Nikon's 10x42 ATB Binoculars

01 April 2004
By Mike Miller

If you are like me, you are always looking for a better Mouse Trap. In the sniper world that means better optics. I have written a great deal on rifle scopes but very little on binoculars. This is no accident as it has been hard for me to find a great all around pair of binoculars for sniper purposes. That's is until recently, when Nikon sent me a pair of 10x42 ATB's.

Nikon uses the acronym of ATB for "All Terrain Binoculars". Heck that's a lot of words for a pair of binoculars, but in short these where designed to go anywhere and work under all conditions. The features are:

All the above sounds good, but you need to work with equipment to see how it works. When handling the binoculars they are well balanced and feel smaller and lighter than they actually are in your hand. First impressions are a solid feel, good fit and finish. The black rubber armor is well done and provides a great grip surface. The binoculars came with a very well made padded neck strap. The rear eye pieces are covered by a flexible well fitting cover. I liked the design and function of the eye piece cover. The front objective cover seems to be the industry standard throw away/quickly lost type. Mine where lost in a few days. Why the binocular companies don't just buy Butler Creek Flip Up covers escapes me. It would cost a few bucks more but everyone would benefit. Lastly the binoculars where housed in a well made padded black Cordura case. This is another nice feature.

Looking through the binoculars are where these really shine. They are equal to any similar size binoculars I have ever used, no matter the price (These are medium priced) The optics are perfect! Clear to the edges and color correct. Easy to adjust. Using these in the field for a few months and during some pretty nasty, rainy and cold weather, they performed perfectly. They did not fog or leak. They never failed me.

One of the best features I found were the quick adjusters for eye glass users. No doubt about it this is the best adjustment system for eye glass users in the binocular world. The adjustment is one quick turn in or out for use with or without eye glasses. The adjustment works and stays put. No fumbling with folding rubber cups, its mechanical and repeatable. Outstanding is the only way to describe this!

Overall I would recommend these binoculars to anyone looking for a great pair at a great price. They are about as good as you can get.

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