KRISS Vector SMG A Man Using The KRISS Vector SMG


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Are you looking for a submachine gun to add to your collection or your bucket list? If so, this Kriss Vector SMG is an excellent choice. It’s straightforward to use, suitable for quick target acquisition, and easy to maneuver.

I like the Kriss Vector SMG because of its “cool factor.” Its features aren’t particularly eye-catching at first glance as compared to other submachine guns. Besides, you may think that it looks heavy and uncomfortable to use, it’s not. On the contrary, this gun is very simple to use. Once you try it out, you will most likely have an “aha” moment. This type of carbine is worth adding to your collection.

The Kriss Vector is one of the most popular guns today, followed by the Gen II version. It’s based on KRISS USA’s original world-famous submachine gun design.

  • Very minimal recoil
  • Modular design that is adaptable
  • 1,200-rounds-per-minute capability
  • Calibers can be changed easily
  • Low bore axis (excellent barrel and trigger alignment)
  • Ergonomic pistol grip, trigger, and safety selector
  • It is compatible with Glock magazines
  • Limited ambidextrous features
  • Quite costly

We’ll give you a quick background on the Vector SMG before we get to the specs and other details.

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Quick History About the KRISS Vector SMG

The KRISS Vector is a submachine design created by the American firm KRISS USA. The company uses a unique delayed blowback system to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle climb in conjunction with some clever design including the “Kriss Super V”, more on that later.

Then known as Transformational Defense Industries (TDI), the company announced the development of a new submachine gun in the spring of 2007. It was an experimental weapon in its final stages of development at the time. The main feature was the unique Super V system. This permits the bolt to drop into a recess behind the magazine well, together with an inertia block. In theory, the energy going down instead of backward should lessen the perceived recoil.

TDI became Kriss, interestingly a name that has its roots in a Southeast Asian dagger with a flame-shaped blade, and started work on the K10. In 2011, the company revealed a compact K10 prototype to the public. The Super V system was completely redesigned lower receiver that draws the most attention to this rifle.

In 2015, the company finally announced KRISS Vector Gen II versions. It is from the original Vector model. These appear to be the replacements for the K10 prototypes. These Gen II models have a more flexible pistol grip, trigger, and safety selector.

KRISS Vector SMG Whole Photo
Photo source: Gun Wiki at

The Market for This Gun

The KRISS Vector SMG is a solid choice for law enforcement and military personnel. In addition, this gun is suitable for compact and controllable weapon systems for close-quarter combat. Part of its popularity is that it is customizable to meet a variety of needs. Moreover, it includes personal security and kinetic operations.

I like the KRISS Vector SMG because it has a distinct set of properties. It also works with most―but not all―standard Glock magazines. The recoil mitigation system, known as the “Super V System,” is its most distinguishing feature. This one-of-a-kind operating system directs energy downward and away from the shooter. As a result, it eliminates felt recoil and muzzle climb. Now let’s look at the specifications.

KRISS Vector SMG Specifications

Caliber.45 ACP
Barrel Length5.5 inches
Size24.3 inches extended; 16 inches compact
Weight6 pounds empty; 7.45 pounds loaded
Capacity25 rounds
Overall Length Collapsed18.5 inches
Overall Length Extended27.9 inches
Operating SystemClosed bolt, delayed blowback
Barrel Material4140 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel
Barrel FinishBlack nitride (QPQ)
Twist Rate1:10" RH
Trigger TypePivoting, single stage
SightsFlip-up, polymer Magpul MBUS sights
MSRP$1,895 (civilian semi-auto variant)

Hands-on Look and Feel

KRISS Vector SMG Side Profile
Photo source: KRISS USA
KRISS Vector SMG Side Profile
Photo source: KRISS USA

Now, let’s look at our gun in some detail. This gun appears boxy and feels the same way. The fire controls are ambidextrous. The ammunition-feeding controls are only available to right-handed shooters. Well, this is not a problem for me. This buddy is still comfortable to use.

For reloading, this gun accepts standard Glock magazines. I love this new design. More so when the manufacturer incorporates magazines from popular firearms. It has many plus points for me. Overall, this semi-automatic buddy is good. Its recoil is also pleasant, and the trigger is smooth.

