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Mike has been a shooter, bullet caster and reloader for over 40 years. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he is often found at his reloading bench concocting yet another load. With a target range in his backyard and after 40 years of shooting, his knowledge of firearms and reloading is fairly extensive. He is married, with four sons and daughters-law and 9-and-counting grandkids.
Ruger LCP and holster
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Best .380 ACP Pistols [Hands-On Reviewed]

Here’s a conversation from a gun shop: “What’s that in your pocket?” “A .380 in a pocket holster”. “Don’t you know you might as well throw rocks as shoot somebody with a .380?” “Well, if it’s so ineffective, will you volunteer to hold the target at the far end of the pistol range? HA! Didn’t ... Read more
9mm pistols and ammo
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Best 9mm Pistols [Guide]

The 9mm cartridge has long held a reputation as a great round for target shooting and competition. But its greatest surge in popularity has occurred over the past 30 years or so as more concealed carriers have adopted it as their favorite. Why has that happened? First, let’s look briefly at the 9mm backstory, then ... Read more
Heckler & Koch HK416
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[Review] HK416: H&K’s Magnificent Rimfire

If you are into rimfire guns, .22s, then you should definitely take a look at this one. There – I said it. I have always liked .22s, preferably of the handgun persuasion. Sure, I’ve got the obligatory Ruger 10/22, and an accurate thing it is. I even painted mine camo for the squirrel woods. With ... Read more
Stoeger STR-9 with muzzle blast
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[Review] Stoeger STR-9: Excellent 9mm

Stoeger is a company that I am familiar with. Known for decades as an importer of really decent-quality shotguns, the company got this handgunner’s attention around 1980 when they began importing these: This is a German-made Luger .22. Stoeger has owned the rights to the Luger name in the U.S. since 1924, so they thought ... Read more
Ruger Security-9
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[Review] Ruger Security-9

Ruger has been making guns since 1949, and they apparently do it very well. From Bill Ruger’s first .22 pistol to Red Label O/U shotguns to No. 1 rifles to the 10/22 to … well, you get it. They make all sorts of guns that historically have been very well received and have grown to ... Read more
Walther PPQ M2
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[Review] Walther PPQ M2: German Police Pistol

Walther is a company that has earned one whale of a reputation in the firearms industry. This German-based company is responsible for some of the world’s great guns. To select just one example, the Walther P-38 semi-auto 9mm was the first widely accepted double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pistol to be adopted for military service. I’ve shot one ... Read more
Concealed Carry Gun Draw
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Best Concealed Carry Guns [Semiautos & Revolvers]

So…you’ve decided that you want to carry a gun. Depending on what state you live in, this may not be the easiest decision you’ve made. Different states have different laws, as we know. Some states make it easier than others to get a concealed carry permit. Now that Illinois has joined the club, all fifty ... Read more
Fiocchi Ammo boxes
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[Review] Fiocchi Ammo

Quick – I say “Fiocchi ammo” and you come back with: “_____!” OK…let me fill in the blank. You might say ”They make some great .22 rimfire ammo!”, or “Not bad for being made in Italy!” (Speaking of Italy, I’ve heard different pronunciations of “Fiocchi” – for the record, it’s fee-OH-key). You would be correct ... Read more
Ruger PC Carbine 9mm and ammo
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[Review] Ruger PC 9mm Carbine

Last time, we looked at a Hi-Point model 995 9mm carbine. This time, we’ll look at the Ruger version of the 9mm carbine (also available in .40 S&W). In terms of variations, there are 20 different models listed on Ruger’s website, counting the various distributor guns and different stock finishes available. Now, let’s take a ... Read more
Taurus Defender 856
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[Review] Taurus 856 Defender

I like snub-nose revolvers. I admit it. If that makes me a Luddite, so be it. I started shooting more seriously and frequently at a time when the only double-stack semi-auto pistol available at your local gun store was the Browning Hi-Power, with its “enormous” 13-round capacity. In 1978 most cops/armored car drivers/security personnel/etc. carried ... Read more

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