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Best Ruger AR-556 Accessories [Buyer’s Guide 2021]

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If you’re looking for an entry-level AR-15 or a nice base to customize, you can’t go wrong with the AR-556. This gun is fairly affordable, and when it comes to customizing the sky’s the limit. Furthermore, any part of this gun may be replaced. I’ll take you through what the options are, what factors to consider when buying accessories. Let us first look at what I think are the best Ruger AR 556 accessories.

Best Optic
Bushnell Optics 3-9x/40 Drop Zone .223 Reticle
  • 3-9x40mm magnification
  • Drop zone .223 BDC reticle
  • Side focus parallax adjustment
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Aluminum tube is nitrogen purged; Multicoated optics; O-sealed ring
$159 Shop NowClick to read my review
Diamond Pattern Free-Floating Handguard
  • 4 full-Length Picatinny rails
  • Strong, wide, diamond-shaped vents
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum; MIL-Spec and hard coat anodized
  • Lifetime warranty
$116 Shop NowClick to read my review
GGD Universal Rifle Magazine Speed Loader
  • Internal geometry with a constant curve for seamless feeding
  • Impact and crush-resistant polymer
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Affordable
$33 Shop NowClick to read my review
Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine
  • Gen2 PMAG
  • Antitilt, self-lubricating follower
  • Curve internal geometer
  • Textured gripping surface
  • Advanced polymer material; USGI-Spec stainless-steel spring
$12 Shop NowClick to read my review
Best Budget Buy
Tactical 2 Point Gun Sling
  • Single to two-point
  • Full sling swivel or loops compatible
  • Length adjustable up to 140cm
  • 360 degrees rotated
  • High-density nylon material
$24 Shop NowClick to read my review
CVLIFE 6-9'' Tactical Rifle Bipod
  • 5 adjustable length
  • Shockproof and quiet foldable legs
  • Leg length is 6 to 9 inches’
  • Spring tension control
  • Hardened steel & aluminum; Nonrust black anodized finish
$20 Shop NowClick to read my review

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Why Upgrade the Ruger AR-556?

The Ruger AR-556 is a rifle that is functional but not quite what you want. The gun was built specifically to be a basic AR-style rifle that does the thing. There are no worries as you can change every component of the gun. As a result, it’s entirely up to you whether you want a wider grip, longer barrel, or to make it seem more elegant. Anything you add to it will make it more useful.

Ruger AR-556 Specs

TypeSemi-automatic rifle
ActionGas-operated; rotating bolt
Caliber5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington
Mass6.5 pounds
Twist1:8 inches
Height8 inches
Barrel Length16.10 inches
Feed SystemDetachable box magazine
Magazine Capacity10- or 30-round magazine

What Accessory Should You Get?

While the Ruger AR-556 will function well right out of the box, there are many significant tweaks that you can make to make it better. 

When it comes to modifying a Ruger AR-556, start by adding what’s lacking. An optic and a sling are the first two things that come to my mind. This weapon is optics-ready, and there are a variety of options from which to choose. The Ruger AR-556 demands excellent vision. Thus, a scope is a must-have item if you want to improve your shooting performance. Then, get a sling to brace the rifle and carry it comfortably.

The factory handguard, for example, is constructed of a thin polymer and needs to be replaced. Also, the handguard is thin and lacks attachment points. Another thing to work on is your pistol grip. The Ruger AR-556 grip must give you the best possible grip angle. As a result, it can give you the most pleasant shooting experience. 

Another critical part to own is a few spare magazines. The AR-556 is chambered in the 5.56mm NATO and is one of the most popular rounds in the United States. A bipod can also be a handy rifle accessory. Bipods can make all the difference, and they have their own set of practical applications.

Best Ruger AR-556 Accessories AR-15 parts
AR15 custom parts; Photo source: Flickr

Factors to Consider in Selecting the Best AR-556 Accessories

It’s tempting to replace these gun parts with components that better suit your needs. You may be hearing many add-on suggestions from many gun sites and firearm community forums. Additionally, you may want to add scopes to increase reliability. You can also switch triggers to improve the gun’s performance and handling. Whatever the reason, you must not just buy out of excitement after you have received your new AR-556. If you’re an experienced AR15 user, go over the points on our checklist again to refresh your memory. Below are some factors you must consider before so you don’t throw some excess money away.


Why did you get the AR-556 in the first place? Getting accessories for your rifle should be rooted as well to “what is this gun for?” If your concern is the gun’s accuracy, might as well get an optics. Look at the AR-556 trigger, which isn’t as durable as you think. Some argue that the trigger is heavy which can lead to inaccurate shots. You’ll most likely want to upgrade the trigger into another aftermarket trigger. Although Ruger produced excellent guns, that doesn’t mean the gun can’t be improved. Do the upgrade to improve to whatever is your heart’s desire. 

Budget for Add-ons

You’ll be overwhelmed because there are several choices available out there. It is better to set your budget for accessories so that you can get the best out of them. You can get a Ruger 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington 30-round magazine for only $19.95. If you want to add sights, Ruger Shop has affordable options. You can choose from AR-556 Low Profile Rear Sights ($27.95) to Red/ Green T-Dot Optics ($71.95). Grips and stocks also come in a reasonable price tag. You can get high-quality AR-556 components without going broke.


