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Need a Ruger LCR Holster -check out our top 4 (review)

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When it comes to concealed carry revolvers, almost nothing can beat the Ruger LCR. Not only is it incredibly small and easy to conceal (the barrel isn’t even two inches long), but it’s tough too. Some models are made of aerospace grade aluminum, and others are made with stainless steel. You’ll still need a holster to carry your new best friend in, so we’ve made this review of the best Ruger LCR holsters for the money.

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Ruger LCR holsters – made for a smaller revolver, hence smaller prices!

The Ruger LCR is a great, little revolver, so this review was a lot of fun. We chose a couple kydex options and a couple leather options for you because you’re going to want to keep those high grade materials that make up your weapon well protected. Since the LCR is so small, as well, there’s no harm in deciding back and forth between an inside or outside the waistband holster. Even better, holsters for the LCR will be fairly cheap in most cases – less materials needed means less production costs! We think you’ll like what we chose as our favorite Ruger LCR holster.

Ruger, Black Carbon Fiber, Kydex Concealment Inside The Waistband (IWB) 

Materials – This Outlaw kydex holster is one of the most low profile, discrete, and slim inside the waistband holsters you can purchase. The black carbon fiber holster is highly molded to the shape of your subcompact revolver. It features a retention screw under the trigger guard, as well as two retention screws on the belt clip. The belt clip is adjustable for cant; choose between a straight draw or a forward angle. This option is available for both left handed and right handed shooters, and it’s also available for a variety of Ruger subcompacts if you happen to have others.

Performance – We love this holster from Outlaw for the Ruger LCR. For a weapon with a barrel size less than two inches long, a kydex inside the waistband holster, such as this one, is perfect for it. You are practically guaranteed that not a soul will notice your concealed carry at your hip. We suggest having a little practice with your new holster, as well as playing around with the retention a bit. Such a tight fit can result in fumbling around a bit when you want to draw, so have your maneuvering well rehearsed. Otherwise, between the adjustability with the belt clip and the protective material, it’s tough to beat this option.

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCR holster for anyone who wants the smallest and most discrete holster and setup possible. You can conceal your revolver under any circumstance.

  • Lowest cost
  • Lowest profile possible
  • Adjustable belt clip
  • May need to practice for a smooth draw

NT Hybrid, Inside Waistband (IWB), Holster

Materials – Yes, there are two Outlaw Holsters options within this review! As a second choice for kydex, this hybrid holster shares some similarities with the previous choice, but provides a little more comfort and weight distribution. The carbon fiber black kydex holster is molded over one side of your weapon, and it’s bolted in six places against a black leather panel. The leather panel acts as a sweat guard and protects both your side and your revolver from any damage. The Outlaw Holsters special belt clip is the same, and it’s adjustable for two types of carrying cant. Choose this holster for your LCR .38, LCR .357, or LCR with Crimson Trace Grip.

Performance – There are pros and cons to this holster. Obviously, it is quite similar to the other Outlaw Holsters option, but this one gives you a more stable platform. On the other hand, it begins to take up a little more space on your hip. While that space is still pretty minimal, there’s a fine line between giving your Ruger LCR a solid platform to rest on and having too much holster for too little gun. This option is a fairly happy medium between those two sides, in our opinion. The leather will act as a sweat guard, plus it will be comfortable against your body. Especially for our readers out there with smaller body frames, keeping both your concealed carry and your holster compact is a nice combination.

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCR holster for anyone who wants more stability, even for such a compact weapon. You’re not going overboard with hybrid holster and still maintaining a low profile.

  • Comfortable back panel
  • Inside the waistband wear
  • Same adjustable belt clip
  • Close to too much holster for a subcompact weapon

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DeSantis 2000890 RH Black Speed Scabbard Holster

Materials – This scabbard holster from DeSantis is made of a high quality leather in all black. It’s highly molded to the shape of your Ruger LCP, covering the entire barrel and trigger guard. The muzzle is closed. There is double stitching for additional retention near the trigger guard and along the barrel of your weapon, and there is single stitching around the two belt loops. This holster is worn at a fixed forward angle cant, and this option is currently available for right handed shooters. Use your belt to decide how tightly you want your revolver worn against the body for easy concealment.

Performance – Now, we head back over to the low profile and discrete side. Although this is an outside the waistband selection, your Ruger LCR is incredibly easy to conceal under a shirt or jacket. The DeSantis scabbard is very tightly molded, but you may find this one to be a little more functional than the kydex option we showed at the beginning of this review. Instead of relying on tightening screws for retention, you can decide how tight you fasten your belt on this one. The only downside is that you can’t adjust the cant, so we hope you’re comfortable with the FBI angle! You’ll be able to easily grab the grip and draw when needed.

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCR holster for those who want the combination of a molded holster without the extra material for panels. This is still very easy to conceal as needed.

  • No screws to fuss with
  • Molded leather
  • Can wear high and tight, easy to conceal
  • Fixed cant, little retention adjustability

Galco Speed Paddle Holster

Materials – Lastly, we have Galco’s popular speed paddle holster. The tightly molded saddle gun leather is available to purchase in all black or all brown. It covers your Ruger all the way up to the grip. There is a single retention screw at the trigger guard, as well as double stitching along the same side. The copolymer injection molded paddle attachment clips onto your belt, and it has a raised dot pattern for extra gripping power. For this option, you cannot adjust the paddle for cant. It is a fixed forward cant for easy drawing and minimal fuss.

Performance – You may notice there are definitely some similarities between this Galco holster and the DeSantis holster. They’re both outside the waistband and they’re both made of that stiff, black leather. The retention adjustability is a completely different story here, though. Not only do you have the retention screw at the trigger guard, but the paddle attachment is going to affect that as well. With smaller weapons, a paddle can be very convenient. They don’t always work with your full sized handguns because they can’t always handle the weight distribution. For this revolver, however, is should work very well. While this holster choice is also at a fixed forward cant, it sort of stinks that you can’t adjust the paddle. There is definitely some give and take to consider with this one.

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCR holster for shooters who don’t want their holster fully attached at the belt, and would prefer the paddle attachment to easily install or remover the entire construction from their waist at their choosing.

  • Quality molded leather
  • Retention screw
  • Paddle attachment
  • Can’t adjust cant

Our Favorite Ruger LCR Holster

It was a tough call to select our favorite Ruger LCR holster. We were stuck between choosing either the Outlaw hybrid holster or the DeSantis leather holster. These two choices were vastly different from each other but could both serve as the best holster for practically opposite purposes. Ultimately, we decided on the DeSantis outside the waistband holster as our favorite. Specifically, because we are dealing with a compact sized revolver here, an outside the waistband holster is 100% workable for concealed carry. The molded leather is still offering the lowest profile possible as a kydex holster would, but you don’t have to add on material or a back panel to keep it comfortable. The ability to wear this tightly against the hip will work well in any shooter’s favor, and it will allow you to maintain a smooth draw and an even easier holstering. DeSantis is a great brand name for holsters and leather accessories without breaking your bank. You should definitely look into purchasing this product if you own a Ruger LCR.

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