Basic Defensive Pistol Course
BadLands Tactical Training Facility

19 September 2005
By Sarge

Well anyone that has visited Sniper Country for any period of time knows that BadLands is one of the best, if not THE best in this writer's humble opinion, place to go for precision rifle training. BUT how many of you knew they also have pistol training?? Well they do, and just like their rifle training there are different levels. Since I've been shooting handgun for YEARS I decided to get back to basics and attend the, DUH, Basic Defensive Pistol Course.

As with ALL of BadLands courses this is a well done, informative and an extremely professionally run course. Bobby, Chuck, Rich and Sammy have more years of pistol experience than I'm sure any of them would care to count! Day one is of course classroom starting with a COMPLETE breakdown of your weapon, inspection and THROUGH cleaning! My particular class was using all Glock pistols in various calibers with one exception, which I won't go into. Bobby is a certified Glock Armourer and we had our weapons torn down to this level for cleaning and inspection. After reassembly we began the lesson plans for the day. This included Role of the Pistol, Deadly Force (based on Oklahoma law), Nomenclature for pistols and revolvers, Sight alignment and picture, proper grip, presentation, holster types and on and on! Talk about GOOD STUFF!! As I said I've been shooting handgun for a fair number of years but learned I had been doing some things WRONG!! Boy did I have some "homework" to do before we went to the range! So after class I started practicing for Day 2 THE RANGE!

After arriving at the range all our weapons were again inspected for condition and function. The serial number was recorded and we were then instructed to load our magazines and proceed down range. We "faced" our targets, Oklahoma law enforcement B-27's, and proceeded with the SLOW practice of presenting and firing. Instructor to student ratio was small 2:1 and we were given personal assistance one on one as needed. Early morning "Mr. Murphy" struck and Bobby as well as one of our students had to "go to work"; we'll leave it at that! But as with everything else we just carried on with NO less effort than we had been doing - in fact the remaining instructors stepped it up a notch. After several hours and a BUNCH of rounds we started doing qualification practice. This was a real eye opener for those of us with BAD, REAL BAD eyesight when we got to the 25 and 50 yard lines. These two distances for me were very challenging but I was progressing! Again after a lot of rounds downrange and a lot of practice the day was over. Learned I STILL had some more homework to do that evening!

Day 2 at the range was more of the same: practice, practice and more practice mostly on qualification runs, both un-timed and TIMED! Then after about 3 hours typical Oklahoma weather got us and it started to rain. Well it HAD been raining gently all morning, which hadn't bothered us much, but it started to RAIN! Finally when we couldn't even keep our targets on the backers we packed it in. After a long lunch break, hoping the rain would stop, yeah right, Bobby gave us a choice. Majority ruled and we did our final after action report, in writing, and called it good, VERY GOOD!

Now I'll go into a few things I haven't mentioned. The course requirements say to bring 700 rounds for your weapon. WELL let me suggest you bring closer to 1,000 rounds. If we had not been rained out we would easily have gotten REAL close to that if you had the rounds! Also there are 2 levels of completion of this course. One is a certificate of attendance. This is if you attend the complete course but are unable to meet the qualification course of fire, however with all the assistance you get from the instructors the odds of not qualifying are relatively low. Next level is Graduate. This indicates you have met all the requirements and have fired the qualification course successfully.

I cannot emphasize the expertise that this course offers! For those of you that have been to BadLands and taken any of the rifle courses the pistol courses are just as professionally run and the information imparted is as useful.

Just because you don't think of yourself as a pistol shooter or even if you do this course is without a doubt an eye opener and you will not go wrong attending!

For more information go to: and check out the courses they offer! You may be surprised at the variety!

And you thought Badlands was only for rifles!! Hope to see you there!


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