Best AR 15 Slings

5 Best AR-15 Slings

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Getting a sling is a good idea for anyone who owns an AR-15. It is one of the most basic yet useful accessories you can get, along with laser lights, and carry handles. Carrying your rifle for an extended period of time without any support can cause arm pain. Also, if you’re running or changing position, a sling can make life with your AR-15 a lot easier.

Although a sling is a simple accessory, you don’t want to overlook the added convenience it can offer. My colleagues and I have used a lot of slings. Here’s a rundown of the best AR-15 slings on the market today:

  • STI 2 Point Rifle Sling: A durable sling made of solid, heavy-duty tube nylon webbing that can endure 4,000 pounds of force for less than $30.
  • S2Delta 2 Point Rifle Sling: A tough, quick-adjustable sling made of 2-inch military-spec webbing.
  • Blue Force Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling: A sling made of DuPont nylon webbing; a top pick among law enforcement officers.
  • Accmor 2 Point Extra Long Sling: A multipurpose sling for less than $13; adjustable up to 78.7 inches in length for those extra tall shooters.
  • Viking Tactics (VTAC) Wide (Padded) Sling: A more comfortable version of the original VTAC sling with closed-foam padding.

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Best AR 15 Slings Different slings mounted to a gun
Different slings mounted to a gun; Photo credit: Huntingmark

We’ll soon discuss slings, their purpose, and what to look for when buying one. But, if you are an experienced shooter, then feel free to skip and head on to the reviews. 

Why should I get an AR-15 sling?

An AR-15 is a heavy weapon. It weighs up to 7 pounds or more, including all the accessories mounted to it (and I’m the more the better kind of guy when it comes to accessories). To help alleviate that weight, you’ll need a sling to carry it. 

A sling is an essential piece of equipment if you’re spending a few hours out hunting or having an all-day shooting at the range. It makes carrying an AR-15 more convenient and anything that improves handling and shooting usually translates into more hits on target. In addition, slings make it easier to brace and balance the weapon while shooting. They help transfer the weight from your arms and hands to your back. This feature allows you to maintain any stance for longer without getting exhausted.

Best AR 15 Slings

Sling types

There are three types of gun slings. These are the single-point, two-point, and three-point. We’ll define each of them below.

Single-point gun slings 

The name “single-point” refers to the fact that it only has one link point to attach to your rifle. This makes it is easy to attach and detach.

You got a bit more freedom in your movement with this type of sling. You can let your hands down with a weapon close using this type of sling. Moreover, switching the rifle from one shoulder to the other is more manageable, making it popular among military and law enforcement personnel.

However, with a single-point sling, you may feel less secure. The gun hangs low if not fastened, which is one of its flaws. Single-point slings obstruct movement when it’s in motion and unsupported. These have very little weight distribution resulting in more fatigue after long-term use.

2 Point gun slings

The two-point sling is the most well-known and frequently used AR-15 gun sling. A two-point sling for your rifle is a must-have if you’re into stability and flexibility. Consider how your rifle falls around your waist side by side. That’s a little distracting, and it could bother you when you’re at the range.

Best AR 15 Slings Two-point sling on M16A1 rifle

A two-point sling has two attachment points that bind to the firearm’s front and back sections. First, you can sling it over your shoulder, letting the rifle rest against your body. Second, you can switch easily to your secondary weapons without hindrance. Lastly, you can turn the sling aside and move it behind you, if necessary.

This one is my favorite because it gives me more leverage over the rifle when I need to reposition. The most popular two-point sling carry types are as follows:

  • American carry: This is when you sling the weapon behind the non-firing shoulder with the muzzle up.
  • European carry: This is when the muzzle is up and slung around the front of the shoulder.
  • African carry: This is when the sling on your shoulder, then tossed over the back with the muzzle down.

