Desert Tech SRS

Desert Tech SRS – the best long range rifle [Expert]

The ground breaking Desert Tech SRS

The Desert Tech SRS or, in long form, the Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout sniper weapon system, is a ground-breaking design that allows the shooter to interchange the rifle between four calibers.

The calibers offered are .243, .308, 300 Win Mag, and the 338 Lapua. The barrel conversion can be done in under two minutes using a torque wrench. The rifle was built on the 338 Lapua, so the receiver and rifle components are robust enough for other calibers.

This weapon system size a full 26-inch barrel and in contrast to most bolt-action sniper rifles, the SRS rifle has a bullpup. This configuration seats the action and magazine behind the pistol grip.

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Compact combined with caliber

It’s a compact designed that is about 11-inches shorter than most standard sniper rifles. Because its length is similar to the Colt M4, cases for collapsing and folding stock carbines can be used to store the Desert Tech SRS.

Having a smaller rifle in an intimidating caliber with the capability to hit a target from a mile is intriguing. Using a 338 Lapua from that distance to hit a man-size target would typically need a 30-pound rifle that delivers a hard kick. However, sniper weapon systems need to be portable without loading too much weight on the shooter. There are a lot of sniper rifles that are quite heavy and while they shoot well, they are not practical for carrying over longer distances. With sniper stalking, mobility and stealth are the key to survival.

The Desert Tech SRS rifle is made from polymer (in an olive drab, black or tan), steel, and aluminum. The upper receiver and handguard use the Picatinny rail system to attach accessories like a telescopic sight or bipod. Without having to move the hand off the pistol grip, you can operate the safety and also operate the magazine release with one hand.

The match grade barrel comes standard with a muzzle brake, but it can be removed to access a threaded muzzle to attach a suppressor. The trigger can be adjusted for the weight and length of pull between 1 to 6 pounds.

Modern design

It’s not an archaic rifle action needing a composite stock, special mounts, and cheek-pieces. It’s a modern day system and purpose built proprietary receiver, with a barrel extension and stock panels built from the scope down to give proper cheek height and eye relief. The ergonomics design gives a balance point at the rifle’s center of the rife and it has a 60-degree bolt lift. The sling points are flawlessly balanced with the rifle’s centerline, so the rifle lies flat when slung and the contoured grip along with the raised butt pad helps position the rifle securely into your shoulder.

When Desert Tech CEO, Nicholas Young, handed the prototype of the receiver to a friend to assist in assembling the first rifle, he was met with the comment that there are times when something comes along that changes everything. And this is exactly was the Desert Tech SRS rifle does. It changes everything. The weapon system was launched at the 2008 Shot Show where shooting professionals and enthusiasts felt the SRS made every other rifle obsolete.

We’ve covered it’s look, weight, practicality, but the most important question that comes to mind, is how does the rifle shoot? People who have shot the Desert Tech SRS in both the 338 and 308 remark that it’s amazing. With half a minute of angle accuracy from 1000 yards and with different loads, it has a totally dependable and detachable magazine system.

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What about recoil?

The straight stock design gives a different recoil impulse for 338; it does not have that kick you’ll find on other 338s. There aren’t too many words that can adequately describe the rifle’s recoil management. The appreciation for the SRS comes when you’ve carried it around and got a few shots out of it.

Dimensions of the Desert Tech SRS:

Caliber:338 LM, 243, 308, 300 WM
Magazine Capacity:5 rounds for the .338 Lapua Magnum, 6 rounds for the .300 Winchester, and 7 rounds for the .243 Winchester, and .308 Winchester Mag. On the .338 Norma Magnum it has an effective firing range of 1,737.36 meters or 1,900.00 yards.
Weight:The final product weights between 10 and 12 pounds depending on the accessories used.
Barrel Length:26-inch
Overall Length:37.5 inches

It encompasses everything you want. It has the perfect size and balance. It carries well and great for portability and stowing, and it consistently hits the mark on accuracy and reliability. A prized design from Desert Tech.

The SRS has been employed by law enforcement and several state security agencies around the world including the Defense Forces of Georgia, the Royal Thai Police, the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment, the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the Czech Ministry of Defense, and the Ukraine State Guard; selected.

Rifle manufacturer, Desert Tech based in Utah, was founded by Nicholas Young in 2007 as Desert Tactical Arms. In 2013, the company was later renamed to Desert Tech and 2018, all the Desert Tech rifles had a bullpup design, and they offer three different rifles, the SRS, HTI, and MDRx, which are easily changeable between calibers.

The Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction (HTI) is available in .408 Cheytac, .375 Cheytac, .416 Barrett, and .50 BMG
The Desert Tech SRS-A2 Covert is a shorter version of the SRS but has the same features. Because it uses a shorter barrel it has a shorter handguard. The shorter barreled version of this rifle is primarily to give law enforcement and military users a compact and maneuverable weapon for close quarters.
The Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle MDR is available in .308 Win/7.62, and .223/5.56/.223 Wylde
The Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle Extreme (MDRx) is available in .308 Win/7.62, .223/5.56/.223 Wylde, 6.5 Creedmore, and .300 BLK.

Want to learn more, check out the Desert Tech website.

For more of our specialist sniper content, check out our article Snipers in History.

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