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[Pros and Cons] Choose the best belly band holster

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We’ve covered many inside waistband holsters as well as many outside of waistband holsters in the past, but these aren’t necessarily for everyone. We’ve put together this belly band holster review for anyone who just can’t get comfortable with their weapon concealed directly at the hip, behind their back, or even at their ankle.

Belly band holsters: easy to wear and convenient, designed for complete concealment

Belly band holsters are perfect for anyone who needs the extra security knowing they have strong retention around their entire waist. These are also best for those who have trouble concealing handguns in their waistband because of the type of clothing they like to wear. Let’s be real: for a lot of women especially, it’s hard to conceal much of anything in a pair of jeans that conform to the shape of the body.

We’ll let you know what we think is the best belly band holster for the majority of gunowners. We can tell you now that this review is going to be all about comfort and fit!

AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster

Non toxic, high retention straps and simple design with great choice of colours and sizes

Materials – The AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster is made almost entirely of a lightweight and breathable elastic with a Velcro closure. The material is completely non toxic and made in the U.S.A. The elasticity of this belly band holster allows for virtually any conceal carry weapon to be secured, even revolvers. There are two strips for holding dual magazines in the front of the holster for easy access. All straps and pockets have high retention straps, which keep your weapon and any additional pieces secured to the torso.

The simple design also allows for the wearer to be either left or right handed, and they can wear the holster in any position on the body: under or over a shirt, behind the hip, small of the back, and even high up around the chest. The AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster comes in tan, black, or white, and it can be purchased from size small to XXXL.

Great price, fits a variety of guns but maybe not for heavier guns

Performance – The AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster is ultimately a great purchase for anyone with a tight budget. Or if you know they can wear an elastic band comfortably with no shaping or boning within the holster. To expand on that, the big pro with this option is that you really can fit a variety of pistols and revolvers in the gun pocket. The material is very breathable and offers good retention for your weapon. Plus you don’t have to have different holsters if you own multiple conceal carries.

There are some cons to having an all elastic belly band. Depending on your size, this material can bunch or roll up, which leads to a loss of retention throughout the day. Also, the Velcro strap may not necessarily support your heavier handguns, and you may want to consider adding on additional Velcro yourself. That all being said, if this belly band holster can fit you comfortably, without sliding around, then this is a fantastic options for you.

If you’re looking for low cost, get this.

What we say – The AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster costs about $16 online, which makes it the cheapest option within this belly band holster review. Its low cost, elasticity, and versatility with different weapons will outweigh any cons for the majority of buyers, and it’s a good option to look into for first timers with this style of holster.

  • Low cost
  • Elastic and breathable material
  • Can wear in multiple ways
  • Holds most conceal carry weapons
  • Will lose retention if not fitted properly
  • Not enough Velcro support

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Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry (Concealed Carrier Inc)

Uses soft and stretchy neoprene (no skin pinching), fits every pistol or revolver and features a pocket for your phone or keys 

Materials – Concealed Carrier LLC offers one of the best belly band holsters for, well, concealed carriers! Instead of using elastic, the Concealed Carriers LLC Belly Band Holster is made of soft and stretchy neoprene, which won’t pinch or pull at any skin, and it won’t get worn out from water or perspiration. A majority of the belly band is covered in Velcro, allowing for the wearer to easily adjust the fit for their comfort.

This holster is also advertised to fit any sized pistol or revolver. The gun holster had a retention strap with a snap button thumb break for a quick draw and reinforced security. There is an additional pocket, which can hold up to two magazines, your phone, wallet, or keys. The Concealed Carriers LLC Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry comes in black, can be purchased for left handed or right handed shooters, and it fits up to a 44 inch waist.

Comfortable, durable and breathable with a range of sizes. 

Performance – We love the neoprene material used to make this belly band concealment holster. Not only is it very comfortable, but it’s more durable than elastic while still offering breathability. Plus, if you’re building up a sweat while wearing this belly band on a hot day, you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging the materials. The added retention strap with thumb break is a great pro for this product.

We also like the amount of Velcro available on this belly band holster. Concealed Carriers LLC advertises this holster as a ”one size fits all”, but it only fits up to a 44 inch waist. Let’s be honest, many of us have guts bigger than that, so what the company really means is ”one size fits all” within that size range. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of us out on this one. However, if this belly band concealment holster does fit you, then it would be a smart purchase on your part.

Excellent all rounder and value – this is the editor’s choice.

What we say – Bravo, Concealed Carriers LLC – this is an excellent purchase for many conceal carry owners. This belly band holster can be found online for around $20, which makes it yet another incredibly budget-friendly option. We say if it fits you, then go for it. This is one of the best belly band holsters you can buy.