3 Point Gun Slings

Three-point connections make up the three-point sling. Attach the sling to the front and back of the rifle, then wrap it around the body with an extra loop. The advantage of three-point slings is that they keep the rifle close to the user ― even when it is not held.

The disadvantage of these slings is how difficult they are to set up and use. They could get tangled in the gun’s gear and obstruct its operation. It can also obstruct reloads. This type of sling is a little more challenging to use. Moreover, switching between weapons is difficult..

Best AR 15 Slings Specter Gear Three-Point Sling
Specter Gear Three-Point Sling

Nonetheless, each sling-type serves a distinct purpose. They have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What rifle sling works best for your setup?


Leather and nylon are the most commonly used materials for the strap portion of a sling.

Best AR 15 Slings Nylon sling on walnut stock assault rifles
Nylon sling on walnut stock assault rifles; Photo Credit: Mitch Barrie

Nylon is the lighter material. It is one of the most long-lasting and cost-effective materials on the market. In addition, it’s slick and doesn’t stretch that much. Personally, I prefer using a nylon sling —it’s lightweight, thin, and airy.

Alpine Safety Research conducted a study titled “Sling Aging.” It stated that a nylon sling made of blended fabric can last up to 10 years. Although it wouldn’t last forever, it’s still a good sign that nylon slings last a long time.

Leather slings are stretchy. Therefore giving the user an ideal sling fit and a bit of elastic comfort. What I don’t like about leather is they are usually thick and end up brittle. It can also feel too bulky on the shoulder. Furthermore, without a lot of care and maintenance, they won’t last as long as a nylon sling.

Best AR 15 Slings Leather slings
Leather slings; Photo Credit: Cskriletz

In addition, today’s slings have padded cotton or polymer to provide greater comfort. You may want to get padded slings if your rifle is on the heavy side due to mounted attachments. Also, check that it can withstand moisture to ensure it lasts for years.

When it comes to materials, it comes down to personal preference. Keep in mind that what’s comfortable to us reviewers may not be comfortable to you. It’s also worth noting that the lifespan of the sling varies depending on how often it is used.

Sling mounts & attachment

There are many attachment types for slings. Some of the main ones are:

  • Quick detach (QD): Flush cups are another name for QD mounts. These use a small button with four ball bearings to attach and disengage. Additionally, QD is ideal for transferring a sling from one rifle to another. With a single push of a button, you can detach the sling from the connector.
Best AR 15 Slings Magpul MS4 Dual QD s
Magpul MS4 Dual QD s, Photo credit: Tony Webster
  • Sling swivel stud: This type of sling mount isn’t easy to install on your rifle. You have to drill a hole to fit the swivel mounts. Sling swivel studs are usually made of carbon and steel and work with synthetic or wood stocks.
Best AR 15 Slings SHWEAPY Sling Swivel Studs Wood Screw Studs
SHWEAPY Sling Swivel Studs Wood Screw Studs, Amazon
  • HK snap hooks: The HK Snap Hook is one of the most popular and adaptable sling mounts. Any loop or fastener will hook onto this. To use it, just simply open the snap hook. Then hook it on to something before the catch releases.
Best AR 15 Slings HK snap hooks
(HK snap hooks; Photo credit: Intelligent Armour)

What to look for in a sling?

When selecting a sling for your AR-15, it is important to ask yourself several questions:

  • Is it comfortable to wear?: A good sling is easy to wear and does not irritate the user. Look for a sling that provides extra comfort even after extended use. Padded slings are an example of a sling designed to provide users with added comfort.
  • Is it easy to use?: Ensure that you can use your weapon effectively with the sling. Your weapon should be able to rest freely around your body, but not get in the way. Look for a sling that is simple to adjust. If you get a sling that is difficult to adjust, it will be tricky to use in many scenarios. Choose a sling with the most maneuverability and adjustability.
  • Is it going to last?: Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing the right sling. You want to get a sling that is durable and made to last. Heavy MIL-SPEC webbing nylon slings are tough and sturdy. In contrast, leather won’t last for many years without a lot of TLC.
  • Is the value worth it?: How do you determine the worth of this product? Look for special features that will be useful to you. If you need a sling for occasional use, a good Accmor sling worth $9 is ideal.

