Sharp Shooter Supply Competition Trigger
For Savage Rifles

10 April 1999
By Cory Trapp

Many people have noted the fine accuracy of the Savage Tactical rifles, while at the same time cursing the miserable trigger supplied by the factory. There is a solution, a simple drop in replacement from Sharp Shooter Supply. This replacement trigger will fit both left and right hand 10, 12, 110, 111, 112, and 116 series rifles. It is all steel construction. The trigger and sear are heat treated, hardened and polished at the factory. The factory safety is retained.

I was in search of a solution to the trigger problem on a suppressed sniper rifle project. The Savage 110 Tactical had been selected for the 1 in 10" twist barrel's ability to stabilize subsonic .308 loads with heavy (200-240gr) bullets. Anyone who has tried to do much work with the factory trigger will probably agree with me when I say it's pretty pathetic. With a very heavy load from the sear directly on the trigger nose, its also very difficult to adjust, while remaining safe and reliable. I saw the announcement of the trigger from Sharp Shooter Supply in Small Arms Review and immediately ordered one from the factory.

Installation is fairly simple. Three pages on instructions accompany the trigger, along with diagrams as shown. The obligitory legal warning is made, and a factory tech line phone number is provided. Those too timid to try the installation can send the rifle to Sharp Shooter Supply and they will do the work. I won't repeat the full set of instructions, but here is the simple version. After removing the rifle from the stock, you remove the 'E' clip holding the trigger pivot pin. This will let you remove the pin, trigger, trigger return spring and adjustment screw. The new trigger system drops into the existing trigger frame. As the instructions point out, some light file work was required on the provided fitting tabs to get the screw that replaces the factory pin in place. Go easy here, file a bit at a time and try the fit. You don't want to take off too much metal, or the trigger will wobble in the frame. This will leave you with an inconsistent trigger pull. Once in place, you adjust four allen screws in sequence to get the required sear engagement, pull weight, overtravel adjustment and safety operation. That's really all there is to it. The factory advises that you may need to make some alteration to the inletting or trigger guard, but I had no problem here. I've replaced the factory stock with the Choate unit, and it fits fine there as well.

If you look at figures 1 and 2 you'll see how the new system works to reduce the very heavy factory trigger pull. Look at the relation of the trigger, H, to the sear, F. In the factory unit, a shelf on the nose of the trigger contacts the sear directly. This places a very heavy load on the trigger. Engagement is controlled by a screw in the bottom of the nose of the trigger. The new system puts an intermediate curved surface sear between the trigger and factory sear. This increases leverage by 60%, reducing pull weight by the same amount. Many attempts to adjust the factory trigger result in so little sear engagement that a fast throw of the bolt will cause the rifle to decock, or worse, fire as the bolt closes. This trigger provides plenty of engagement, but still gives a crisp, clean release. Suggested retail is $89.95. You can get the unit from Brownell's or direct from the factory.

I highly recommend this unit to anyone searching for an improved trigger for their Savage rifle.

Contact information of suppliers

Sharp Shooter Supply
4970 Lehman Road
Delphos, OH 45833
(419) 695-3179

(515) 623-4000
part number 436-100-110

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