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Hunter Education Study Guide [Ultimate Resource]

Hunting has been around for millions of years and is still widely practiced around the world. In early civilizations, people hunted daily to provide food for themselves and their families. The pelts were used for clothing, while the horns, teeth, and bones were used to make weapons or tools. Hunting for survival became less necessary ... Read more
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Beginner Firearm Safety, From Safe Storage to Safe Shooting

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that U.S. citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Along with this constitutional right comes the responsibility to be careful and conscientious gun owners. This includes storing firearms and ammunition properly and securely. Responsible gun ownership also involves using guns in a safe manner. Keep your ... Read more
Firearms glossary of terms
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A Glossary For Firearms: All Terms and Gun Lingo Explained

Anyone who uses firearms needs to have a full understanding of their anatomy, capabilities, and power. It’s also crucial to know how to discharge firearms safely, how to maintain them, and how to store them. This is why we’ve compiled this glossary which includes all of the important terms that pertain to firearms. Gun owners ... Read more