7th Annual Best Self-Defense Lawyer Award 2021

Sniper Country was established in 1998 to serve the gun community as a trusted resource for all things related to firearms. In the early 2000s, our editors were often asked for advice on selecting the most effective self-defense lawyers.

Our little black book of the best attorneys in town led to the establishment of the Sniper Country Best Self-Defense Lawyer Award, recognizing those who fight on behalf of the community. We are delighted to be re-launching this award in 2021.

The Best Self-Defense Lawyer Award aims at ranking the best self-defense lawyers and law firms in America with a detailed, professional analysis performed by our editors and auditors at Sniper Country. Our ranking provides a deep overview of each lawyer’s background, statistics and performance, so that our readers can have all the information to make a reasoned decision when looking for legal services.

Lawyers are nominated for the expertise and experience in self-defense and weapon/firearms related cases. We take success rate, past clients feedback, reputation and area knowledge into account when nominating recipients. [Our team also conducts individual interviews with each firm, in order to know more about their background and depth of expertise].  

Our Goal is to allow our community to find top legal professionals wherever they live in America, and provide a review of each lawyer’s background, experience and expertise.

Facts about the Award

All of America is coveredexpert legal advice must be accessible to anyone country-wide. We have featured the 50 best self-defense lawyers in every single U.S. state, so that you can find the best lawyers nearby.  

Self-Defense Expertise lawyers are nominated based on their expertise in gun or weapon-related cases, not their overall legal expertise. We consider individual lawyers and law firms equally, based on the depth of their gun and weapon knowledge. 

Trusted Ranking our team spends several months researching, surveying and evaluating law firms across the country, with the help of legal consultants and gun experts. Our Self-Defense Lawyer Awards aims at becoming an industry standard for people looking for excellent gun-related legal advice. 

Thorough Selection Process when evaluating and ranking lawyers, we consider the information they provide, feedback from former clients and gun-related expertise, in order to ensure that all firms listed are competitive, and qualified for most weapon charges/cases. [We also carry on individual interviews with each lawyer, in order to know more about their background and depth of expertise].


Our team at Sniper Country, made up of journalists, gun experts and legal consultants reviews the market for gun-related legal services. We rely on information provided by law firms, feedback from former clients, and gun-related expertise to evaluate their reputation. After several months conducting this advanced research, the team publishes a comprehensive and objective ranking of the best self-defense lawyers everywhere in America. 

We publish our ranking using a state-by-state approach in order to make sure that our readers can find the best legal advice possible for gun-related charges, wherever they live in the country. We know that the overall quality of expertise will differ from state to state, but we think that everyone in America should be able to see a qualified lawyer if they need to. 

We consider both individual lawyers and law firms, as long as they have relevant experience with weapon charges. Gun-related knowledge and depth of expertise is the most relevant factor we take into account when we conduct our research.

Research Team

Our team at Sniper Country conducts advanced research and market analysis through law firms’ performance evaluation, quantitative surveys and industry data. Our research methodology ensures that we possess all the necessary knowledge and insights to be able to rank all law firms reliably. 

Our team is made up of gun historians and experts, former lawyers and legal consultants and Sniper Country readers that needed legal expertise for weapon-related cases. Our editorial team manages the research process from the ground up, from brainstorming to publishing, making sure that everything is consistent with our objective: helping our readers find expert legal advice for gun-related cases, everywhere in America.

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