Top 4 Ruger LCP Ankle Holsters

Ruger LCP Ankle Holster
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Ah, the Ruger LCP. This subcompact .380 pistol is so far from underrated (although certainly not overrated either). It’s a great go-to for your self defense and concealed carry needs. While it can be perfectly accommodated by an IWB holster, that’s not for everyone! If you’re not a fan of a weapon digging into your side after a couple hours, you may want to research some ankle holsters. We compiled this review of the best Ruger LCP ankle holsters on the market, and we’ll let you know which one we think most gunowners would be happy with.
Ankle holsters are probably not best for your larger handguns. Especially if your ankle holster contains elastic, the weight will just be too much. The Ruger LCP is a fantastic candidate for ankle holsters, so there’s a lot of great options to choose from online. We did the dirty work, and we sorted out the losers form the winners for you!

Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster

Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster

Materials – Concealed Carrier offers the cheapest ankle holster within this review. It’s designed with surgical grade elastic neoprene. It includes air holes for breathability and resistance to sweat build up. This both protects your Ruger and minimizes the chance for the ankle holster to slide around. The holster portion has thick padding, so you don’t feel your pistol digging into your leg and also helps conceal it under a pant leg. Simple Velcro attaches the holster in two places: at the ankle and over the shin. The holster has a reinforced thumb break to secure your pistol. Also included is an additional pouch to hold a magazine, knife, or other piece of gear you may need.

Performance – For the cheapest option in the review, this is a pretty reliable ankle holster. It’s well reviewed online, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it. The design of this ankle holster is pretty standard. The Velcro closures are very secure, and with the added strap over the shin, you can expect it to stay well in place during movement. The elastic holster portion has its up and downs. This is a fairly universal ankle holster, so the elastic part fits a variety of pistols and handguns. While the Ruger LCP is a subcompact weapon, elastic can still get stretched out over time. Don’t expect the ankle holster to last a lifetime, but it will certainly come in handy!

What we say – This would be the best Ruger LCP ankle holster for those who have a little money to spend on something like this. If you own other weapons that you would like to conceal in an ankle holster, you should pick an ankle holster with an elastic pocket that will adhere to the size of your pistol.

  • Lowest cost
  • Extra pouch for magazine or knife
  • Secures in two places
  • Elastic can wear out over time
Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster
3,199 Reviews
Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster
  • ✔ MAXIMUM COMFORT GUARANTEE - Our ankle holster is made out of padded and breathable surgical grade elastic neoprene with air holes that allow ventilation for your legs – you'll forget you have it on! The thick foam innards of the holster will prevent rubbing and discomfort unlike most other ankle holsters you'll find on Amazon!
  • ✔ COMBAT VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS - We are a team of U.S. military veterans using our combat experience with firearms to provide you with the most effective ankle holster on the market. We also provide outstanding customer service!
  • ✔ FITS ALL GUN SIZES. ✔ FITS ALL LEG SIZES. ✔ LEFT OR RIGHT-HANDED CARRY - The universal left or right-handed elastic holster was designed to accommodate any size firearm from a sub-compact Glock 27 all the way up to a full-size .45 1911. The design of the leg straps allow any size calf and ankle to fit comfortable with this holster.

Don’t Tread On Me AH3 Ankle Holster

Don’t Tread On Me AH3 Ankle Holster

Materials – This ankle holster from Don’t Tread on Me is also made entirely of neoprene for a stretchy, breathable, and comfortable fit. However, this option is a single, wide band that has one Velcro attachment around the ankle. The holster portion is thickly padded to protect your Ruger LCP is you bang your ankle into anything. There is also a nylon thumb break, which attaches with Velcro. The thumb break is adjustable for retention, since this option accommodates multiple pistols that are of similar size to the Ruger LCP.

Performance – Don’t Tread on Me is a popular brand that is well known for its holsters, especially when it comes to tactical and self defense. Neoprene is a fantastic material that is hard to miss in gun culture. The stretchy material is thick enough to feel padded, in a sense, but it’s very breathable. For the Ruger LCP, you can get away with a single band ankle holster without needed a Velcro strap under the knee. This holster doesn’t use elastic to support your weapon, so it won’t wear out so quickly. Plus, with an adjustable retention strap, you can feel confident walking around during the day. However, a Velcro thumb break won’t be silent! It’s possible you can give yourself away when you’re ready to draw.

What we say – This is one of the best Ruger LCP ankle holsters for those who appreciate the comfort of neoprene. If the additional strap under the knee is annoying to you, this wide and stretchy band should suit your Ruger LCP just fine.

