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The 4 Best Ruger SR9c Holsters

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If you’ve decided your conceal carry weapon of choice is your Ruger SR9C, you’ll need and SR9C holster that will fit your needs best. There’s a few different styles of holsters to choose from, and each has its own pros and cons that will vary, depending on that type of conceal carry that is most convenient to you.
A Ruger SRC9C inside waistband holster is for anyone who wants maximum concealment but likes to draw from the hip. It’s unlikely anyone will notice your Ruger SR9C holster through your shirt, but you’ll need to practice your drawing technique. If you choose an outside the waistband SR9C holster, your firearm will be far more accessible, but you won’t have the same level of concealment. Finally, a pancake Ruger SR9C holster fits on the small of the back. You’ll get top notch concealment, but this is best for gun owners who don’t think they’ll need a surprise, quick draw.
We’ve listed what we think are the top holsters for Ruger SR9C guns; and, later, we’ll announce the best holster for Ruger SR9C.

Barsony Black Leather Pancake Holster for Ruger SR9C

Barsony Black Leather Pancake Holster for Ruger SR9C

Materials – The Barsony Black Leather Pancake Holsters for Ruger SR9C are U.S.A. made. They’re made of premium black leather with precision stitching, and it only weighs about four ounces. These Ruger SR9C holsters can be purchased in black, brown, tan or burgundy. They come with a belt loop on each side of the holster, so they can be worn pretty much anywhere around the waist. There’s a level II retention strap and trigger guard.
Performance – The pancake style of the Barsony Black Leather Ruger SR9C Holster allows for a lot of versatility, and is great for anyone who wants an OWB holster that can provide both conceal carry and open carry. The two belt loops offer 360-degrees of utilization around the waist. We also like the variety of colors this Ruger SR9C holster comes in, as it can provide better concealment based on the clothes the gun owner is wearing. The belt loops allow for a comfortable and snug fit, and the level II retention strap adds that extra bit of confidence in concealment. As far as the inside of the holster goes, it could have been more properly sewn because it seems the leather isn’t as high quality as we had hoped.
What we say – The Barsony Black Leather SR9C Holster isn’t the most high quality product on the market, but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker for us. This holster costs around $40 online, and it provides more versatility over most other holsters for that price. Despite the leather not being the best, it’s still very comfortable and snug. What we like most is that this holster can adapt to the wearer’s drawing ability, so they can place it anywhere outside of the waistband. This would be a great Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster for anyone who is purchasing one for the first time and needs to learn their capabilities.

  • Good cost
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Can be worn anywhere on the belt
  • Level II retention
  • Not high-quality leather

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ruger sr9c concealed carry holster

Conceal Mini Shepherd Leather IWB Holster

Materials – The Conceal Mini Shepherd Leather Ruger SR9C IWB Holsters are also made in the U.S.A., come in all black, and are made with both leather and .093” Kydex materials. The Ruger SR9C IWB holsters completely cover the barrel of the gun and the trigger, and it’s securely attached with four fastenings to a large panel backing. The holster backing covers 8” X 8.5” of surface area. There are also two metal spring clips to secure the Ruger SR9C inside waistband holster to the inside of the wearer’s pants, and it’s meant to be worn over the hip.
Performance – The Conceal Mini Shepherd Leather Ruger SR9C Inside Waistband Holster is all about coverage. Almost the entirety of the firearm is protected by the holster, so relying on Level I retention is okay with this style. The large, 8” panel backing provides retention over an even surface area, and it also distributes friction. This is great for maximum comfort. Although the price is decent, we noticed the cheaper cost means, again, some cheaper materials. We wish the metal clips could be more durable, and we’re worried about those wearing out over time.
What we say – The majority of the features of the Conceal Mini Shepherd Leather Ruger SR9C Inside Waistband Holster make this a great option for anyone with a bit of a budget. This holster also costs around $40 online, and it’s worth the price. We think as long as the wearer is considerate, there shouldn’t be any damage done to the metal clips. It’s easy to draw from this holster while we still know our firearm is safe and secure.

