Sierra Datapac
A new "data book"

09 August 2003
By Sarge

There are many types of data books on the market so when Larry Wakefield, from Sierra Datapac, approached me to review their new Datapac I said sure let's see what you've got. OK so I was thinking, hey this is just another data book and won't show me anything new. WRONG! The Datapac is just that, a pack to put your data into!

When I opened the package the first thing I saw was a very nice black Cordura case with a heavy-duty zipper, with NO metal parts. Hey cuts down on the noise! Another nice point about this case is it easily fits in all my BDU cargo pockets. I know, I know get on with it. So opening the case I find the pages of the “book” lying loose, including five dividers, four small “wire ties”, a very nice template, a mini-CD and a 10 round ammo holder. When we had originally talked Larry told me they make the pages in two different types of material. One is the traditional “Rite in the Rain” green we are all used to and the other a cream colored material known as Tyvek. Now for those that are not familiar with Tyvek it is a very heavy duty “material” that is used frequently in HazMat coveralls. Talk about nearly indestructible – this stuff is – but more on it later. I chose to use the Rite in the Rain pages but Larry sent along a couple of the Tyvek pages as well. Anyway, I start looking through the pages and Holy Datapac Batman there are 18 DIFFERENT styles of pages in the one book! Everything you can think of, or at least everything I could think of is included. From “Snaps and Movers” to Unknown Distance to Silhouette Target to Squares to Bullseyes to well you get the idea! Also there is a very nice Range Card page as well! Some of the other pages are, Maintenance log, Observation log, Specialty Ammo page, and on and on and on, like I said everything I could think of is enclosed in this nice LITTLE package! Oh and did I mention the “wire ties”? Well these are used so you can place these pages in any order you want then tie the whole thing to the inside of the Cordura case! Here is an example of one of the pages so you've got a better idea of what I'm saying:

Another VERY nice feature of the Sierra Datapac is the Mini-CD that comes with the set-up. This CD will run on any CD-ROM and includes the Manual, the Pages, Reference Page, Targets, Template Page and some other stuff! All of these are printable and in Word format so you can print it out and take it along... nice touch!

Oh the template... let me just put the first part of the opening paragraph of the instructions page for the template and then a few features from the flyer page:

Sierra Datapac Template

The Sierra Datapac template is intended to allow the professional and novice shooter alike the ability to create professional drawings and records in our specially designed data book. The template was designed with as much utility as could be placed in such a small area.

From the flyer:
  • 38 different laser cut-outs for nearly every occasion;
  • Actual and trace cut-outs for four major calibers;
  • Nearly indestructible polymer material;
  • Three different ruler scales, one marked with 3.45 and 3.6 mil values;
  • Field Expedient Angle Indicator complete with co-sign values;
  • A protractor, radius curve, and many other features.

Gang they have thought of almost everything!

OK now it sounds like this is the “perfect” data book... well almost. I think, and of course this is just my opinion - and we ALL know what opinions are like - there are too many different types of pages. Larry and I already talked about this and his reasoning is sound, you can discuss this with him. I'd like to see a “Cold Bore” space on all the pages like on the silhouette page; this would be a very feature. Layouts on all pages are neat, readable, and very usable. The size of each page is a little smaller than what we're used to but it doesn't hinder its use at all.

I've been using this book in the field now for a number of months and I don't think I'll use another book for a while... it's that good! Lots of storage space in the case – without making it unduly large and well I could go on!

Cost, well folks it ain't cheap but I'll say you will get MORE than your monies' worth!

OK bottom line, buy it, use it enjoy it! You won't be sorry!


Sierra Datapac can be contacted at:
PO Box 10535
Glendale, Arizona 85318
(623) 566-6600
(877) 664-6462 Toll Free
Or contact Larry Wakefield via his website

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