Also, one last thing: if you can answer yes to the first three questions above, then the price of that sling is worthwhile.

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Best AR-15 Slings

Let’s look at this comparison table for a quick glance at your best options for AR-15 gun slings. Later on, we’ll go over the specifics as well as the pros and cons of each one.

SlingTypeMaterialSpecial FeaturesPrice
STI 2 Point Rifle SlingTwo-Point NylonTube webbing, 4,000-pound tested, weatherproof$25-$30
S2 2 Point Delta Rifle SlingSingle-Point/Two-PointNylonAdjustable 2-inch MIL-SPEC webbing$25-$45
Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers Combat Application Sling (VCAS)Two-PointNylonPatented quick adjuster, DuPont nylon-made,
extra cushion
Accmor 2 Point Extra Long Rifle SlingTwo-PointNylon78.7-inch max length, multipurpose$9-$13
Viking Tactics VTAC Wide (Padded) SlingTwo-PointNylonWith closed-cell foam for added comfort$40-$60

STI 2 Point Rifle Sling

This two-point rifle sling has a unique feature that makes it one of the best rifle slings available. This sling is tested for adverse weather conditions. In addition, it can withstand a force of 4,000 pounds. The sling is made of premium-resistant nylon and a two-layered “Box X” heavy stitching.

The STI 2 Point Rifle Sling is comfortable to wear and adjustable from 30” to 55” in length. It has a simple smart design that comes in different options such as black, brown, and green colors. You can hook it to any 1.25-inch attachment hardware, such as HK snap hooks or QD swivels.

Because of its fast-adjust “on-the-fly feature,” you can snap into a firing position immediately. You may also adjust it to your particular fit without having to fully detach the sling.

A good sling is a reduced entanglement when you’re about to make adjustments. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use sling, the STI 2 Point Rifle Sling could be the best option for you. It has a variety of uses. Plus it’s reasonably priced.

  • Tested to withstand a weight of 4000 pounds
  • Easy to attach and comfortable to wear
  • Made of durable, high-quality materials
  • Not suitable for larger people

S2Delta 2 Point Sling

The S2Delta 2 Point Sling has a wide strap and made of durable woven military spec webbing. It means that it can endure the toughest conditions and can last for years in the field. The sling is a two-point sling, but you can also make it a single-point sling because of its D-ring design.

Mounting the sling is also simple. You can use a push-button swivel, conventional latch attachment snap hook (C.L.A.S.H.) hooks, or fast-detach hooks to attach it.

This nylon sling comes with some useful features that make it comfortable and simple to use. The S2 Delta will suit larger men, thanks to the extra sling length adjustment of 41 to 60 inches. However, it might be too long for shorter men.

There are two key adjustments: a 2-inch webbing and a 1-inch fast adjust. You can adjust the sling using one hand, making it efficient to use. 

Black, green, and coyote are the three color options available. A lot of folks find this sling quite handy. The S2 Delta Rifle Sling fits comfortably on your shoulder and is designed to last at a reasonable cost.

  • Built with an adjustable 2-inch military-spec webbing
  • Has a quick-adjust feature
  • Can be used as a single or two-point sling
  • Made in the United States
  • Built with premium materials and made to last
  • Length might be too long for short people

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Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Combat Application Sling (VCAS)

Blue Force Gear is well known for its high-standard tactical gear worldwide. It is the top choice for law enforcement agencies and U.S. service agencies. Moreover, it produces quality products and is known for the versatility of its designs.

Larry Vickers, a former Special Forces Operational Detachment (SFOD)-Delta member, developed this sling. With his years of experience in special operations, he saw the need for a durable tactical sling for military use. As a result, Vickers produced the Vickers Sling, which is now among the best AR-15 slings on the market.