  • Breathable neoprene
  • Padded holster with thumb break
  • No elastic to stretch out or wear thin
  • Noisy Velcro on thumb break will give you away
Don’t Tread On Me AH3 Ankle Holster
163 Reviews
Don’t Tread On Me AH3 Ankle Holster
  • DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard 380, Beretta 3032, and similar size 380's
  • For an LCP with attached LASER See AH2 ankle holster or ASIN B01BS9IBNO
  • TRUST me when I say you will be very impressed with the quality and comfort of this Neoprene ankle holster** Please also search for our new DTOM Neoprene Belly Band Holster to find the absolute best quality and most comfortable belly band holster for 1/2 the price others are charging for a similar quality. Please check the reviews on our other holster products.

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster

Materials – Instead of neoprene, Uncle Mike’s uses a soft knit fabric in combination with nylon. Use the chart provided on the seller page to select your size needed. For the Ruger LCP, the size 10 will accommodate. To attach the ankle holster, slide the strap through the loop on the holster portion and seal with the Velcro closure. Simply tightening the strap to your liking will adjust the length. An elastic band with another Velcro closure fastens below the knee. The holster for your weapon has a nylon thumb break with a third Velcro closure system. You can choose between a left handed or right handed orientation.

Performance – This is the only ankle holster we’ve seen that uses this style the way Uncle Mike’s does. Their hook and loop closure around the ankle changes up how the weight is distributed around your leg. The retention you’re applying is directly on where your weapon is. We believe this system is very effective, but some other reviewers would argue otherwise. We suppose it would depend on the weapon you’re carrying and how your ankle is shaped. Perhaps this is not the best choice for everyone, but we believe Uncle Mike is on to something here. You also get the extra support from the second strap under the knee!

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCP ankle holster for those who have had no luck with the standard style of ankle holster. If elastic holsters and a basic Velcro closure just doesn’t cut it for you, you should test out Uncle Mike’s hook and loop system!

  • Hook and loop system redistributes weight of weapon
  • Extra support strap under knee
  • Thumb break on holster
  • Non-neoprene material less breathable
Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster
660 Reviews
Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster
  • Right hand model works inside left leg; left hand model is for inside right leg
  • Nylon web retention strap with reinforced thumb break
  • Kodra nylon holster conceals small and medium firearms, even some compact large frame autos inside pant leg

Galco Gunleather Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Galco Gunleather Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Materials – This ankle holster from Galco is made up of a stretchy material in a single band that wraps around the ankle. It closes with Velcro, and the back is lined with sheepskin padding for added comfort on your leg. The holster portion is made with center cut steerhide leather, which is soft but extra protective against bumps and bangs throughout the day. A wide thumb break retains your Ruger LCP and it has a snap closure, as opposed to a Velcro one. There is additional stitching over the barrel portion of the holster as well. You can choose between a right handed or left handed draw, and the stretchy band will wrap around an ankle that is up to thirteen inches in circumference.

Performance – Galco hit all the stops on elevating the ankle holster game. They focused on comfort and their iconic Galco quality. If you have a little more money you want to invest on an ankle holster, look no further. This should last you some time with proper care. You still get a stretchy ankle band, but that sheepskin lining is going to feel so soft under a pant leg. Who knew leather on an ankle holster looked so good? Your Ruger LCP will be well protected by the steerhide leather. Plus, the snap closure will be silent compared to the more common Velcro closure on the thumb break. This is probably the best part.

What we say – This is the best Ruger LCP ankle holster for gunowners who really need a silent thumb break. If Velcro is not your style, you’ll want this Galco ankle holster. You can expect this one to last much longer than cheaper alternatives, as well.

  • Snap closure on thumb break
  • Leather holster is protective and lightweight
  • Sheepskin lining
  • Most expensive option
Galco Gunleather Ankle Lite Ankle Holster
206 Reviews
Galco Gunleather Ankle Lite Ankle Holster
  • Right-Handed Holster
  • Material: Center Cut Steerhide
  • Fits ankles up to 13" in circumference

Our Favorite Ruger LCP Ankle Holster

For this time around, we chose the Don’t Tread on Me AH3 Ankle Holster as our favorite of the bunch. Don’t Tread on Me is a very reliable brand when it comes to tactical and self defense accessories. At a very affordable cost, you’re getting a well-reviewed brand name that will deliver. Since the Ruger LCP is a subcompact, we’re not worried about losing the additional support strap under the knee. You should be fine with a wide neoprene band around the ankle. The padded holster portion will keep your pistol well protect against bumps or general activity throughout the day. While Galco offered a lovely ankle holster, we’ll stick to their OWB holsters in the future.

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