  • Good cost
  • Large surface area back panel
  • Barrel and trigger guard fully concealed
  • Metal clips and leather not highest quality
  • Not as much versatility with wearing

Ace Case Ruger SR9C Holster

Ace Case Side Holster

Materials – The Ace Case Ruger SR9C Holsters are made of all-black nylon material, made in the U.S.A. The nylon is lined for comfort, and it can be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters. This holster is meant to be worn outside of the waistband with both a metal clip, which can be moved to either side, and a belt loop. Best of all, this holster was designed specifically for Rugers, so there shouldn’t be concern for fit. There is Level II retention with an adjustable thumb break.
Performance – What we like most about the Ace Case Ruger SR9C Side Holster is that it was specifically designed with Ruger firearms in mind. Both the barrel and trigger guard are fully protected by the lined nylon, and the material allows it to be very comfortable to wear without any extra weight from leather parts. The thumb break is secured with Velcro, which is our only complaint. Velcro is simply less trustworthy than a snap or sewed in piece. Although this isn’t necessarily for concealed carry, it can be concealed under a coat or large shirt.
What we say – If the qualities of the Ace Case Ruger SR9C Side Holster don’t convince you, then the price will. You can get this holster for only around $20, and that’s mainly due to choosing nylon over leather materials. Personally, we don’t think leather is required for comfort or durability. The cheap cost also allows us to do a little DIY modification to fix the Velcro thumb break issue, so we really don’t have a lot of complaints. Being ambidextrous, this holster can seriously be used by any Ruger SR9C holder.

  • Very low cost
  • For left and right-handed shooters
  • Clip and belt loop duo
  • Level II retention
  • Velcro thumb break is a little untrustworthy

Alien Gear Ruger SR9C IWB Holster

Alien Gear Ruger SR9C IWB Holster

Materials – The Alien Gear Ruger SR9C IWB Holster is a very sleek looking, all black holster that is based on a steel spring core system. The core is surrounded by thermoelastic polymer, which is described as having an “alien skin” texture for added grip. The back of the holster is made with soft neoprene for comfort against the wearer. Alien Gear provides multiple belt clip options, and allows the wearer to switch out different shells to fit different guns, while keeping the same holster. Most admirably, Alien Gear includes a 30-day test drive, free shell trades, and a lifetime warranty.
Performance – Versatility is the name of the game with Alien Gear’s Ruger SR9C IWB Holster. This is the only holster we’ve listed that uses polymer and neoprene over leather or nylon, so the materials are significantly more comfortable. However, the back of the holster doesn’t provide as much surface area coverage, so we think there’s some give and take with the comfort level. What the wearer is really paying for is the test drive, warranty and free shell trades, which can be totally worth the cost for anyone who wants to get multiple uses out of their holster.
What we say – We certainly love the sleek look of the Alien Gear Ruger SR9C IWB Holsters. The steel spring core is very unique, and it makes this holster a very durable piece. If you’re paying the $50 price tag, you’re paying for a literal lifetime of trades and adjustments, so you’ll likely never need to replace it – even if you get a different gun.

  • Comes with trial period, warranty, and free shell trades
  • Made with polymer and neoprene
  • Can fit multiple types of guns
  • Highest cost on list
  • Not a large back panel

Our Favorite Ruger SR9c Holster

We were at a crossroads, so we picked two holsters for our top pick: the Alien Gear IWB Holster and the Ace Case Side Holster. If you have the $50 to spend on a Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster, you should absolutely get the Alien Gear Holster. The quality of the product is completely adequate, but the lifetime coverages is what won us over. If you’re on a tighter budget, then we suggest the Ace Case Side Holster. We would pick nylon over leather any day because we can trust the quality we’ll get a little better. Plus, it’s cheap enough that we can make modifications as needed.

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  1. Was looking for something to fit my SR9c but all comments are about fiting full size Rugers ?

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