The Secret Wars Of America's Commandos In Vietnam
By MAJ John L. Plaster

< 1999
By Sarge

Do you enjoy reading about Special Operations? Old enough to remember the Viet Nam conflict? Wonder why you almost never heard anything about Special Operations during Vietnam? (Although, lately there seems to be a spate of books on the subject.) Well, folks, look no further. Major Plaster, of Ultimate Sniper fame, has written a book that not only tells you the story of the Viet Nam-era Studies and Observations Group (SOG) -- a joint Special Operations unit that included members from the Air Force, Navy SEALs and Special Forces -- but tells the story of SOG from a first person perspective. Plaster "was there, did that."

From the book flap... "SOG was the most secret elite U.S. military unit to serve in the war in Vietnam, so secret it was "black" - meaning it's very existence was carefully concealed, even denied by the government."... "As colorful as they were heroic, the men of SOG were bound together by their dedication. Though few in numbers, they were awarded ten Medals of Honor and hundreds of Purple Hearts; their ranks included the Vietnam War's most highly decorated unit, as well as the most highly decorated American soldier. Their stories, among the most extraordinary to come out of the Vietnam War, Can now at last be told."

Plaster's first-hand accounts and his recounting of SOG members' experiences really bring home to the reader what it was like to be on patrol, ambush, or recon in the jungles of Vietnam from SOG's inception in the 1960s to its final mission over ten years later. I read the book and enjoyed it immensely. My advice to you is "READ THE BOOK!" You will not be disappointed. If you aren't convinced, allow me to quote three key figures in the Viet Nam conflict and what they had to say about SOG:

"The enormous contribution of SOG in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos is a story that needs to be told."

-- Henry Kissinger


"SOG played an important role during our operations against the communist enemy in Vietnam. SOG is a superb and compelling account of their dedication and heroism."

-- Gen. William Westmoreland, USA (Ret.)


"At last, a quarter-century after their top-secret deeds, we can recognize the Vietnam War's greatest unsung heroes, SOG's covert warriors. The dramatic true stories in SOG fill a major gap in special operations history."

-- Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, USA (Ret.)

With testimonies like that what more do you need, who am I to write more?

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