Bushnell Tactical Scope 10x40
With U.S. Army style Mil-Dots

21 December 2002
By Sarge

Too many months ago Chris Farris from SWFA approached me with a request to review this "new" Bushnell scope. Well after all these many months here it is!

I approached this with some interest as Chris and I were informed that this was going to be a copy of the old B&L Tactical but produced by Bushnell. Well it ain't so!

OK here are the specifications as we've been able to figure out – no documentation was provided – Chris didn't get it either!

Scope is a fixed 10 power, one (1) inch tube with the large target knobs typical of Bushnell and B&L scopes. The feel is rather heavy leading me to think it MAY BE steel and not aluminum. Color is a well-done matte black with all markings in a dull copper color. I like this copper color as it stands out very well against the matte finish. There is a parallax adjustment on the rear of the scope. Elevation is 1/4 inch clicks with approximately 78 MOA from mechanical zero – not sure if this is enough to get to 1,000 yards as I didn't have a chance to shoot it at that distance, but don't think so! Windage is also 1/4 inch clicks. "Clicks" are very noticeable in feel and audible. Overall fit and finish is above average – good looking scope!

Now to the nitty gritty. The scope arrived just in time to get mounted on Rock Jr. as my M3 was on its way to Premier for a Gen 2 conversion. Now Jr. has Badger 30mm rings and this is a 1" tube, so thanks to Larry Owings at Southwest Texas Firearms I received a pair of Badger 1" reducers. Just an aside these reducers are just like everything else Badger makes, solid, well finished and as matched as you can make. So armed with the reducers and scope I got to mounting. Took exactly 5 rounds to get this scope to dead center point of aim at 100 yards! Well so far so good! Repeatability is on as "cutting" a square brought the rounds right back where they belonged. Next trip with this scope showed it to be well within 1 MOA at ranges out to 300 yards, using a ballistics table for Jr. Again this is the longest distance I've been able to test to. Overall seems to be a good scope.

Now for the downside. Hey it is a Bushnell and you get what you pay for! Chris and I have had input that this is nothing more than Bushnell's 10x hunting scope with mil-dots and target knobs added. Nothing extra done for added strength. We've also had reports from users that over time this scope has repeatability problems, although another shooter I spoke with had been using one for about 6 months without problem. Now the scope I've been testing has about 250 rounds from me and no problems what so ever. HOWEVER I have to clarify that the scope I have is a hand-built prototype and not a production scope – there in may lay the difference!

Would I use this scope on a tactical rifle? Probably not, unless I wanted to get into this game while saving for a Leupold. Would I put this on a hunting rifle I wanted ranging ability on – YOU BET!

So if this is of interest contact Chris at SWFA and for other shooting related items Larry at Southwest Texas Firearms. These scopes are also available on the Sniper Country PX.

Contact information

Southwest Texas Firearms
Larry Owings
100 Tepee Trail
Del Rio, TX 78840

SWFA, Inc.
420 Century Way, #100
Red Oak, Texas 75154
(972) Scope-It

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