David Tubbs Final Finish

David Tubb is a well known name in the shooting community, so when I found his product, David Tubb’s Final Finish, at www.zediker.com I was very interested. The product was advertised as “a better barrel in a box.” It promised to reduce fouling, ease cleaning, give better velocities, and improve accuracy. So I figured I’d give it a try – I’ve spent $35 on less important things. Also let me say that I do not work for the company or benefit in any way if you buy this product. I am just a happy customer who wanted to share my results with fellow shooters. With that, it’s on to the review.

The rifle I was going to use this product on was a properly broken-in stock Remington 700P in 300WM. Well, it was almost stock. I had the stock bedded due to excessive play and movement by Jeff Hicks at Hicks Designs, who does excellent work. The rifle shot fairly well, about 3/4 MOA with factory match ammo, but was a bear to clean and fouled very badly. After about 20 shots the bore looked like I had copper plated it. So, this being said, I decided to give the folks at www.zediker.com a call.

The gentleman I spoke with was very nice but was out of the round size I needed. He told me he would get my Final Finish kit on the way once he produced some more. About a week and a half later the UPS truck delivered my kit. Not too bad a wait.

The kit comes in a plastic case divided into 5 compartments housing the 5 different sets of coated 190 grain Sierra Match King bullets. You get 75 bullets (50 for .338 and larger) of 5 different levels of coarseness, which are coated almost like a moly coat. You will only shoot 50 the first time you do this treatment on a factory bore; less on a custom barrel (there are special instructions for these). The others you save for the future when your barrel needs a little touch-up, like when your throat is getting a little long. You load the rounds and shoot 5 strings of 10 rounds from the coarsest to the finest, cleaning between each of the 10 round strings. Some might say this sounds like a barrel break-in thing, and to a point it is, but you can do this on any rifle and believe me the benefits are much greater than just a break-in.

I loaded up the rounds per the instructions, Zediker can give you loads if needed, and I hit the range to complete the treatment. Some might say that the treatment sounds like a fire lapping, and to a point it does, but from what I’ve heard about fire lapping this product is easier and less aggressive as far as the bore is concerned. Do not look for accuracy while shooting these rounds. They aren’t intended to produce great groups, just smooth bores. Personally I just shot at a large steel buffalo my club has at 400 yards. The whole process took about one-and-a-half to two hours and is pretty painless.

About a week later, after loading up some rounds for load testing, I hit the range. I made more of the same loads as I had used before the treatment so I could test the before and after effects. That load was 72.5 grns of RE 22 and 190grn Sierra Match Kings in Federal Match brass with 215M primers. (Disclaimer: Do not start with this load. Get a good reloading manual and start from their beginning load.) Having already done some testing, I had some velocities from the chrono to check the new velocities against. They say that the Final Finish kit will give you greater velocities, less fouling, easier cleaning, and better accuracy. It does! My velocities with the same loads went up more than 60 fps! Before the treatment my average velocity for the above load was 2833 fps with an ES of 50 fps. After the treatment the average velocity was 2899 fps with an ES of 32 fps. My primers were just starting to flatten with this load before the treatment, but after there wasn’t a hint of pressure signs. The pressure must have dropped from the bore being smoother (hence, less friction). Also noted was that there was barely any fouling to be had and cleaning took no time at all. Accuracy, on the other hand, was just a little better. My average 5-shot group before the treatment at 100 yards was .75″ and 3.5″ at 300 yards. After the treatment the groups shrank to .6″ at 100 yards and 2” at 300 yards. A fair accuracy jump combined with the other benefits made me very happy. I just started loading for the 300WM so I’m sure by playing with this basic load I can squeeze some more accuracy out of this factory barrel.

If you are interested and want to read some more on this product go to www.zediker.com. This is where I bought mine from but there are other places that sell it. For about $35, delivered, it was well worth it – especially on a factory barrel. If you load your own give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

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