Sig Sauer P365 SAS [Hands-on Review]

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The SIG P365 series changed the world of concealed carry. These microcompact guns packed a double-stack capacity into a single stack-sized firearm. In 2019, SIG Sauer introduced the SIG Anti-Snag (SAS), a variation of the SIG P365 with antisnag treatment. It is touted to be the perfect snag-free concealed carry weapon. In this hands-on review, we will look at how good it is for concealed carry.

  • Microcompact
  • FT Bullseye sight is recessed onto the slide
  • SAS treatment for fabric carry
  • Double-stack capacity
  • Inaccessible slide lock
  • Takedown lever needs a tool
  • SAS features are not appreciable in holster carry
  • Sight can be factory-defective and takes some getting used to

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The single stack 9mm firearm used to be the best weapon for concealed carry. Out of nowhere, here comes SIG Sauer with the P365. This microcompact gun is small, easy to carry, and packs a double-stack capacity. It became a best-selling pistol that’s ideal for concealed carry. After the P365, SIG Sauer came up with a more compact, snag-free design in the SIG P365 SAS. The gun is the same size as the original P365. Most importantly, it features a seamless, flush design to avoid snags when putting the gun inside your pocket. You can fit the SIG P365 SAS inside your pants or vest pocket easily without worrying about snags.


SIG P365 SAS official photo
SIG P365 SAS; Photo source: Sig Sauer

SIG Sauer calls its P365 SAS the “perfect CCW [concealed carry weapon] solution for the real world.” This gun is designed for serious concealed carry owners who value “smoother draws, faster sight acquisition, and more effective engagements at realistic distances”. Let’s take the feature of the SAS’s below:

  • The slide catch and takedown levers are flush along the slide to ensure absolute smoothness
  • The FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight is flush-mounted
  • The flat controls give completely smooth sides

Like many other pistols, the gun is striker-fired with a clean, crisp trigger pull. It also comes with a 10-round flush and a 10-round 9mm extended mag upon purchase. Below are the specs of the SIG P365 SAS:

Caliber9mm Luger
Mags Included(2) 10rd Steel Mag
SightsFT Bullseye
Threaded BarrelNo
Pistol SizeMicrocompact
Overall Length5.8 inches
Overall Width1.0 inches
Height4.1 inches
Barrel Length3.1 inches
Weight17.8 ounces
Sight RadiusN/A
Accessory RailN/A
Trigger ActionStriker
Trigger TypeStandard Curved
Grip TypePolymer
Grip ColorBlack
Barrel MaterialCarbon Steel
Frame FinishStainless Steel
Frame MaterialStainless Steel
Slide FinishNitron
Slide MaterialStainless Steel

Inspecting the Gun for the First Time

SIG P365 SAS Microcompact Gun
The SIG P365 SAS Microcompact Gun; Photo source: Sig Sauer

Additionally, the SIG P365 SAS is a microcompact gun weighing slightly more than a pound with an overall length of 5.8 inches. It has a smooth design, with its parts flush against the slide so that nothing sticks out. Plus, there is minimal branding on the gun. Its frame is stainless steel with a tough Nitron finish on the slide. The polymer grip will fill one’s hand nicely, and the texture is non abrasive.

SIG P365 SAS left view
SIG P365 SAS; Photo source: Sig Sauer

True to its word, the SIG P365 SAS has snagless parts. This is ideal for carrying outside a holster, such as in your pants pocket. I do think that it’s only good for fabric. If you’re using a holster, the regular P365 already has minimal parts to snag on. As a result, the slide lock is hard to access while the takedown lever needs a tool. A dime works in turning it, but it can still be frustrating. Once you do get that lever turned, disassembly becomes fairly easy. Because the slide stop is barely there, you can’t use it for slide release. You’d have to slingshot the slide instead.

SIG P365 SAS FT Bullseye Sight
SIG P365 SAS FT Bullseye Sight; Photo source: Sig Sauer

Another snagless feature is the night sight. The FT Bullseye sight is flush into the slide. That makes it so that you can’t adjust for windage or elevation unless you tweak them. This night sight features fiber optics with tritium, so you get a bright bull’s-eye ring for use in daylight. SIG Sauer’s supplier is Meprolight, which isn’t known to be the most reliable.

Some reviews have had defect issues with their sights, such as misalignment. You can also lose gas in the tritium vial, which is something to keep in mind during low-light conditions. If you do get a working sight, the dot is extremely sharp, and the gun shoots well at point of aim. Thus, it’s not easy to get used to, however, and the gun needs to be lined up straight. I do like how it’s not easy to get dirt on it, and I don’t have to worry about moving parts or electronics.

The trigger works fine. It has a light take-up with a slight creep, and I didn’t encounter issues with it. Getting a mag in is easy because of the grip design. I do wish the manufacturer provided two flush mags instead of one flush and one with a pinky extension. Moreover, the SIG P365 SAS is meant for low-profile carry, and another mag option feels like going against the point. You could also get a 12- or 15-round magazine, but they do add considerable length, especially the 15.

Shooting the Gun

The SIG P365 SAS, being a microcompact gun, is quite easy to grip and shoot. Its small size makes drawing easy, although I imagine somebody with bigger hands will find the draw a bit slow. I didn’t find any performance issues during the shooting. As a concealed carry, the SIG P365 SAS fires well in the close-distance shooting. For 5 to 10 yards, the gun works great within that distance.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the sight is quite sharp and bright. Luckily, mine was not defective and the shots turned up quite accurate. They take some getting used to, but they work as designed. On the other hand, the recoil is OK and what you’d normally expect in a gun of this size. Certainly, the shooting is as comfortable as it can get.

To see more of this gun in action, check out the video below:

Alternative to the SAS ― the original SIG P365

I think there’s no better comparison to the SIG P365 SAS than another in the same series. For instance, the SIG P365 is one of the best compact handguns. We have also ranked it among the best guns for concealed carry. It is well-designed, slim, and has the same length as the SIG P365 SAS. But if you don’t care for the extra antisnag features, the original SIG P365 is a great option for concealed carry. With the original SIG P365, you don’t have to worry about the slide lock and takedown levers being inaccessible.

You can find more comparison info here, including the SIG P365 XL:


SuperTuck IWB Holster

The SIG P365 SAS can be carried in your pocket, but most still prefer the use of a holster. This CrossBreed SuperTuck holster is concealable inside the waistband (IWB) holster. Its premium leather backing and Kydex pocket make it quite comfortable to use. You have the option to buy one for left- or right-handed draw. For standard color, there is black, but you can choose other options for an extra fee.

Tyrant Designs SIG Sauer P365 T-Comp

If muzzle rise and recoil are issues for you, then a compensator is your friend. This compensator from Tyrant Designs reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil dramatically. By doing so, you will have a much quicker target reacquisition. Above all, it will fit your P365 SAS without modifications and you can also use it on most open-ended holsters.

SIG Sauer P365 9mm 10-round Magazine

I’m not a fan of the magazine with pinky extension, therefore, getting another flush magazine is a good option for me. This one is the standard 10-round that fits flush into your gun.


To sum up, the SIG P365 series is one of the best for concealed carry. That is to say, the SIG P365 SAS is a good CCW option. With its small size and 10-15 +1 round capacity, you get a good load in a microcompact gun. If you carry in fabric as opposed to holsters, you will appreciate the antisnag features of the SAS. Sights are fine, but they are great once you get familiar with them. And if you find the flush design to be too frustrating, you can always go back to the original SIG P365.

Looking for concealed carry insurance? Check our concealed carry insurance guide. We also have good lists for concealed carry gun holsters and gun belts.

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