  • Cost friendly
  • Neoprene material
  • Retention strap with thumb break
  • Fits nearly any pistol or revolver
  • Not really ”one size fits all”

UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

Simple and versatile, works best with Glocks.

Materials – The UnderTech Undercover Belly Band is the original belly band holster that made this type of concealment so appealing to many gun owners. It’s made of a thick elastic band with a single Velcro patch closure. The simplicity of design allows for a lot of versatility on the wearer’s part: it can worn around the stomach, small of the back, or rotated to any position at any level of the torso.

This holster can be worn ambidextrously and comes with two elastic slots: one for a pistol and one for a revolver. There is a slot for holding an additional magazine, and there is room for carrying a wallet, phone, keys, or any other small item you need with you at all times. This holster fits virtually any standard pistol or revolver, but it will work best with Glocks, including full sized and minis. The UnderTech Belly Band can be purchased in all white or all black and in sizes ranging from extra small to XXXL.

Undertech is a trusted manufacturer and this belly band will suit pretty much anyone. It’s a classic.

Performance – There’s certainly not much that can be said to beat the classics, and UnderTech offers one of the best options to provide a standard level of concealment, security, and comfort. The Undercover Belly Band Holster is best for when you plan to be standing or doing a lot of activity. Many joggers and walkers would be comfortable wearing this holster, but anyone sitting at a desk or in a car all day will find the elastic material riding up to pinching their skin at times.

This belly band can fit anyone of pretty much any size and expand as you need it to, and there’s enough Velcro support that you shouldn’t experience any sliding around, even if you’re running. The pockets are shapeless enough that you can store whatever you need to inside of them, but they provide enough retention that you handguns should fit snugly and securely. Like we said: it’s a classic design and one of the originals.

What we say – The UnderTech Undercover Original Belly Band Holster will cost you somewhere between $25 and $30, depending on which size you need to purchase. This holster in simplistic and does exactly what you need it to. It’s inexpensive and should last you through many long days of wearing.

  • Fits almost anyone of any size
  • Multiple pockets for weapons, magazines, and accessories
  • The original belly band holster
  • Not good for sitting all day

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

Neoprene (no skin pinching), capable of heavier guns and secured by a metal clip (enables a silent draw).

Materials – The ComfortTac Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry is another neoprene holster with a large Velcro strip. It’s comfortable to wear directly against the skin. Plus it can stretch to fit up to a waist size of 44 inches. There are two pockets on this belly band: one for the handgun and one for additional storage. The elastic pocket for your weapon can hold revolvers and subcompact guns up to a full sized pistol, thanks to the open ended retention band.

There is also a retention strap that secures shut by a metal clip. This ensures a silent draw as opposed to what you might hear with a Velcro or snap button thumb break. The second pocket is of similar size, and it can hold an additional magazine cartridge, a pocket knife, your cell phone, or anything else you can think of in that size. You need to purchase either a left handed or right handed holster, but it can be worn virtually at any point on your torso. It is only available in black.

Comfortable and you won’t be unhappy about the extra pocket for your cell phone or extra magazine cartridge.

Performance – The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is incredibly similar to Concealed Carrier LLC version that’s previously listed in this review. The one notable difference is the retention strap. Notably, it is secured with a metal clip instead of a snap button. We find this design incredibly thoughtful and pretty smart. While, in most cases, you’ll likely quickly draw your weapon, there are some cases where more stealth is required. That silent clip will really come in handy.

This belly band holster is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, it holds our weapons and accessories very securely. The surgical grade elastic for the pockets ensures the material is durable and long-lasting. Our only complaint it that it’s the most expensive option within our best belly band holster review.

If quick draw and stealth is important to you and you don’t mind forking out a few extra bucks, go for this.

What we say – The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band holster will cost around $40 online. While $40 isn’t a huge price to pay in general, it’s definitely more expensive in comparison to other options. This price includes the durable neoprene, innovative retention strap, and surgical grade elastic pockets. It could be worth the price to many of you.

  • Made of neoprene
  • Surgical grade elastic
  • Fits any sized conceal carry weapon
  • Silent retention clip
  • Most expensive option
  • Only fits up to 44 inch waist

Our Favorite Belly Band Holster

Our top pick for this belly band holster review goes to the Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry. If it’s up to us, we absolutely pick a neoprene waistband over elastic any day. Neoprene is more comfortable, more durable, breathes just as well as elastic, and it can handle more elements and perspiration. You also won’t experience the material riding up on your waist from sitting and standing.

The Concealed Carried LLC product is cheap, and it includes the additional retention from the strap with thumb break. We understand not everyone will fit into this selection; if you must go with elastic, then we suggest the UnderTech Undercover Original Belly Band.

Interested in more concealed carry holsters? Check out our hands-on tested guide here.

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