D-2 Gun Ghillie
Sabco Industries Inc. Concealment Systems

17 March 2000
By Sarge
Gun Ghilly in use. A good base camo. Add vegetation for 
terrain blending
Photo 1: Gun Ghilly in use. A good base camo. Add vegetation for terrain blending

Well first my major apologies to Sabco for having taken so long to complete this review. Seems that every time I started to work on this something interfered. Well it's done now so here goes.

I'll start by saying that I am not a big fan of artificial ghillies mainly because they look ... artificial. However, Sabco has done a bang up job of making a system that is as real looking as you can buy. It also has an accessory kit, which can be purchased separately, with "thread" to attach local vegetation as you see fit. The Gun Ghillie comes in two sizes, large and small. The small is designed to cover only your weapon while the large will cover you, to about the waist, and your weapon. If used with the D-2 Stalker suit this offers a complete concealment system. However the Gun Ghillie works well as a separate item. The enclosed pictures are of ONLY the large as I personally feel this is the way to go, the small is just that ... small.

Large Gun Ghillie in its built in stuff sack
Photo 2: Large Gun Ghillie in its built in stuff sack

The second picture shows the Gun Ghillie in its built in "stuff" sack. There are two cinch cords, one on either end to fully secure the ghillie when not in use. To give you a size comparison that is a Remington 700 VS it is lying beside. The last photo shows the ghillie spread out and hanging from a six-foot tall fence to again give you an approximate idea of its size. The "light" area you see in the middle is the mesh the entire ghillie is made from but with no "camo" covering. When you are under the system this is where your scope fits for use. This mesh area is my only very minor complaint. It has a tendency to "haze" your view as you look through it, but if you "flatten" the mesh out this problem goes away and with use you no longer notice. The darker area to the right is the barrel cover. If you look closely in the other photos you'll see the barrel of the weapon in various different positions. It is covered completely by a piece of camo that has a small piece of elastic at the very end to hold the camo in place; this elastic affected the accuracy of my weapon in NO WAY!

Large Gun Ghilly. The Light area in the center is where 
the scope is located
Photo 3: Large Gun Ghilly. The "Light" area in the center is where the scope is located

Is this system one you would want to use to conceal you and your equipment in a hurry ... not really. Is this system one you could put in place and use during a stalk ... no. This system is one that is best used at a prepared hide in advance of your "mission". And as for "missions" this would be a superior way to go looking for Mr. Wyle E. Coyote as well as any other 4-legged critters you may be so inclined to pursue.

Do I recommend this system ... you bet. This is a well thought out idea that if used as intended will assist in concealing you and your weapon.

As I was preparing to send this I had an e-mail from Sabco that I felt needed to be included so here goes:

"We have made a new system for the Army to address exactly that issue (the ability to use during a stalk). The Army variant has snaps that will hold the material in place in the rear of the system (small only), (actually this new system is smaller than the original small according to Sabco). When folded up, the bipod keeps the material nicely bound close to the rifle so that you now have a complete rifle cover while in the stalk, yet when you need to get in position all you have to do is drop the bipod and lay down. The snaps can be unfastened after you are in position, but they have been placed so that you can actually address the scope and trigger without unsnapping. The Army (so far) prefers the small system because they will be using them in conjunction with their standard ghillies and sniper veils and don't need the full system."

Sabco Industries can be contacted at:

Sabco Industries Inc.
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Lakeland, Fla. 33804-0495
Telephone/Fax: 863-858-1922

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