Now for Some Photos

KRISS Vector SMG Mechanism
Photo source: Talos Defense Systems

The mitigation system is splendidly designed. It’s enhanced by a low bore axis, which aligns the barrel with the user’s arm.

KRISS Vector SMG A Man Using The KRISS Vector SMG
Photo source:

For firing, you can conveniently use a semi-automatic mode, in two-round bursts, or do automatic firing at a rate of over 1,200 rounds per minute.

KRISS Vector SMG Safety
Photo source: Talos Defense Systems

As for magazine compatibility, this gun is compatible with standard Glock magazines. In addition, it makes it possible to use the same equipment. It’s also simple to integrate into any system or loadout.

KRISS Vector SMG Glock Magazines
Photo source: Talos Defense Systems

This gun doesn’t fail to surprise me. The 1913 Picatinny rails allow weapon accessories to be attached to meet the needs of each individual user. 

KRISS Vector SMG Picatinny rail
Photo source: Talos Defense Systems

The KRISS Vector SMG has an outstanding top rail. It also gives you the flexibility to use any size or length of optic. Additionally, it is very adaptable and helps enhance your aim.

KRISS Vector SMG Rails
Photo source: Talos Defense Systems

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Like any other firearm, the KRISS Vector SMG requires cleaning and lubrication maintenance. Depending on the ammunition used and the conditions under which you shoot, this might be frequent. It’s also necessary to clean and inspect your firearm if stored for a long time

Always make sure to clear your firearm before attempting any cleaning or maintenance. To clean your gun, first, wipe down the bolt and slider raceways with a lint-free cloth. Remember to lubricate it every 400 rounds or so. Of course, the dustier and more humid the environment, the more you must clean it. Always inspect for wear and damage during cleaning.


So what else can you include to make your gun more, fun, efficient, and lasting longer? Well, you can add scope optics to your KRISS Vector SMG to increase effective shooting distance. Doing so may improve your aiming skills and allow you to shoot faster and more accurately.

In addition, there are laser light combos that can be useful to your KRISS Vector SMG. These can radically improve your aim and identify targets in low-light situations. Moreover, you also have the option of selecting which laser light is best for you. Examine the ones that have a high lumen intensity, a small size, and optimized ergonomics.

Shooting Guide for KRISS Vector SMG

KRISS Vector SMG Shooting Range
Photo source: The Truth About Guns

I set up the target right at 10 yards away. The gun set to two-round burst mode. The first shot is fine and groups well (a bit like the lower left group in the above pic). However, the second shot is always high and to the right. This happens on a regular basis. 

The downward moving mass absorbs some of the recoil. It reapplies the recoil at the top of its movement when it tosses into the top of the receiver. As the gun fires, the target shows the effect of the unexpected extra upward force. As a result, shot number two outperforms shot number one.

Is There Any Submachine Gun Available Out There?

Kriss Vector is well known and has a solid claim in the market today. But there is one other similar gun that I know that can be compared here -― the Fennec SMG. Fennec is an awesome SMG that deals high damage, has a high fire rate, and manageable recoil. This gun is also effective for close-range combat.

KRISS Vector SMG Side Profile
Photo source: Tracker Network

In comparing the Fennec to the Vector I noticed at first glance that the main difference is the size of the weapons. The Vector uses a proprietary recoil mitigation system that connects the bolt to a slide. So, when it fires, the bolt travels back and down into the well, reducing vertical recoil. In contrast, the Fennec does not have this and has a less bulky profile. The price of this is more recoil, but as I haven’t got much experience shooting the Fennec I’ll leave that for others to judge. Would love to get my hands on one day to give it a full review and comparison.

The Final Word

The KRISS Vector is one of the most popular submachine guns today. There are several reasons why you should own one. In addition, it will offer you the greatest shot possible even in the most difficult of combat scenarios. Because it fires a .45 ACP cartridge, it packs plenty of punch while remaining quite simple to use. So, if you’re looking for an excellent submachine gun, look no further than Kriss Vector. We hope you find this information useful. Stay safe out there and have fun shooting!

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