SOG Seal Pup M37 Addendum

08 October 2001
By Gary Robertson

I was having a miserable time finding good information on precise, long-range shooting until I found you. I would also like to add a little bit of personal testimonial to the review you did on the SOG Seal Pup M37 knife.

I was looking for a good knife to take scuba diving in the ocean last year, and I was not going to waste my money on one of those damn butter knives that they sell in the dive shops up here in Vancouver, B.C. I did some research on the different types of stainless steel, and SOG's Seal Pup is about as good as it gets (I think only Titanium might be better). 440A stainless steel has excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, toughness and durability, and ease of sharpening. It usually beats or at least comes close to other forms of stainless in this regard.

The sheath has a nice tight fit, but it has a tendency to rub off the coating on the blade after inserting and removing the knife a few times. I removed the upper nylon part of the sheath because, for some reason, they used grommets made of steel on that part (the snap and the grommets on the rest of the sheath are made of brass or aluminum). Needless to say, the steel grommets quickly began to rust and the nylon took forever to dry. I moved the snap part down, sewed it in place, and cut some slots for a leg strap on either side of it. I even threw on a little wrist strap lanyard. Now I have an excellent little dive knife that just requires me to wash it in fresh water after every dive, dry it off, and wipe it down with a little gun oil (I also run an oil soaked Q-Tip into the lanyard hole). So far there is not one spot of corrosion on it.

The knife has a nice balance with a sharp blade that I would not hesitate to field dress a deer with, either. The serrated edges are very sharp; I have heard of a tug boat deckhand using one of these knives to cut through some thick rope only to find that it had wire interlaced through it. Indeed, they are tough little workhorses, and the only other knifes that I think compare are the full-sized brother to this one ( SOG Seal Knife 2000). I think anyone looking for a low maintenance, do just about anything knife should take a look at these. They have surely gotten my attention.

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