Sig P365 Review [Hands-On with Video]

Sig P365 Review [Hands-On with Video]

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The world of concealed carry pistols has been changed entirely by the SIG P365. Before the P365, the single stack 9mm ruled as king. Guns like the Glock 43, the Walther PPS, the XDs series, and beyond ruled. Out of nowhere, SIG came swinging in with what they called the micro-compact. This new genre of firearms packed a double stack’s capacity into a single stack sized firearm. 

The SIG P365 matches the size of the Glock 43, but instead of packing six rounds of 9mm, it packs ten rounds in a flush-fitting magazine. The SIG P365 packs lots of firepower into a very small frame and forms a very desirable concealed carry pistol. Since then, the SIG P365 has become America’s number one selling pistol. Today we are going to dive deep into SIG’s P365 and see what’s what and how this little pistol became so beloved.

  • Small size makes it easy to conceal
  • Lightweight
  • Packs 10 rounds in its flush-fitting magazine
  • Grip delivers control and comfort
  • Smooth trigger, bright sights
  • Solid, reliable and deadly
  • A little bit snappy
  • SIG comes at a premium over other lower cost manufacturers

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Breaking Down the Sig P365 

The magic in the P365 comes from its small size and specifications. It’s a teeny tiny pistol that packs a lot of rounds, but just how small is it? Well, first, its overall length is 5.8 inches with a 3.1-inch long barrel. It stands 4.3 inches tall, is 1.06 inches wide, and weighs 17.8 ounces. 

Sig P365 close up shot on left

It’s quite small. Small enough that it’s very easy to conceal and comfortably carry in a variety of configurations. It’s lightweight, and that also makes it quite carry-friendly. Even though it’s that small, the SIG P365 packs ten rounds in its flush-fitting magazine. The magic comes from the design of the magazine. 

In early 2021 the US patent office gave SIG a patent on the magazine design. It’s a fascinating design that mixes both a single stack magazine with a double-stack magazine. At the top of the magazine, you have a single stack design that slopes and changes into a double-stack magazine. This design grants you high capacity mixed with a relatively small firearm design.

Sig P365 close up shot with magazine

The ten-round magazines provide you with a flush-fitting design, but SIG expanded its magazine options quickly. First, they delivered a slightly extended 12 rounder and then a little later on down the road, a big 15 round magazine. SIG also expanded their design, and now we have over a half dozen different P365 models. 

Pick Up and Play Ergonomics 

I hate a hanging pinky, so I rarely use flush-fitting magazine. I prefer the magazine with the finger extension and the 12 round magazine. With either of these options, I get a nice full grip on the gun. A good full grip provides not only comfort but control. SIG ensured you could comfortably grip the weapon regardless of hand size out of the box. 

Sig P365 close up

The trigger guard features an excellent trigger undercut for a nice high grip and combines it with a nice beavertail-like overhang. This ensures a high grip without the fear of slide bite. As a big-handed man, I can’t stand slide bite and appreciate the SIG for being small and handy in that regard. 

Scallops in the grip near the trigger ensure you get a very comfortable grip on the gun. The slide wears front and rear serrations that make it easy to work the slide. Additionally, the grip texture is nice and aggressive for a good grip. It’s a must-have for small guns. They tend to be snappy, so you’ll want to be able to hold onto it. 

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Controls are very limited on the basic model. The slide stop carries the SIG curse I seem to always deal with. My thumb rests on it, so it rarely engages the last round bolt hold open when  I fire the last round. 

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Sig P365 close up with focus on barrel

To The Range 

Of course, we have to head out there and beat the heck out of it via lots of range time. I’ve put well over 3,000 rounds through the SIG P365 since I first obtained it. In that time, I’ve found it to be extremely reliable. Failures only seemed to occur with poor quality, steel-cased ammunition. I’ve had a few hard primers and two failures to eject. It’s always been with either Tula or Winchester Forged steel case ammo. 

With quality brass-cased ammunition, the gun had zero issues. This includes when it’s filthy dirty, and chock full of carbon and crud. It’s certainly not maintenance sensitive. The big reason why I have so many rounds down range is that the gun is quite comfortable to shoot.

Comfortable Shooting

Small guns walk a fine line between size and comfort. As far as small guns go, the P365 provides an extremely comfortable firing experience. It won’t be confused for a full-sized 9mm SIG P226, but it’s not painful. A lot of small guns feel like they are giving you a massive high five between each shot. The SIG P365 doesn’t provide that feeling. 

Sig P365 front sights

It’s slightly snappy with its muzzle rise, but you can stay on target rather well. The sights are worth writing home about. These are night sights, and they glow quite brightly in low light. The front sight comes with a high visibility green insert that makes it easy to see and find in the middle of the day. 

Combine the awesome sights with a great trigger, and you get a very accurate weapon. The trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull with a little bit of takeup and a light wall. The reset is short and provides audible and tactile feedback. Ultimately I have zero issues hitting small targets at 25 yards and larger targets out to 50 yards. 

At 25 yards, I can consistently hit an eight-inch gong with the stock trigger and sights. Back out to 50 yards, I can place all of my shots into the chest of a man-sized target quite rapidly. It’s tough to beat for such a small gun. 

Boom, Bang, Pow – the Sig P365 summed up

Sig P365 with magazine

The SIG P365 delivers incredibly consistent performance alongside high capacity and relatively small size. The SIG P365 excels in all the ways a firearm should. It’s more than a small gun with a higher than average capacity. If you remove the class-leading magazine capacity, you’re still left with a fantastic pistol. What’s not to love? 

Some argue that the Glock 43 is the best concealed carry gun, do you agree? Check out our full Glock 43 review.

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