As if you were buying a new gun, you should examine the features of the AR-556 parts. Why? How would you feel if you spent more than a hundred dollars on a faulty AR15 component? For example, you’ll need an adjustable stock with a shape that fits you; otherwise, it’ll be useless. Make sure it has a buttpad and strike plate so you don’t have to buy them separately. A decent handguard must provide versatility to readily attach any accessories. It should be able to protect against heat and gas block. Also, check to see if it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum as this means it’ll be able to withstand a lot of abuse.

Quality and Durability

Of course, with any component, you want it to last as long as possible. Examine the materials used on any AR component. Ensure that they’re built from high-quality materials. Some magazines are made of advanced polymer that can resist crash impacts. MIL-Spec stocks and free-floating handguards are also available.

Warranty/ Returns

The majority of AR-15 parts come with a warranty that covers any manufacturing faults. You should also be aware of this in case you come across any defective AR parts. One of the perks of buying spare parts is the lifetime warranty given by reputable brands. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much if your package arrives with flaws. The majority of these brands will attend to your concerns in the event of any issues or returns.

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The Top Ruger AR-556 Accessories

Bushnell Optics 3-9x/40 Drop Zone .223 Reticle

Bushnell is a well-known high-quality optics manufacturer in the U.S. This scope is compatible with a wide range of rifles, including the Ruger AR-556.

It also features a higher magnification range of 3-9x for increased accuracy. It allows you to get the most out of your AR-556 at long distances while maintaining a wide field of view at close range. Moreover, it features Drop Zone .223 BDC Ballistic Reticle, calibrated to 5.56 NATO rounds (55-62 gr). It also has a fast-focus eyepiece and a side parallax adjustment for eye relief.

It’s made of anti-fogging nitrogen-purged aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. The lenses are also multicoated. It also has an O-ring sealed for better protection.

The Bushnell AR Optics weighs heavy 19 pounds. Although, it may not seem like a big deal to some. However, as you add more accessories, weight becomes a critical consideration.

What I like about Bushnell is that it offers a lifetime warranty on their scopes. It gives me confidence that the company is proud to offer the finest service possible, and if craftsmanship fails, it will be able to compensate the buyer.

Lastly, the scope’s price is around $160, which is pretty high for a scope. You can get a more affordable UTG BugBuster Scope for only $99, but it’s not made for heavy-duty use. My final say, Bushnell AR Scope has excellent quality and features. Its only downside is its high price.

  • Magnification range of 3-9x allows you to get the most out at a longer distance
  • Features BDC ballistic reticle calibrated to 5.56 NATO rounds
  • Multicoated lens for better functionality
  • O-sealed ring to protect the inside from dust and other elements
  • Features side focus parallax adjustment and fast-focus eyepiece for eye relief
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive

Diamond Pattern Free-Floating Handguard

The Diamond Pattern Free-Floating Handguard has a sleek and useful design. The unit comes from a reputable brand — Yankee Hill Machine (YHM). It’s a trusted manufacturer that specializes in modern sporting rifles.

This free-floating handguard is very practical, attractive, and fits your Ruger AR-556 nicely. Moreover, the diamond-shaped vents between the rails provide excellent ergonomics. The design not only adds elegance but also helps to avoid overheating.

The material is aircraft-grade aluminum and 100% American-made. It is also made to MIL-Spec and hard coat anodized. As a result, the handguard’s sturdy structure would protect it from rough handling. The handguard is also available in 7 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches.

In addition, it features four full-length Picatinny rails for the best mounting flexibility. It also comes with mounting hardware like anti-rotation screws, a jam, and a barrel nut. But installation isn’t that easy, you will need to use a nut wrench and other tools. For the step-by-step installation guide, watch the video below.

Yankee Hill also offers a lifetime warranty for this handguard. When it comes to pricing, this free-floating handguard costs roughly around $117. It’s not bad for an aesthetically beautiful and functional handguard. Handguards for the AR-556, such as the Knights Armament ($300) and the FAB Defense ($160), are much more expensive. Thus, the YHM’s Diamond Pattern Free-Floating Handguard is still my top pick for the AR-556 in 2021.

  • +Boasts 4 full-length Picatinny rails for greatest versatility
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and MIL-Spec
  • Comes with anti rotation screws, jam nut, and barrel nut
  • Great value for the money
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Installation isn’t simple

GGD Universal Rifle Magazine Speed Loader

GGD is a new player in the gun parts and accessories market, and their offerings for speedloaders are excellent. This Universal Rifle Magazine Speedloader is truly a blast for the fast shooters out there, and a great quality, affordable speedloader you can get for your AR-556.

These speedloaders are built of durable polymer material that is impact and crush-resistant. Trust us, it should hold up to wear and tear. As a result, these speedloaders can adapt outdoors and are corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the pricing is low as these speedloaders are fantastic for only $33. You might wish to acquire a couple of these cool speedloaders. Gun Gear Depot will also replace or reimburse any defective products as per return policy. But, there’s no specified time frame for it.

