What to Get a Gun Lover for Christmas

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It’s that time of year again, and you may be wondering what to get the gun lovers in your life for Christmas!

Well, as a gun lover myself, I know getting gifts for people with niche hobbies is always a tall order. Even I struggle every year around my birthday and Christmas when someone in my family asks what I want.

So instead of trying to recommend niche items for niche people — I’ve gathered up a list of things that any shooting enthusiast can make use of (even if we already have it).

Now maybe I can send this article to my family and they’ll stop asking me!

From $25 to $100, for rifle shooters, hunters, and pistol shooters, we’ve got a few gifts for all gun lovers.

Gifts For Gun Lovers Under $25

Bullet Drink Glass

Practical? Maybe not, but they’re funny and decent quality. Good to drink out of, cute on a shelf, and bound to annoy that one person in the family that hates guns. Win-win-win.

Bullet Whiskey Stones

I’m a big fan of stones over ice for some whiskeys, but why use normal boring stones when you can use bullets instead!

Not real bullets, that wouldn’t be healthy and it would make the whiskey taste funny. But Bullet Whiskey Stones are perfect.

Vintage Remington Guns Patent Prints

Perfect for going on the wall in the office or Man Cave, these are classy, educational, and just pretty cool.

Throw in a frame of your choice and you’ll be sure to make any gun or history nerd happy.

Splatterburst Targets

Listen, you can never have too many targets. I would say this is better as a stocking stuffer than as the main gift — but hey, I’d never turn my nose up at a few sheets of targets for Christmas.

Champion .22 Rimfire Spinner Target

Maybe a young person in your family is getting a .22 LR for Christmas, this would be the perfect pairing for it!

Grab a box of ammo (if you can find it) and ring more than bells on Christmas day!

Gifts For Gun Lovers Under $50

MTM Ammo Crate

I have… at least 7 of these in my gun room. They’re great for storing ammo, parts, ammo, tools, ammo, and emergency supplies.

They are also really handy for taking ammo to the range since you can just grab a pallet and hit the road without it sliding all over the bed of your truck.

Real Avid Accu-Punch Hammer & Punches Set with Smart Bench Block

Everyone can use a punch, punches, and a good bench block.

Maybe your gun lover already has a set, but a second one never hurts to have. Use them enough and your punches will bend, your block will get chipped, and you’ll eventually lose your hammer because the stupid things have legs I swear.

Huarui Shooting Ear Muffs

Protect your ears! A new set of hearing protection is just the thing to make sure your gun lover does the smart thing and uses protection.

GOAT Guns Mini Gun Replicas

Perfect for desks, offices, bathrooms, or anywhere else with a shelf — these are super accurate replicas of guns, but super small.

They even come with tiny dummy rounds for the magazine!

Black Rifle Coffee

It’s coffee. The best coffee? No. But it’s good and it’s tactical.

They also have K-Cups, coffee in a can, and a whole lot more.

Gifts For Gun Lovers Under $100

Wheeler 30 Piece SAE/Metric Hex and Torx P-Handle Set

Tools are always a safe bet for gun lovers and this is by far my favorite set of hex and Torx tools. Wheeler is a classic name in the game and makes a whole range of great stuff, but this one is sure to be an easy win.

Leatherman, Wave Plus

Everyone needs a good multitool, or two, or three. Get one every year for everyone in the family just in case.

I have a weird rule that I get a new multitool when I get a new phone and that works out pretty well for me. But I love it when family gives me a random one also. Can never have too many!

5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12

I love my Rush backpacks, the Rush 12 is a great size for just about anything. College, range trips, EDC, or anything else really.

KA-BAR Full-Size U.S.M.C.

The KA-BAR has been the Marine knife of choice for over 100 years. It’s a badass knife that doesn’t quit, ever.

Maybe you’re not having to hack through the jungle or fight hand-to-hand (at least until it comes down to the last slice of pie…) but a KA-BAR is a perfect gift for anyone that appreciates a good knife.

Even if you don’t appreciate a good knife, you will after using a KA-BAR for a while.

