BadLands Tactical Advanced Phase I

22 August 2007
By Sarge

Well even though I've been to I can't remember how many courses at BadLands I must say this one was a real eye opener! Bobby, Steve and Rich were REALLY on their game, and our butts! First off it was nice to see Maj. Joe again and meet his lovely Angie. Also to finally meet Bravo face to face after having yakked with him so many times on the net. Now as to our butt whuppin! I'm just kidding guys!

Day 1 starts off, like every class at BadLands, with classroom all day. From this point on you are "in the field" for basically the remainder of the class. Now remember this is ADVANCED Phase I and if you ain't up to speed, or can't get there REAL quick you WILL end up with your butt dragging trying to catch up! If you can and things work out for you my suggestion is to either attend the Basic course then immediately follow it with the Advanced I course or at least come for the Basic course, as a refresher, then take the Advanced I. Anyhow from Day 2 you are at the range either learning to shoot through glass, learning to shoot angle shots or shooting unknowns and more unknowns and more unknowns, well you get the point! As time progresses the time to find targets, mil targets and make wind calls to your shooter gets shorter and shorter. Guess what YOU CAN DO IT!! Later in the week you do night shoot and learn how to make 500+ yard hits with strictly holdovers, that was a total blast, pun intended! Camo, concealment, map reading and compass i.e. land navigation, plus everything else I've already mentioned

The Advanced class is a whole lot of work, and fun too, in a short period of time, that gets shorter, with enough information crammed into your head ALL THE TIME, that you'd dang well better pay attention cuz this ain't your daddy's rifle course!

I could go on and on but I'll just sum it up this way... TAKE THIS CLASS... of course after you've had the Basic Class it'll make life a little better!! These guys at BadLands never cease to amaze me!!


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