  • Internal geometry with a constant curve for seamless feeding
  • Impact and crush-resistant polymer
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Affordable
  • No specified time frame for warranty

Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine

Magpul has since risen to the top of the AR-style rifle accessories market. PMAGs have contributed to the company’s dominance in the magazine business. A 30-round Gen-2 PMAG is truly a blast, and the best affordable magazine you can get for your AR-556.

The PMAG 30 GEN2 is a 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington magazine designed for AR15/M4 firearms. These mags are built of polymer material that is impact and crush-resistant. It also has a USGI-spec stainless-steel spring and is black-oxide coated (MIL-DTL-13924D). As a result, these magazines can adapt outdoors and are corrosion-resistant.

The magazine’s internal geometer has a consistent curve, ensuring a smooth feeding process. It also has antitilt and self-lubricating features to ensure reliability. As a result, jamming isn’t an issue even if you fire for long periods of time. For easy handling, the mag boasts a rough gripping surface and a flared floorplate. Additionally, I love the design and the looks of these mags. They are so easy to assemble and disassemble.

Moreover, the pricing is low as these magazines are fantastic for only $12.30. You might wish to acquire a couple of these cool black-finish mags. The same with the Magpul MOE+Grip as these PMAGs are also backed with a 60-days return policy. Magpul will also replace or reimburse any defective products as per return policy. But, there’s no specified time frame for it.

  • Internal geometry with a constant curve for seamless feeding
  • Impact and crush-resistant polymer
  • Black-oxide coated for corrosion resistance
  • Improved floor plate and textured gripping surface for easy handling
  • Antitilt and self-lubricating follower
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Very affordable
  • Not specified time frame for warranty

Tactical 2 Point Gun Sling

The Tactical 2 Point Sling is our top pick for the best budget buy AR-556 sling available in the market today. It is made of high-density nylon and has a two-point tactical strap. This sling is durable and a useful accessory for your Ruger AR-556.

The sling is a two-point sling that may also be used as a single-point sling. It features an adjustable loop so the sling can be set with one hand, thus making it very convenient to use. The rope length is also adjustable up to 140cm which is a very nice capability, you can adjust it to your liking easily.

For installation, you can use full sling swivels or any loops for two-point sling use. Installing this sling is a breeze. The Tactical Gun Sling is a multipurpose sling but not made exclusively for AR-15s. You can use it for hunting, outdoor sports, or as a lanyard. It is also rotatable 360 degrees to maximize its use. For whatever purpose, it will undoubtedly serve your weapon well. 

Finally, the sling is subject to a 30-day return period. If you receive faulty goods, email them and expect a response within three days. You can get the sling for $24.99. This sling is very affordable plus Gun Gear Depot covers all shipping fees around the U.S. The sling comes in black, army green, and mud colors.

  • Adjustable up to 140cm
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Built with a high-density nylon
  • Can be used either single or two-point sling
  • Affordable sling
  • Backed with a 30-day return period
  • Not designed exclusively for the AR-15s

CVLIFE 6-9-inch’ Tactical Rifle Bipod

CVLIFE’s bipods are a big hit in the shooting world, owing to their ability to do the job reliably at a low cost. This compact bipod is easy to use and the best tactical bipod for your Ruger AR-556. Moreover, the bipod is made of hardened aluminum and steel, making it a durable option.

It features a 6-inch to 9-inch leg length range and five length adjustments, allowing you to alter the length to meet your height. Also, it has an inbuilt Picatinny rail adapter and QD sling swivel mount for fast attachment. Additionally, the bipod could rotate 360 degrees. You can adjust your rifle easily to different angles after installing it to your rifle.

Moreover, the bipod is equipped with a mount tension screw with deep threads to hold tension. With the spring on both legs, you can fold the legs up quickly while hunting and stay quiet. This tactical bipod is also shockproof and appropriate for a variety of settings. Thanks to the high-grade rubber on the base of the leg.

Some people who bought the item complained it didn’t come with an installation guide. So, it took them a significant time to put it together, but for someone who’s a pro, it isn’t a problem. Overall, this bipod is the best bipod for your AR-556. The CVLIFE bipod is also inexpensive costing only $23.99. CVLIFE offers a 30-day return period with the option of a refund or product exchange.

  • Includes Picatinny rail adapter
  • Shockproof and lightweight
  • Upgraded mount tension screw
  • Features 6 inches’ to 9 inches leg length
  • Five length adjustment settings
  • Inexpensive quality bipod
  • Silent when you fold the legs
  • Doesn’t come with instructions or an installation guide

The Final Word

The Ruger AR-556 is extremely well made and can get the job done. Although this weapon is designed to function straight out of the box, you will definitely level it up by adding a few well-chosen accessories. Whether it is a great optic with the Bushnell Optics 3-9x/40 Drop Zone .223 Reticle, or something a bit simpler with our best budget buy the Tactical 2 Point Gun Sling, an accessory will increase your shooting experience. Let us know what your favorite accessory is for your Ruger AR-556 in the comments below.

I hope we can help you choose the best accessories for your rifle. If you want to learn more about the Ruger AR-556, checkout our relevant reads:

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