belly band. I wear mine at about 4 o’clock, you can not tell it’s there.
    After while you forget you even have it on.
    So yes I’m a big fan of the belly band.
    Which by the way carries my PT111.

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