This two-point sling is made of DuPont nylon material and has padding to keep you comfortable. In addition, the extra cushion comes in handy when carrying the rifle around the range for longer periods of time. The design is highly flexible, and it’s built to last.

The padding conforms to your body and distributes the weight of your rifle, thus making it comfortable to use. It’s also simple to adjust and tighten. The adjustment tab creates a big difference for stabilization. Additionally, you can also customize your sling with its custom sling builder.

Overall, the sling build is robust, and the brand is trusted by many combat communities.

  • Used and trusted by the law enforcement community
  • Made of DuPont quality nylon
  • Customizable design
  • Provides extra comfort for longer applications
  • Expensive

Accmor 2 Point Extra Long Rifle Sling

The Accmor Rifle Sling can be the finest alternative if you’re seeking a high-quality sling at a low price. It’s not always easy to locate a rifle attachment that gives you the best deal for only $13. The Accmor 2 point sling is made of high-density nylon. In addition, it is compact, sturdy, and ensures a long product lifespan. It is well-made and easy to use.

You can adjust the sling to any length you like. For instance, you can shorten it to 47 inches. With its extra-long feature, adjustable up to 78.7 inches in length, this sling can fit larger men.

This sling is primarily not designed to support the AR rifle. Nevertheless, you can still use it for your firearms because of its versatility. Moreover, you can also use it as a camera sling or a safety rope. Additionally, it has a large metal hook that fits most rifle attachment points. They’re simple to connect and easy to remove.

The buckles and adjusters are made from the highest quality polymer. Thus, it provides strength, elasticity, and good wear resistance.

With all these fantastic features, it’s a major content for the top selection for AR-15 slings. Consider the value you may get for less than $13 with this sling. The package includes two Accmor Rifle Slings in your choice of color when you order it on Amazon. Overall, this incredible sling is one of the best AR-15 slings available.

  • Made from superior materials
  • Very affordable
  • Highly-adjustable (78.7 inches maximum and 47 inches minimum)
  • Not designed exclusively for the AR-15

Viking Tactics VTAC Wide Padded Sling

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling splendidly constructed this piece of gear. It’s built with similar features of its predecessor, but with extra padding for added comfort. Carrying heavy rifles is easy with this sling. It also hangs comfortably on your shoulder. In addition, the Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling is ideal to use for long walks, climbing, and all-day shooting.

The sling’s shoulder strap is wide enough to enhance comfort when wearing your weapon. Additionally, the sling is made of resin-treated nylon. This sling is also easy to customize to any suitable length. Thanks to its rubberized pull tab, it allows fast and easy adjustment from any angle.

Viking Tactics offers a variety of attachment options, but these are bought separately. Moreover, the stitching on the slings is thick and secure throughout. Viking Tactics is one of the best AR 15 sling option for the special forces and law enforcement communities. To sum it up, the Viking Tactics is a warrior-tested sling that has proven reliability and durability.

  • Easy to adjust to any desirable length
  • Comes with a comfortable padding
  • Has a rubberized pull tab
  • Good to use for heavy rifles
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Mounting hardware are purchased separately


On the whole, the Accmor 2 Point Extra Long Rifle Sling is my top pick among the best AR-15 slings on this list. For less than $13, you can get a high-quality multipurpose sling that adjusts up to 78.7 inches.

If you’re willing to pay a little more for a sling that offers extra comfort, I recommend the Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers Combat Application Sling (VCAS). It is ideal for carrying heavy rifles, effectively giving support for a long period.

I hope this guide helps you find the best sling for your AR-15. When you’re looking to upgrade your rifle accessories, check out our articles on The 4 Best AR-15 Carry Handle and The 4 Best AR-15 Front Sights. If you also got a shotgun and need a sling for that one, read our 4 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings.

What’s your top pick? Tell us in the comment section below.

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