Wind S.W.A.G.

12 June 2002
By Sarge

Well this one is near and dear to our hearts... the WIND. We love it, when it ain't around, and we hate it, when it's changed from the third different direction when trying to make that 1,000-yard shot. Lisa Clendenen and the folks at Tip Top Products Inc. have made the reading of the wind a "little" easier. Their product called the Wind S.W.A.G. helps with that S.W.A.G. part! We all know S.W.A.G. stand for Scientific Wild A** Guess right! This doesn't take ALL the SWAG out of wind reading but it sure does help. They claim that when using the Wind SWAG you will be within 1/2 MOA at any distance!

As you can see this nifty little device gives several different ways to read the wind. First is the Range Flag method; second is the "How grass and trees move" method - all clearly printed out on this handy device. Also shown, using the standard clock is the No Value, Half Value, and Full Value wind guide. Given also is information on which way you need to adjust your windage based on the wind direction.

You can see that this example shows the .308 168 GR. BTHP. The reverse has the .308 175 GR. BTHP, so we have it for both worlds!

This device works very simply – turn the wheel to the distance you want, half value or full value, SWAG your wind speed then dial in the windage MOA as displayed in the window next to Wind Speed.

The Wind S.W.A.G. is a great tool for the beginner and experienced shooter alike. I think it will be of more assistance to the novice as SOME advanced shooters I know can tell you within 1/2 MPH how fast the wind is moving just by its "feel". Yes Steve S. I mean YOU!!

Just two (2) things I'd like to see them do from a "tactical" viewpoint. One, make it a little "stiffer" - it's going to get bent up pretty good if you carry it in a BDU pocket. And 2, again from the "tactical" viewpoint, make it just a bit smaller by eliminating the "Range Flag" portion. Other than these MINOR changes the Wind S.W.A.G. is a VERY handy device to assist you in... dopin', dialin', dumpin'!

Lisa and the good folks at Tip Top Products Inc. can be contacted at:

Tip Top Products Inc.
Bloomfield Business Park
414 Bloomfield Drive, Unit 4
West Berlin, New Jersey 08091
Phone: 856-719-1790
    Outside New Jersey: 1-888-TIPTOP-1
Fax: 856-719-1791

Check them out guys!

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