Best Beretta PX4 Storm Holsters [2018]

Best Beretta PX4 Storm Holsters

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We’ve included the Beretta PX4 Storm in our accessory reviews in the past, and for good reason. It’s a top gun choice for self and home defense! The weapon is optimal for concealed carry, so we just had to make a review of the best Beretta PX4 Storm Holsters on the market. Our favorite holster is at the end of the article!
What makes this review interesting is that there are several model sizes to choose from in the PX4 Storm family. You have every size from full to subcompact, as well as special series models! This makes it a little harder to give a scrutinizing comparison of Beretta PX4 Storm holsters that are online, but we did our best to find four products that will, together, satisfy everyone. As usual, we stuck to our favorite materials: leather and kydex. Beretta has a wonderful design for all their PX4 Storm models, creating smoothed edges that streamline the process of drawing from your holster no matter which one you choose (holster or weapon size). Thankfully, this is a popular pistol, so it was easy to find holsters that anybody should be able to afford!

BLACKHAWK! Inside The Pants Holster

BLACKHAWK! Inside The Pants Holster

Materials — This all black leather holster from Blackhawk is soft but sturdy at the same time. The molded material is reinforced along the rail, so there’s a smooth glide when you draw your handgun. The muzzle is open ended, so the idea is that any size Beretta PX4 Storm can fit inside. There are two retention screws to maintain the smaller sizes. The belt loop is also made of leather, which secures with a snap closure. There is extra stitching around the belt look and over the strap that retains the rail to also enhance your draw and holstering. A sweat guard sits behind the barrel to protect your gun and keep you comfortable.

Performance — The Blackhawk inside the waistband holster is certainly comfortable. The leather is a happy medium between molded and pliable, so your weapon has a solid space for transitioning from drawn to holstered but it won’t scratch or dig into your side as you move around. That sweat guard in place only increases your comfort and ability to move freely. Although it should be able to accommodate any sized Beretta PX4 Storm, our suggestion is to avoid this holster if you have the full sized. That leather belt loop is going to wear out after some time, and a standard metal belt clip will be far more secure.

What we say — This is the best Beretta PX4 Storm holster for those with anything smaller than the full sized model. However, this holster will fit any size.

  • Least expensive
  • Comfortable and sturdy at the same time
  • Reinforced areas for guiding draw
  • Leather belt loop will wear over time

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Pro Carry Beretta PX4 Storm Concealed Carry Gun Holster

Pro Carry Beretta PX4 Storm Concealed Carry Gun Holster

Materials — Pro Carry’s inside the waistband holster is made of treated leather that is molded to the shape of your weapon. This holster will be best for full sized Beretta PX4 Storm handguns. There is extra stitching for reinforcement along the trigger guard and at the top of the holster to help guide your weapon while drawing. There are no retention screws. A single metal belt clip attaches this holster to your waistline, and it is made for right hand draw only. There is space along the rail to assist in your draw as well as to protect the leather from scratches.

Performance — While this holster from Pro Carry would technically accommodate any size model of the Beretta PX4 Storm, there’s a reason we suggest it for only full sized models. The fact that there’s no retention screw may leave you at a loss with the subcompacts or compacts. That’s okay though! There are plenty of great holsters, including in this review, that will fit the smaller models. Finding an inside the waistband holster that will keep a full sized weapon secure can be hard to come by. Similar to the previous option, you get a happy medium between a solid shape to the material and a comfortable pliability at the same time. Plus, you have that metal belt clip now that won’t wear out over time.

What we say — This is the best Beretta PX4 Storm holster for those with the full sized models that want a discreet concealed carry — plain and simple.

  • Metal belt clip
  • Reinforced stitching in key areas
  • Comfortable to wear inside the pant
  • No retention screw

Everyday Holsters Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size Compact Hybrid

Everyday Holsters Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size/Compact Hybrid

Materials — This hybrid holster from Everyday Holsters is worn inside the waistband. There are two metal belt clips, which can both be adjusted for ride height and cant. Choose between a straight up and down position or the FBI forward cant. The open ended muzzle allows for either the full sized or compact Beretta PX4 Storm to fit. There are six bolts that hold the kydex holster in place. The kydex is molded, and it sits against a comfortable leather back panel. The back panel acts as a sweat guard while comfortably distributes weight against your body. Everyday Holsters offers a lifetime warranty with their product.

Performance — This is one of the few holsters that we’ll agree will easily accommodate any sized Beretta PX4 Storm for real. That’s thanks to good ol’ kydex. The molded plastic blend will keep any sized weapon well retained, even if that muzzle is left wide open. Between the kydex and the natural friction inside the waistline, you should have a pretty secure concealed carry. Of course, we never want to pass up the ability to adjust the ride height and cant. If you own the smaller models of the PX4 Storm, you may start to feel like there’s too much holster for the gun. This especially rings true with the larger sweat panel. However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker by any means.

What we say — This is the best Beretta PX4 Storm holster for anyone who is having trouble finding one that fits a subcompact model that they are happy with. Hybrid holsters are often a crowd favorite!

  • Tough kydex retains any sized model
  • Adjustable height and carry
  • Wide sweat guard
  • May be overwhelming for subcompacts

Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Materials — This final inside the waistband holster is made entirely of extra durable kydex. It can be purchased for left handed or right handed drawing. The kydex is molded to the shape of your Beretta PX4 Storm, and it’s designed specifically for subcompact sizes. There is a single retention screw at the trigger guard. A single metal belt clip sits centered on the outer side of the holster, and it has two retention screws in place. You can also adjust the cant when you wear it. The super discrete look is entirely in black with little to no shine to it to attract any attention.

Performance — Ah, here we are! If you own the Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact model for ultra-discrete concealed carry, this is the best holster for you. This all-kydex holster is going to have the lowest profile and be the easiest to tuck away behind your waistline. Although a small detail, we also like how matte the entire appearance is, even down to the belt clip. Not even a little light glare will give you away. Of course, being kydex, this will be a little more uncomfortable to wear than a leather holster would be, but a thick t-shirt should remedy that. If hybrid holsters just seem like too much for your concealed carry, Vedder Holsters manufactures a great alternative.

What we say — This is the best Beretta PX4 Storm holster for, obviously, your subcompact weapon. The least amount of space possible is being used, which truly elevates your self defense advantages.

  • All kydex is very protective
  • Incredibly discrete and minimal
  • Best for subcompacts
  • Most expensive option

Our Favorite Beretta Px4 Storm Holster

For the sake of this review, we chose the Everyday Holsters Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size/Compact Hybrid. Since there are a range of sizes for this model, this hybrid holster is the only one in our review that we genuinely believe would accommodate more than one size. Although the two leather options technically advertise they can fit both the full size and compact models, you can see where there are some flaws in that claim. The hybrid holster is the only one that uses the combination of leather and kydex to actually achieve that adaptability. However, Everyday Holsters also makes a great product! The leather back panel is just flexible enough to follow the natural contours of your body, increasing the retention value. The lining is soft enough that you shouldn’t feel discomfort while wearing it. You aren’t stuck with a single cant, so you can create your perfect draw by adjusting the belt clips. Hey, this hybrid holster isn’t too expensive either!

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