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The 5 Best Gas Mask Filters Still Available

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Choosing the right gas mask filter can literally mean the difference between life and death. You need to get one that fits your mask and that has the protection level you need. Make sure you understand the color coding chart to easily identify what each filter protects against.

For the best options in gas mask filter, we have five top choices for you to consider:

  • Supergum Israeli Filter NATO Specifications for 40mm: Our favorite filter that provides protection against all known threats and also low price.
  • Drager 40mm CBRN Filter: This filter provides excellent protection against most gases, vapors, and particles.
  • Mira NBC-77 SOF 40mm Filter: This filter provides protection from Iodine-producing and radioactive particles.
  • ABS 40mm Filter: One of the most durable, popular, and reliable gas mask filters today.
  • DOTPro 320 40mm Filter: A good choice for buying for a large group of people or a company.

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How does a Gas Mask Filter Work?

Gas mask filters are one of the main components of a gas mask. Activated charcoal or oxidized charcoal is used in the majority of filters. Toxins passing through the charcoal become attached to perforations within the filters, preventing them from entering the gas mask.

There is a manufacturing date on all these filters. The majority of them have a five- to 10-year shelf life, although high-end ones can last up to 25 years or longer with proper storage. The filter’s medium must keep separated from the outside environment. Otherwise, it may absorb impurities from the air. This may reduce its efficiency. 

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Filter Color Code Chart

All gas mask filters have a color code system to identify what they are capable of filtering. Review this chart to make sure you get the right gas mask filter for your mask. 

Gas Mask Filter Color Code Chart
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Key Points to Know About Gas Mask Filters

Before investing in a gas mask and gas mask filter, there are some important factors to consider:

  1. Filters can vary in which masks they fit. Most gas masks have threading that fits a 40mm filter, also known as the NATO 40mm standard.
  2. Most new filters manufactured during the past decade include a nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) rating as well as a chemical/biological agent-riot control agent (CBA-RCA) rating to ensure that you can use the filter in the appropriate environment. 
  3. The manufacturing date of the gas mask filter is essential to check. All filters have a visible validity period. This is important to follow to ensure proper filtration for your gas mask.
  4. Never reuse a filter exposed to mercury and radioactive compounds, which can be extremely harmful to the body.

Now lets look at the best and most popular NBC and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN) filters in the market.

Our Top Picks for Best Gas Mask Filter

Supergum Israeli Filter NATO Specifications

The Supergum 40mm NBC filter provides protection against all known threats, including NBC agents. This filter is good for civilian usage against chemical and nuclear assaults. 

The new-stock, surplus 40mm filter from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is solid. It’s inexpensive and has NATO-standard threads.

  • Lightweight with a secure and comfortable fit and minimal breathing resistance
  • First manufactured in 2017
  • Up to a 25-year sealed shelf life
  • Low-cost
  • IDF specifications are compatible with all 40mm NATO threads
  • Surplus and limited usage

Drager 40mm CBRN Gas Mask Filter

The Drager 40mm NATO CBRN filter has a well-built durable aluminum housing. Provides excellent protection against most gases, vapors, particles, and any hazardous chemicals. It’s also a well-known brand in the respirator industry. The Drager 40mm NATO CBRN is one of the most cost-effective filters. While offering a degree of protection that you can use in many situations.

  • 6- to 12-year shelf life
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • 40mm threaded filter fits any NATO mask
  • CE and SAI Global-approved
  • High price

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Mira NBC-77 SOF 40mm Gas Mask Filter 

Mira NBC-77 SOF 40mm Filter is one of the best filters in Europe. It’s the result of decades of specialized knowledge and production. This filter will protect you from iodine-producing and radioactive particles. That can enter the skin and body through the eyes, mouth, and nose. This is the greatest all-around filter for the majority of purchasers.

  • Shelf life of 20 years
  • All NATO 40mm respirators are compatible
  • All known CBRN agents are rated to be filtered
  • A wide range of protective filtration is offered
  • Radioisotopes are neutralized in a CBRN reactor
  • Vacuum-wrapped for convenient storage, made of high-impact plastic
  • High price

ABS 40mm Gas Mask Filter 

The ABS 40mm Filter provides you full protection from organic gas, steam, benzene, ethyl ketone, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine gas, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide. It’s also one of the most durable, popular, and reliable gas mask cartridges on the market today. 

  • Universal 40mm interface
  • It can fit many gas masks
  • Large canister with professional performance and high reliability
  • The material is firm and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Only 5 years of sealed shelf life

DOTPro 320 40mm Gas Mask Filter

The DOTPro 320 filters will keep you safe from a variety of threats. Like chemical, nuclear, and biological. It also exceeds the bulk of the current competitor’s performance and value.

DOTPro filters are quality filters for anyone who wants flexibility and a low price. Or if you’re buying for a large group of people or a company.

  • 7.5-year shelf life
  • Full-spectrum defense against NBC/ABEK threats
  • 40mm x 1/7-inch NATO filter standard threading
  • Built to meet a range of international standards
  • Flexible and affordable
  • Limited stock

Gas Mask Filter Comparison Table

Item NameBest FeaturePrice
Supergum Israeli Gas Mask Filter NATO Specifications for 40mm Gas MasksStill pumping masks for civil defense purposes
Low price
Drager 40mm CBRN Gas Mask FilterParticulate filter is more than 99.99% efficient
Durable and cost-effective
Mira NBC-77 SOF 40mm Gas Mask FilterShelf life of 20 years
Compatible to all NATO 40mm
ABS 40mm Gas Mask FilterUniversal 40mm interface, so it can fit for many gas masks$18.98
DOTPro 320 40mm Gas Mask FilterFlexible and affordable
It exceeds the bulk of the current competitors’ performance and value

The Final Word

When choosing a gas mask filter, you should examine its shelf life, which is how long it will last if stored well. Another important factor to consider. How long the filter provides pure filtration in harmful environments.

All gas mask filters mentioned are excellent choices for most basic needs. If you are looking for a filter that can protect you completely, then we recommend the Supergum Israeli Gas Mask Filter NATO Specifications for 40mm Gas Masks. This is one of the best all-around filters available. It provides the necessary protection that you need while also being very affordable. It will keep you safe and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. 

For more on keeping safe:

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