The 4 Best Scopes with Red Dot on Top

The 4 Best Scopes with Red Dot on Top

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There are a plethora of scopes out on the market, and each one usually has a particular feature that is stronger than the others. The problem with scopes is that long-range scopes aren’t very good in short-range shooting, and short-range scopes aren’t very helpful in long-range shooting, causing any gun owner to have to buy multiple scopes. A scope red dot combo is the solution to this problem.
We’ve taken a look at our favorite scopes with red dots on top, that will fit on the most common firearms like AR-15 or AKs. At the end of this review, we’ll let you know what we think would be the wisest purchase to make for a scope red dot combo.

trinity force optics review

Trinity Force 1-4×28

Materials – This option by Trinity Force is a black, anodized scope that weighs about one and a half pounds. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum. The 28 mm objective lens is illuminated, and it has an etched reticle in the glass shaped like a cross. This scope red dot combo gives an eye relief of up to five and a half inches and a 1x-4x magnification. The miniature red dot is positioned behind the top adjustment turret. The quick adjust turrets provide fingertip adjustments at .5 MOA, and they can be locked down to prevent any disruption during shooting or general handling. The entirety of the scope combo is locked down by two levers, which can be used as a quick release system.
Performance – First of all, we’ll indulge our vanity and say the Trinity Force 1-4×28 red dot scope combo looks really cool, especially on an AR-15 or other combat-style weapon. Trinity Force optics are sturdy and durable, and this one is even waterproof at around 3 feet. We appreciate the etched glass reticle, but it’s unfortunately not as clear as one may want. The 1x-4x magnification makes this scope dual-purpose and perfect for a lot of close-range situations, and the red dot completes this need. If you intend to use the Trinity Force 1-4×28 optic permanently, we would suggest eventually replacing the red dot feature with a higher quality one, but this whole package certainly gets the job done.
What we say – For the price, this is a great AR-15 scope with red dot on top. It can be modified in some areas, and it’s incredibly durable, so this is a solid standard scope and red dot combo to begin with and added on to as needed. This scope is also great if you’re a gun owner interested in 3 gun competitions, due to the versatile use. The Trinity Force 1-4×28 scope red dot combo goes for just over $100 online, and it’s comparable to way more expensive red dot scopes.

  • Low cost
  • Waterproof
  • Etched glass reticle
  • Durable body with quick release feature
  • Not the most clear sight
  • Red dot cheaper, should be replaced down the road

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Trijicon Acog ar 15 scope red dot combo

Trijicon Acog

Materials – The Trijicon Acog optic is a truly professional and high-tech piece of equipment. It’s made with forged aluminum, and comes in a matte black / dark gray color. The objective lens is 32 mm that comes with an amber illumination, but can also come with a red or green reticle. The reticle is an etched crosshair .223 ballistic design, intended for rapid combat in close ranges. The red dot on top of scope is combined with a fixed 4 power optic to make the Trijicon Acog scope ideal for close to medium-range shooting. The most durable aspect of the Trijicon Acog AR-15 scope and red dot combo is the bullet drop compensator, which can take a 5.56 round.
Performance – Oddly enough, a lot of the features of the Trijicon Acog AR scope with red dot on top are fairly standard. For a scope that should be dual-purpose, one would think that a fixed magnification and small objective lens would be disappointing features, but this is actually one of the best scopes with red dot on top that can be purchased. The Trijicon Acog scopes were used by the United States Marine Corps, and it had to go under Congressional investigation due to the significantly increased amount of headshots successfully taken. How can you complain about that?
What we say – If we didn’t entice you with the U.S. Marines bit, then the surprisingly comforting standard features will win you over instead of dissuade you. The Trijicon Acog scope red dot combo is one of the few scopes with red dot on top that seriously speaks for itself. The minimal adjustments needed is actually a positive feature that makes this red dot optic easy to use. Here’s the con: it costs nearly $2000. If you have professional use for this optic, then go for it.

  • Very expensive

NcStar MK 3 scope with red dot on top

NcStar MK 3

Materials – The NcStar MK 3 AR scope with red dot on top is an all black, matte optic designed for short and medium-range distances. The McStar MK 3 weighs about one pound, so it’s great for a variety of firearms. The objective lens is 42 mm, and it is fully multi-coated. This optic comes with a 3x-9x magnification and fingertip adjustable turrets. There are multiple brightness settings with an illuminated reticle that can switch between red and green, as well as an attached sunshade for glare. The red dot addition is optional, and it attaches with a specifically made ring with a built-in Weaver platform. The entire optic has a quick release lever.
Performance – There are a handful of features on the NcStar MK 3 red dot scope that make it more appealing than some others, although it may not be the most top-of-the-line purchase. For one, we appreciate the increased magnification power over any fixed 4x power. The brightness level is also impressive, mostly due to the larger objective lens. The NcStar MK 3 is certainly cheaper, so we would again suggest replacing the red dot feature if you intended long use from this scope.
What we say – Okay, so you can’t afford a $2000, best-of-the-best red dot scope for your combat firearm. If you’re looking for a very budget-friendly piece, you’ll find that in the NcStar MK 3. It costs just under $100, and you need to be ready for some give and take. The additional features, like the magnification powers, brightness levels and sight are really quite good. The red dot attachment isn’t thrilling anyone, and you’ll expect cheaper parts from a cheaper scope. As a budget piece, this optic is a good choice.

  • Low, budget-friendly cost
  • 3x-9x power
  • Multiple brightness levels and illuminations
  • Lightweight
  • 42 mm lens
  • Red dot attachment below par
  • Lower quality material

Leapers LED Sniper red dot scope combo

Leapers LED Sniper

Materials – The Leapers LED Sniper red dot scope is a one inch tube that comes in all black. It is purposefully designed to be used at long-range first priority. The objective lens is multicoated, 50mm with a 6x – 24x magnification range. The short-range features come in with the miniature red dot optic, which can also come in an optional green. There are four different reticles designed for close-range shooting, as well as a mounted aiming adjustment for shooting in low light. There are fingertip adjustable turrets.
Performance – This is the only red dot scope that has the ability to work in just about any range. The 24x maximum magnification is really appealing for anyone who wants to hunt from afar or in close quarters. We also love the different dot options and reticle choices intended to adapt to the shooter’s needs. Our main complaint is that it seems the we needed to make frequent adjustments, although the quality of the reticles and objective lens were very good. We also noticed that the additional parts that came with this scope seem to be from different manufacturers.
What we say – We love the flexibility of the Leapers LED Sniper red dot scope. The ability to change the dot and the reticles is really nice, and we’ll always go for a wide magnification range. If you’re not obsessed with needing name brand pieces, then the various manufacturers shouldn’t bother you. Depending on your needs, have to make readjustments may not bother you, especially if it’s worth the price; the Leapers LED Sniper scope goes for around $150, give or take.

  • Medium cost
  • 6x – 24x power
  • Red or green dot
  • Four reticle options
  • Pieces from different manufacturers
  • Needs frequent readjustments during use

Our Top Pick

If we were rolling in dough, we’d say our first pick would be the Trijicon Acog red dot. There’s just no beating this amazing optic that does all the work for you. However, the price tag is pretty unrealistic for the everyday gun owner, so we are also going to suggest purchasing the Trinity Force 1-4×28. This scope comes at a low cost, provides some magnification, and it is all over a good quality standard optic.

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