Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout Rifle

The Stealth Recon Scout is a new sniper weapon system being offered by Desert Tactical Arms. The SRS is a revolutionary design in that is gives the end user the ability to switch the rifle between four calibers. Currently the calibers being offered are .243, .308, 300 WM, and 338 Lapua. The last caliber, 338 Lapua is the platform in which the entire rifle was built upon so the receiver and other components are plenty durable for any of the other calibers offered. The other innovative thing about the SRS is its size. The rifle is a bullpup designed bolt action featuring a full 26 inch barrel. The overall length of the rifle is similar to that of a Colt M4 allowing the SRS to be stored in cases designed for collapsing/ folding stock carbines. The story of how the SRS was designed and developed is as interesting as the rifle itself.

I have been a police officer for the last 15 years and spent most of that time actively involved in long range shooting. About half my career has been involved with SWAT and serving as a police sniper. Though my experiences are humble compared to many others, I have been fortunate to be able to shoot many different sniper rifles and attend lots of training. About six years ago I responded to a post on a sniper web forum about long range shooting in Utah. I met Nicholas Young the next week when I invited him to shoot with me on a 1000 yard range that I had constructed in the Utah west desert. Nicholas and I became instant friends because we both shared an obsession with shooting. We shot everything from pistols to rifles and the desire was always there to move back and see how good we could shoot at longer ranges. Weekly we would meet up at the 1000 yard range to shoot sniper rifles of varying calibers out to 1000 yards and later a mile when Nicholas purchased a custom 338 from Canada. Nicholas had an extensive background in shooting and spent time shooting competitively. He attended college for a CPA and later an MBA. He also has a background in business and was always telling me about business ideas and gun designs. After one shooting session we went to lunch at a local hamburger restaurant. I still remember the conversation: “What would you think of a rifle like this?” he asked, as he slid a drawing of a bull pup sniper rifle he had drawn on a napkin. I don’t recall my exact response but I remember being intrigued with the idea of a small rifle in a formidable caliber that could hit at ranges up to a mile. I knew from experience that a 338 could hit a man size target that far away but I also recalled that rifle weighed about 30 pounds and still kicked real hard. My thoughts then and now on any sniper weapon system are that it needs to be able to be easily carried and not be a burden to the shooter. Too many sniper rifles are heavy and thought they shoot well they are a burden to carry any further than a nearby car. Having done stalks in sniper schools and several on real world operations I know that when snipers are deployed they don’t shoot that much and stealth and mobility are critical to survival. I recognized the genius in a compact, accurate, and lightweight rifle in a major caliber like 338 Lapua. The true worth of this cartridge is not that it can hit a target at 1760 yards, which I know that it can do, it’s that at a 1000 yards it gives the impression that it can hit a man size target with the same effort and skill as throwing a rock and hitting the ground.

Nicholas took his idea and he grew it into what it is today. He has developed a rifle capable of ½ moa accuracy. The SRS is not a 60 year old rifle action glued into a composite stock requiring special mounts, cheek pieces, and ultimately 100MPH tape to achieve the proper fit and eye relief. The SRS is a purpose built proprietary receiver, barrel extension, and stock panels that are built from the scope down to have the proper cheek height and eye relief. It’s a bit of a shock to people who have been shooting bolt actions rifles all their life to be asked to close there eyes, throw the gun to their shoulder, and then open their eyes. The response is always the same. “Wow! That’s perfect”.

When Nicholas handed me a prototype receiver and allowed me to help assemble the first rifle I said “sometimes something comes along that changes everything.” He liked that comment so much he put it on the web site. I was right; the SRS does change everything. While at the 2008 Shot Show where the rifle was first introduced to the public a long time friend and avid shooter of sniper rifles said to me while holding the SRS “this makes every rifle I own obsolete”.

So the big question is “how does it shoot?” Well I have been able to shoot the SRS on numerous occasions in both 308 and 338. The rifle is simply amazing, ½ moa accuracy out to 1000 yards with many different loads, and a completely reliable detachable magazine system. The straight stock design translates to a different recoil impulse that in 338 simply does not kick like any other 338 that I have pulled the trigger on. Words can’t do this rifle justice in recoil management. To appreciate this rifle you need to carry it around for a while and then shoot it. The best part of the rifle in my opinion is still the size and balance. The rifle carries well and is easily stowed on a pack or simply slung over the shoulder. Accuracy, reliability, and portability; nothing is like the Stealth Recon Scout from Desert Tactical Arms.
Stealth Recon Scout (SRS)

Caliber :

338 LM, 243, 308, 300 WM
Magazine Capacity :

5 rds
Weight :

12 lbs
Barrel Length :

Overall Length :


Quick barrel conversion (less than two minutes with torque wrench).
Match grade free floated barrel (Threaded for Suppressor 3/4″ x 24″) ½ moa accuracy with match grade ammunition. Trigger adjustable for weight and length of pull (adjusts from 1 to 6 lbs)

One piece 34mm ring base combination (available in 20, 35, and 40 MOA tapers).
Picatinny accessory rails at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position with integral flush mounted sling points.


Balance point at the center of the rifle.
60 Degree Bolt Lift.
Adjustable Trigger.
Ambidextrous Safety (accessible without removing hand from pistol grip).
Sling Points are perfectly balanced with the centerline of the weapon to ensure rifle lies flat when slung.
Cheek rest is perfectly optimized with the height of the scope and eye alignment.
Magazine release can be operated with one hand.
Contoured grip and raised butt pad that positions the rifle high and more secure into the shooter’s shoulder.

Sniper Country Team
Written by Sniper Country Team

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