EVERLIT Emergency Trauma Kit GEN-II

Everyone in my family gets an IFAK sooner or later. Sometimes I have extra supplies, sometimes I just think they need it, but everyone gets one.

I have… at least 8 across what is in my shooting gear, camping gear, car, house, and office.

Listen, you never know when something will happen — so having an IFAK nearby is always a good idea.

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

Knowing how fast your bullets are moving is critical for a whole wide range of reasons as a shooter. From developing handloads to calculating long range shots, knowing your muzzle velocity is critical.

This is a great set that doesn’t break the bank. Perfect as a Christmas gift!

Gifts For Hunters

Vector Optics Tactical 4x

Great introduction to magnifiers. Fits standard 30mm mounts.

Solar Charger 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

From using your phone as a ballistics calculator, reading your kindle before bed or in the middle of the day, or just because you left your phone on like a derp while you were hiking — being able to charge your electronics is a great thing to have.

I would even say that it is potentially life-saving.

I love this charging bank because it charges itself via solar and stores power for use later. 

Outdoor Edge 3.5″ Replaceable Blade Folding Knife

Perfect for processing game in the field, you’ll never have to worry about a dull blade again. Even halfway through the deer you can stop and switch the blades with ease to keep everything easy.

This is an awesome knife and I highly recommend it!

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

MeatEater is a great TV show that follows pro hunter Steven Rinella on hunt after hunt. He also fishes, traps, and a whole lot more.

He is also a great cook with a huge amount of experience in turning meh game into amazing feasts.

If the hunter in your life could use a hand in stepping up their cooking game, this is the book for them!

Camouflage Skins

Camouflaging their weapon is a must for any hunter who wants to get closer to their prey.

Koola Buck Premium Heavy-Duty Reusable Hunting Game/ Meat Bags

It’s not flashy, but it’s always useful. You gotta get the game out somehow. Probably a better stocking stuffer.

Gifts For Rifle Shooters

Project Appleseed Christmas Gift Certificate

Project Appleseed is a nationally held training course that offers some amazing instruction on how to be a better marksman. The class is either 1 day or 2 and is PACKED with information.

Grab a gift certificate for yourself and the rifle shooter in your life! These are 30-40% off right now and good until 2026!

Long Range Shooting Handbook

Everyone interested in shooting further should own at least one copy of this book. I own two, one on Kindle and another in paperback.

Ryan Cleckner is the man for learning how to reach out with your rifle. The information in this book is invaluable and really well written.

Green Eyes, Black Rifles

Another holy grail of firearm books, Green Eyes, Black Rifles is written by Kyle Lamb and is perfect for any AR-15 owner. 

Kyle Lamb is a retired soldier with over 25 years in special forces. He fought in the Battle for Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down incident) among other places and has a lifetime of lessons learned in blood.

There is no one more respected in the firearms community as a source of knowledge on how to fight and win with your rifle.

Gifts For Pistol/ Handgun Shooters

PACT Club Timer III

An amazing tool for improving how you shoot, a timer is great for truly measuring your draw, your split times, and a whole lot more.

Required for competitive shooting and great even just for having fun at the range, a good timer is never a bad thing!

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Yep, hearing protection. Again. Because it’s something Everyone Needs.

Savior Equipment Double Handgun Pistol Bag

You gotta get your guns to the range somehow! A good pistol bag is a handy thing not only for safely transporting your gun but also just for the extra pockets. Not every range is happy with you walking in with cargo shorts that look like the Michelin Tire Man.

Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System

If your gun lover is serious about improving, this is a gift I would strongly recommend! Just read our MantisX Review.

The Best Gift Of All

Gift Cards for Gun Lovers

Some people think gift cards are impersonal, but I’ve never seen it that way. I love gift cards because it’s my family giving me the gift of letting me choose my own gift.

I know what I need and want better than anyone else in the family and since I’m by far the biggest gun dork in the fam, I have some very niche needs and tastes.

A gift card is permission and funds to get something that maybe I’ve been putting off or haven’t saved up for yet.

For me, a gift card and a hug are all I want for Christmas. 

Both of these retailers are awesome places to send gifts for gun lovers for them to get something cool.


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