Michael Helm writer

Michael joins the SniperCountry family

Welcome Mike Helms – a firearm historian and esteemed Smith & Wesson collector!

Sniper Country is delighted to introduce our latest writer to our core team, Michael (Mike) Helms. 

We find that Mikes are especially good at writing about firearms…

Michael is a firearms historian and handgun shooting enthusiast with almost 20 years of experience in the shooting sports. Mike loves to contrast a company’s latest offerings with its ancestral guns. He doesn’t shy away from modern technology, though, and some of his favorite guns are ‘plastic fantastics’. 

A devotee to iron sights and a believer in the Weaver stance, Mike has nearly given up on leather holsters and now prefers kydex. 

Mike sits on the board of directors for the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association and is a member of the American Society of Arms Collectors.

He is writing a book about Smith & Wesson’s Model 1 revolver, so readers should expect a lot of interesting Smith & Wesson content in the near future…!

Mike holds a degree in history and lives near the bayous of beautiful southern Louisiana. 

Besides writing for Sniper Country Michael is well known in the firearm community as a speaker and expert witness. You can learn more about Mike at mikehelms.org

Welcome to the team, Mike H!

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